Valentine’s Theme Suggestions

Consider Your Child's Ability

While it is very exciting when your students can finally put a sentence together using inventive spelling and your word wall writing board, there will be students that will struggle with fine-motor activities.  I have witnessed a significant decline in this area over the years, but we still have to work around it.  The link below is a great resource in helping you understand where some of your students might be at in terms of their developmental stage.

Valentine Writing Projects

Valentine Writing Project

During the month of February we focus on the importance of friendship and write about it.  Each day they are at school, my students will be choosing a different friend to write about.  This will be written in their heart-shaped writing book (a sample page displayed on the left).  These will need to be printed on 8 1/2 X 14.  Templates found on right.

Brainstorming For Ideas

Preparing for Writing Success and Independence

Modeling any activity you wish your students to complete prior to assigning it, is the key to success.  Together as a class we would brainstorm for ideas and I would model the writing process.  I would also model how I would plan what to draw.  We would also brainstorm for possible high frequency words that could be used and I would ensure these are readily available for the students to use as a reference.

Letter Formation Guide

In observing my students I also learned that they need a letter formation guide with a picture clue of what sound that letter makes because they forget when required to transfer this to a writing situation.  I frequently saw them referring to our wall where the letters are posted alphabetically with the picture that is related to that sound (the characters found in the alphabet readers).  I made printed copies for them to refer to instead of the word wall.  You can download this one. 

Student Made Valentine Cards

Students wrote each other cards.  I provided them with student names and some text they could use if they were stuck.  They completed these at the writing center.

Color By Number and Color Word

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  1. Nell Mewborn

    I use my personal IPad and laptop.

  2. Vicki

    I love you Valentine Teddy Bear colouring, also I think the Names and Pictures of students in the writing corner is excellent – thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. Amy

    I use an iPad, a mini-computer lab of 8 Mac mini computers and we are getting MacBook Pro laptops this week! We are also getting a flat screen monitor.

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