Green Eggs and Ham Literacy Lesson Plans

This mini-theme is based on the literacy selection “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. This unit is part of a complete program that was intentionally designed to meet the majority of the language arts core curriculum outcomes.

Emergent Readers Used for Shared Reading

Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “Funny Enormous Eggs” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and to introduce the following:

Alphabet Letter:   Ee

Pre Primer Sight Words:  where, here, go, red

Literacy Center Activities

Alphabet and Rhyming Literacy Center Games and Activities

The games outlined above are follow-up activities that are used to reinforce what has been taught using the emergent reader as an introduction to the focus skills.  A collage of the activities/games are provided in the photograph. Each unit includes alphabet recognition and printing, rhyming, phonemic/phonlogical awareness activities.

Sight Word Games and Activities

Each reader introduces sight words within the story context.  The focus sight words in this unit are where, here, go, red.  The program and readers were specifically designed introduce all the Pre-primer sight words in meaningful context.  Games and activities were developed to reinforce this knowledge.

Writing and Crafts

Using the template found within the unit, the students complete the writing and craft activity displayed. The students create their own funny egg and write about it.