High Frequency Word Activities for Pre-K

Alphabet and Sight Word Ordering

Sight Words and Alphabet Ordering

Each mini literacy unit includes activities that encompass learning all Pre-Primer Dolch sight words in a balanced literacy approach.  Listed below is the order in which these units are suggested to teach that focuses on alphabet ordering and sight word recognition, which is addressed in each unit.  Each unit relates to popular literature selections and include accompanying emergent readers that make use of these sight words.

Video Explains Reason for Alphabet and Sight Word Ordering

Follow-up Emergent Readers Used to Teach Alphabet Letters and Sight Words

Library Lion Literacy
Sight words: a, in, is
Focus Letters:  Ll and Bb


Rainbow Fish Literacy
Sight words:  see, the, you
Focus Letters:  Rr and Ff

Hands Are Not For Hitting Literacy
Sight words: can, we, help, I
Focus Letter: Hh

Mouse Paint, Go Away Big Green Monster, The Nose Book Literacy
Sight words: blue, red, yellow come
Letters: Mm and Nn

 Little Cloud Literacy
Sight Words:  look, up, and, find
Letters:  Cc and Kk

Ten Apples Up On Top Literacy
Sight words:  one, two, three
Letters:  Aa and Tt

Good Night Gorilla Literacy
Sight words:  here, run, away, not
Letters:  Gg, Ll and Zz

Green Eggs and Ham Literacy
Sight words: where, here, go, red
Letter:  Ee

Clifford Literacy 
Sight words:  big, jump, play, funny
Letter:  Dd

 I Wanna Iguana Literacy
Sight words:  make, me, for, my
Letter:  Ii

Pete the Cat the Scuba Cat Literacy
Sight words:  review
Letters:  Oo, Jj and Ww

The Day it Rained Valentine Hearts Literacy
Sight words:  it, the, down, yellow
Letters:  Uu and Vv

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin Literacy
Sight words:  review
Letters:  Pp and Ss

Mo Willems Pigeon Literacy
Sight words:  go, to, find, little
Letters:  Qq and Yy

Access Sight Words-Guided Reading-Alphabet Curriculum Program

The Guided Reading, Alphabet, Sight Words Program contains all the readers displayed above, follow-up literacy and sight word center activities and follow-up writing and crafts ideas.