Rhyming Activities

I have noticed that children are arriving in our classrooms with limited exposure to the concept of rhyme.  Exposure to nursery rhymes and rhyming books are becoming more limited in the home environment.  This makes the literacy journey even more challenging for these learners.  I have been spending a significant amount of time providing this exposure to my learners.  Below you will find activities that I have been employing to assist them.

Rhyming Books

List of Rhyming Books

Bear Snores On

by Karma Wilson – great to use with the Fall theme

Room on the Broom

by Julia Donaldson – great to use for Halloween

Sheep in a Jeep 

by Nancy E. Shaw

 I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More

by Karen Beaumont

Silly Sally 

by Audrey Wood

 Llama Llama Red Pajama

by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama Misses Mama

by Anna Dewdney

Rhyming Dust Bunnies 

by Jan Thomas


by Bruce Degan

 Giraffes Can’t Dance 

by Giles Anderae

There’s a Bear on My Chair

by Ross Collins

Who Sank the Boat

by Pamela Allen 

Rhyming Word Dictation

Rhyming Dictation

I have been working with small groups to develop their ability to hear rhyming words.  I dictate words that rhyme and those that don’t.  The students must acknowledge if the words rhyme or not by telling me “yes” or “no”.  I also dictate three words and the students must tell me which two rhyme.  In the link below you will find some examples that I have used.

Word Work

Word Work

Each day we print on our erasable whiteboards.  I introduce a word family and have the students only change the initial letter. They learn that this not only changes what the word says but also that all the words rhyme (examples:  dad, sad, pad, mad, etc.)

Spinning Rhyme Game

Spin-A-Rhyme Board Game

This is a game I play in a small group setting.  I place a the spinner board in a paper plate and attach a spinner.  We discuss the pictures first.  Each student is given a small picture game card and bingo chips.  Each player takes a turn to initiate the spinner.  Each student decides which picture rhymes on their game card and places a bingo chip on the corresponding picture.  This is done as a group initially.  After, they play with partners.

Rhyming Board Game

Rhyming Matching Board Game 

This is another game I play in a small group initially. I copied and placed the rhyming pictures on poster board marked off with a grid. The students drew a card and placed the picture beside the rhyming match. (example:  clown and crown, ball and doll).

Rhyming Board Game

Fabulous Freebies Word Family Cards and Printable Rhyming Reader

Rhyming Mini-Unit

Rhyming Mini-Unit

In this mini-unit you will find rhyming picture cards and also the rhyming spinning games as outlined above.