Ten Apples Up On Top Literacy

Kinderplans integrates literature in all the lesson plans.  Well-known and loved literature selections are chosen to incorporate key learning outcomes within a balanced literacy approach to learning.  This approach has proven to be the most effective in teaching young learners.  This specific unit uses “Ten Apples Up On Top” by Dr. Seuss.

Shared Reading Using the Emergent Readers

Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “Ape Counts Apples” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and beginning reading skills such as the ones displayed below: 

Alphabet Letters: Aa for “apple” and Tt for “tree”

Sight Words: one, two, three

Literacy Centers

The Literacy Centers reinforce the introduction of letters, sounds and phonemic/phonological awareness activities that were introduced during shared reading time.  All concepts are introduced within a meaningful context and followed-up by playing the games.  The Guided Reading, Alphabet, Sight Words Program focuses on specific skills and in its entirety meets the majority of the core curriculum outcomes.

Sight Word Activities

Sight Word Literacy Center Games and Activities 

The focus sight were were introduced within reading the reader “Ape Counts Apples”.  The games are meant for further practice in identifying them.  The whole program introduces all the Pre-primer sight words.

Craft and Writing Activity

Using the templates found  within, the students complete the writing and craft activities as displayed. The treetop template  would be painted, colored or sponge-painted and cut. After, crunched tissue paper could be added. The trunk found be colored or painted, cut and glued to the treetop. After, the writing component would be completed telling about the importance of trees.