Hands Are Not For Hitting Literacy Lesson Plans

 This specific unit uses “Hands Are Not for Hitting” by Martine Agassi, which is part of a complete program for meeting the majority of the curriculum outcomes using the “Guided Reading, Alphabet Sight Words Literacy Program“.  All lesson plans are developed around a balanced literacy framework, which has proven to be a very effective.

Shared Reading Using the Emergent Readers

Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “Helping Hands” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and to introduce early reading skills.  The focus of this reader is outlined below:

Alphabet Letters: Hh for “hands” 

Sight Words: can, we, help, I

Literacy Center Activities

All units focus on meeting core curriculum standards.  The games and activities displayed above have been intentionally designed to achieve this goal. Each unit focuses on key concepts.  They all include alphabet recognition and printing games that are engaging for young learners.  All units also include phonemic and phonological awareness activities.

Sight Word Ideas

The focus sight words in this are I, can, we, help.  These were introduced in relation to reading “Helping Hands”.  The key component of the program is to introduce letters/sounds and sight words in meaningful context.  This is followed-up by using the games and activities displayed in the photograph.

Craft and Writing Activities

Using the template found in the unit, the students complete the writing and craft activities displayed. The students would trace and color their hand outline and complete the sentence “My hands can____”.