Power of Printable Emergent Readers

Using Printable Readers

The video outlines the positive learning outcomes that can be easily achieved using printable emergent readers.  In my own experience, they were well-received by both the students and parents.

Modeled Reading

The color readers are projected on the interactive whiteboards.  During this time the reading process is modeled.  The teacher would point to words, discuss the beginning focus sounds, sight words, vocabulary and punctuation. 

Sense of Ownership

The most powerful component of printable readers is the students ability to make it their own.  The teacher can ask them to circle words, shade in the focus sight words, identify the focus letter sound.

Parents absolutely love it when their child brings these home to read!  

Interactive Component

Each reader has an interactive component.  In this specific reader the students would cut and paste the pigeon talking to the queen.

Cost Effective

The complete “Guided Reading, Alphabet and Sight Words Literacy Program” meets the majority of the language arts core curriculum outcomes very cost effectively.

Fabulous Freebies

Possible Skills Taught
Rhyme, color words and focus on letter “a” are some suggestions

Version One of Printable Reader
This is a sample of one of the printable emergent readers called “The Ants Rhyme”.  There is no color version available. The interactive component have the students coloring the ants according to the text.

Version Two of Printable Book
These cute folding printable booklets require adjusting the photocopier but are well worth the effort  once you know how to manipulate this, these are quick to reproduce and are well received by students and parents.