St. Patrick’s Day Free Resources

Leprechaun Writing

PowerPoint Presentation from Teacher’s Conventions I  spoke at two teacher’s conventions last month.  It was a huge hurdle for me but with the encouragement from co-workers and family, it was less daunting.  The session focused on how I use a balanced literacy model successfully within both my Kindergarten and grade one classes.  This approach to [...]

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100th Day Printables

100th Day Reader

We are going to be celebrating the 100th day of school in the next two weeks.  I wanted to share the printables that I have put together to celebrate this event.  In the links below you will find different versions of the reader I intend to use for shared reading.  I will be projecting the [...]

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Informational Content Plans

Shared Reading

Focus on Informational Content In the recent years there has been more concentration on the importance of students being able to read and understand informational content.   This has certainly become evident in recent curriculum changes.  The “Zoo” theme offers an ideal opportunity to address meeting your “R.I.K” outcomes.   Zoo Informational Content Theme Read [...]

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January Lesson Plans

Oo, Jj, Ww, Rr, Ff Focus Letter Game

January is the month to bring warmth into your classroom. Since January is a cold and snowy where I live, the “Ocean” theme is meant to bring dreams of warmer weather.  We discuss the ocean creatures, sandy beaches and sun. In planning for this theme I use a balanced literacy model to assist me.  The [...]

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Pre-Kindergarten Christmas Activities

Christmas Traditions  Reader

INCORPORATING FIVE SENSES WITHIN YOUR CHRISTMAS THEME During the month of December (when I was teaching Kindergarten) I incorporated the “Five Senses” theme in relation to Christmas.  The spirit of the season allowed for so many opportunities to incorporate this theme.  On my website and within the Christmas theme unit you will find ideas on [...]

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Pete the Cat Activities


If you have read my previous blog posts, you will know that I love “Pete the Cat” and so do my students.  In my school we are required to always have an emergency lesson plan ready, which also takes stress off us in time of need.  I have created a plan based on the literature [...]

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A Balanced Literacy Lesson Plan

Guided Writing

I have always been a big fan of integrating key learning concepts and subject areas in my language arts daily lesson plans.  This allows me to be more efficient in meeting the curriculum outcomes.  All my plans take a balanced literacy approach to teaching these concepts.  More information on a balanced literacy approach can be [...]

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Curriculum Based Lesson Planning


I have witnessed many curriculum changes over my 33 years of teaching.  I don’t stress about meeting each outcome but rather on developing exciting learning opportunties around a specific concept or theme that I wish to focus on.  In the video below I briefly discuss how I planned my lesson for the Pumpkin Theme that [...]

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Free Worksheets and Resources

Alphabet Picture Sorting Cards

Math Resource Freebies The Kinderplans site has many free resources that are available to the public.  I just wanted to make you aware of ones that would be applicable for this time of year.  If you are working with numbers, the link below you will lead to the page that has an animated number video [...]

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Phonological Awareness

Spin and Print

Important Skills for Beginning of Kindergarten or PreK Training my students to hear beginning sounds in a fun and effective way can be a challenge.  I begin each year focusing on this skill as many of my students arrive lacking the ability to discriminate sounds heard within words. Research has proven that phonological awareness, phonemic [...]

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