Common Core Planning

pumpkin patch art

After so many years of experience, I rarely create a lesson solely based on meeting curriculum outcomes. I found this often led to rather stilted lessons.  I prefer to create engaging lessons related to a specific topic or theme with related reading selections and follow-up activities.  From there, I would evaluate all the core outcomes [...]

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Reading Readiness for Pre-Kindergarten

Word Detection/Print Awareness

Research has shown that students who become readers are able to complete assessments successfully that include the skills outlined below.  It is important that students be systematically taught these skills within daily instructional time. The Kinderplans program includes activities that focus on developing these skills. Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Phonological awareness is a broad term [...]

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Substitute Plans

Emergent Reader

My students really enjoy hearing all the “Pete the Cat” stories.  I decided to create an emergency substitute lesson plan based on the story “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” written by Eric Litwin.  The emergency lesson plan is found in the link below:   Pete The Cat And His Groovy Button Mini [...]

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First Week Pre-Kindergarten

Name Activities

Ideas for First Week In this blog post I have outlined ideas that you can incorporate for your first week of school.   Play Centers When the students first arrive they must locate their name tag placed on a table.  They are assisted with putting their name tag on. They are directed to a play [...]

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Important Pre-K Skills

Pre-K Curriclum

One of the most important skills that should be taught at the Pre-K level is phonemic and phonological awareness.  I can’t stress the importance of teaching these skills to our early learners because they are the basis for learning to read. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and segment sounds.  We know that a student’s skills in phonemic [...]

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Bulletin Board Display

Colors Bulletin Board Display

At the beginning of school year I focus on colors, color words and do experiments involving colors.  The emergent readers found in the links below introduce the reading process and also require the students to color the pictures within the reader according to the color words.   Colors Emergent Readers   More Emergent Readers Related [...]

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Math Resources

Addition Subtraction Mini-Workbook

Learning the teen numbers is the most difficult for young learners, as they do not follow a pattern.  I wanted to display the numbers to 20 on one of my bulletin boards as a point of reference, however, I also wanted to display the ten frames as a quick visual.  I went to the educational [...]

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Pre-K Curriculum

Pre-K Curriclum

I have been asked to create a Pre-K curriculum that addresses the “National Standards” but also meets the needs of ESL learners.  I am excited about this opportunity, but I know it will be a considerable amount of work.  The resources will be reproduced in hardcopy and distributed to places that do not necessarily have [...]

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Free Theme


Valentines and Friendship Writing Project During the month of February we focused on the importance of friendship and writing about it. I generally started with a patterned sentence where the students were required to add one or two of their own words. A sample of a patterned sentence is outlined below. However, I still encouraged [...]

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Phonological Awareness Activities

Rhyming Mini Unit

Significant Correlation Between Learning to Read and Phonological Awareness I am now teaching grade one and have come to realize the importance that phonological awareness plays in relation to children being able to read.  The students who are unable to identify rhyming matching words are the ones struggling with learning to read.  As a result, [...]

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