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Full Year of Curriculum-Based Preschool And Kindergarten Lesson Plans

In the link below you will find a directory of all the Preschool and Kindergarten lesson plan themes offered on the site. 

What is included in these lesson plan theme units?
Preschool and Kindergarten Lesson Plans - Directory

First Day Kindergarten and Preschool Lesson Plans

Download Common Core  Language Arts "I Can" Posters 

Posters Display How The Curriculum Aligns With Common Core Standards 

Whether you teach Pre-K or Kindergarten these lesson plans provide a great deal of flexibility to meet your curriculum outcomes.  Since there are members from all over the world, this flexibility was instrumental in the development of these resources. The focus of our recent development is to ensure the plans address the common core standards.  Each poster below includes a picture related to the Kinderplans lesson plan program so that you can quickly refer to these to see how the common core objectives are met.  These are written in "kid friendly" language. Many of the thumbnail pictures refer to either an emergent reader or activity found within the program that assists in meeting the curriculum outcomes.

Reading Literature

These outcomes are based on fictional reading selections.  Many of the emergent readers (over 100) found within the program correspond to a literature selection but at the emergent reader level (focus on teaching the alphabet and sight words in context).  The literature selections and follow-up emergent readers will meet many of these common core outcomes.  

Reading Literature Selections "I Can Posters"

Color Version of the Posters

Reading Informational Text

The outcomes are similar to the above but refer to informational text.  Many of the themes within the program are informational in their content.

Reading Informational Selections "I Can Posters"

Color Version of the Posters

Reading Skills

These outcomes are the core of learning to read.  The majority of these outcomes would be met through using "The Alphabet Program" and follow-up literacy center suggestions.

Reading Foundational Skills


Language Standards in Both Writing and Speaking

These outcomes are what is expected of a Pre-K student in terms of language usage in both their verbal and written output.

Language Standards

Writing Standards - Creativity and Organization

Conventions used for writing are outlined in the "Language Standards" module.  These basically refer to the creative and organization of written ideas.

Writing Standards


Listening and Speaking Standards

Outlined in these posters are the expectations of a Pre-K student in terms of their speaking and listening ability.

Listening and Speaking


Download Pre-Kindergarten Common Core Math Posters

In the links below you will find the Kindergarten common core math posters that can be displayed in your classroom . The Kinderplans Math Focus program was developed to help you meet the majority of these outcomes, it is included in your membership.

Counting and Cardinality

These outcomes are related to a child's ability to count, recognize and print numbers and making sense of these numbers and how they are used within their environment.

Counting and Cardinality  Kindergarten Common Core Math Posters

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

These outcomes are related to a child's ability to add and subtract.

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Kindergarten Common Core 

Number and Operations in Base 10

There is only one outcome in this math strand and it is achieved through using ten frames.

Number and Operations in Base 10 Kindergarten Common Core

Measurement and Data

In this strand the students are required to measure the length, width and weight of objects.   These outcomes can be met throughout the different themes found in the program.

Measurement and Data Kindergarten Common Core


These outcomes could be worked on throughout the year.  Craft and building projects offer a great opportunity for hands on experience to achieve these outcomes.

Geometry Kindergarten Common Core

Common Core Check List

In the link below you will find a checklist that can be used to mark off all the common core standards that have been addressed and met within your lesson plans.

Common Core Checklist

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities

Learn how the alphabet and other reading skills are developed.  In the link below you will find a FREE ALPHABET READER and related activities that can be used to teach a specific letter of the alphabet.  This link will provide you with a sample lesson plan of how early reading skills and the alphabet can be taught effectively.

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities 

Preschool and Kindergarten Reading

The link below provides a reading lesson plan.  It includes a FREE READER that teaches the concept of positional words.  It also includes worksheets that can be used for follow-up activities.

Preschool and Kindergarten Reading

Preschool and Kindergarten Centers

In the links below you will find ideas that you can incorporate within your learning and literacy centers.  There are many file folder game activities that can be used to teach literacy. You will also find signs that can be placed in your learning centers.

Kindergarten Literacy Centers
Kindergarten Centers
Center Signs



Preschool and Kindergarten Math

In the links below you will find printables that can be used to teach the math concepts of patterning, shapes and measurement.  You will also find math worksheets that assist in developing the concept of number recognition, one-to-one number correspondence and number printing books

Preschool and Kindergarten Math

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Activities


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