Sample Preschool and Kindergarten Theme Unit Lesson Plans - Two Week Lesson Plans for the Friendship Theme

This is a FREE two week theme lesson plan (Friendship Theme).  It is similar to the other 23 full theme units and 9 mini-themes we offer our members access to.  Although it is geared more towards the first few weeks of school, it will give you an idea of what is included in each theme.

Alphabet Program

Sequential Ordering - Alphabet Program Meets the Majority of the Curriculum Guidelines for Kindergarten (can be adapted for preschool).

If you wish to follow a teaching program that meets the majority of the curriculum guidelines set in kindergarten, you would follow the alphabet program theme sequencing.  Although, it follows the kindergarten curriculum guidelines, it can be adapted for preschool as well. 

Information on the Alphabet Program

Friendship Theme Unit


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Friendship Theme

Color Version and  Bonus Readers

Emergent Reader - A Retelling of the Kissing

Teaches overcoming nervousness

This reader initiates a discussion on overcoming nervousness

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Left to right progression in reading
2.  What a word is

A Retelling of the Kissing Hand - Color Version

Enlarged Version for Making a Big Book

Emergent Reader - How to Get Rid of the Jiggle Worms
Teaches overcoming nervousness

This reader reader  is also used to help overcome nervousness but does it in an action format.  While reading the text the students would do the actions implied to overcome nervousness (overcoming the jiggle worms).

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  What a word is
2.  Understanding that text has meaning (implied by the actions)

Jiggle Worms Story for Shared Reading

Emergent Reader - Family of Friends
A great way for students to meet each other and learn their names

This is an interactive reader where the students must go around the classroom finding a new person to print their name within the reader to complete it.

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Printing names
2.  Getting to know each other

Accompanying Emergent Reader

Large Pictures Used to Make the Big Book

Emergent Reader - Chica, Chica, Boom, Boom
Learning the letter names

This is meant to project on your interactive whiteboard and practice saying the names of the letters in a rhythmic and action format.

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  What a word is
2.  Learning the letter names

Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom, I See Letters in My Classroom - Color Version

Video Demonstration

The video below demonstrates how the emergent readers can be used as a powerful teaching tool. 


View on Youtube Click Here


Days 1 and 2 - Connection to Literature

"The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn is a wonderful book to read to the children for the first day of classes. Chester the Raccoon is nervous about going to school.  This book would be used as a means to help support children and their transition into the school environment.

Shared Reading - Modeling the Reading Process - Over 100 Emergent Readers Available to Members

These little readers are great to use for teaching beginning reading skills such as the alphabet and sight words.  There are over 100 similar readers available for members (paid subscription).

Assembly of the Readers

Quick Assembly - No Cutting Involved                                     

The readers have been designed for quick assembly.  Run the full page through the copier and have it stapled (2X.)

Smaller Booklets - Require cutting
These booklets would be cut in half and stapled manually.  This would be done on days when you are not  in a hurry.

Bonus Reader 

Bonus Reader  - School Shape Book

The pictures would be used to make a predictable chart about what they learned at school.  After the pictures would be used to make a school shape book like the one displayed on the left. This can be taken home so the children can read it to their parents.  If the chart has been read each day, the children should be able to read the text. This is found in the link below.

School Shape Reader

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