Spill the Beans Math Games

Spill the Beans Math Games


How I Introduced the Game

We played the game with numbers 3-5 together as a class and the students completed the pages in the booklet found in the link below that were applicable to these numbers.  After, each student was given a a small cup with ten beans in each.  They worked through the booklet; focusing on how to make each number in a variety of ways (4) by “spilling the beans”.   They printed the sentence on the sheet provided. They were only allowed to print that sentence once.  We worked through this booklet over a period of several days.

How the Game is Played

One of the outcomes for Kindergarten is for the students make numbers 1-10 in different ways (adding).  The game “Spill the Beans” is a fun way to have your students meet these outcomes.  The photograph on the left displays how the game is played. I purchased lima beans and spray painted them white on one side.  The students count the required beans that are the focus number.  These are placed in a small cup and “spilled” to show different ways this number would be represented.  They would color the beans according to what was “spilled” in the booklet found in the link below and print the addition sentence that matches.

Subtraction Sheets

Focus on Subtraction

A similar game can be played using subtraction found below.  The photograph on the right displays how the game could be played.

Number Line Strips

My students are still experiencing problems with printing number reversals so I also provided them each with a number line strip from the link below.  I stressed the importance of printing the numbers correctly using the number line to assist them.

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