Pete the Cat Scuba Cat Literacy Lesson Plans

This mini-theme is based on the literacy selection “Pete the Cat Scuba Cat” written by James Dean.  Other similar selections written by this author could also be used for instructional purposes.  This unit is included in the Guided Reading, Alphabet  and Sight Words Literacy Program, which covers the majority of the Pre-Kindergarten outcomes.  All the alphabet letters and Pre-primer Dolch sight words are introduced within this program.

Balanced Literacy Approach

Modeled Reading or Reading Workshop

All alphabet letters/sounds and sight words begin with using popular literature selections for modeled reading or reading workshop.  In this set of lesson plans, the teacher would use “Pete the Cat Scuba Cat” and other similar literature selections written by this author.

Follow-up Emergent Readers

Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “Exploring the Ocean with Ollie Octopus” would be used a follow-up to reading the literature selection.  The color version of the reader would be projected for all the students to view.  The teacher would model the reading process teaching early reading skills, the focus alphabet letters and sight words.

Alphabet Letters:  Oo for “octopus and ocean”,  Jj for “jellyfish” and Ww for “whale” 

Pre-Primer Sight Words:  this unit is a review one

Literacy Center Activities

Alphabet Recognition and Recognizing Related Sounds

The students will be involved in engaging activities to recognize the alphabet letters and connect them with the asociated sounds.

Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness and Rhyming Activities

Rhyming, phonemic and phonological awareness activities are always addressed within the units.  These are related to the reading selections.

Sight Word Activities

Sight Word Literacy Center Games and Activities
Suggested review sight word games are included.  The games in this unit do not have specific words attached to it.  The purpose of this lesson plan unit is to review words introduced previously.

Writing and Craft Activities

All lesson plan themes include a follow-up writing and craft activity. The students would complete the crafts outlined in the unit and write facts about what they learned about these ocean animals.