The Tiny Seed Literacy Unit

Tiny Seed Literacy Unit

Focus on Informational and Fictional Content Literacy Unit In my last blog post I discussed how authors are combining fictional and informational content together, the literature selection “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle is a good example of this.  It takes the students on a journey of how a seed must overcome different obstacles before [...]

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Focus on Informational Content In the recent years there has been more concentration on the importance of students being able to read and understand informational content.   This has certainly become evident in recent curriculum changes.  Previously I found it difficult to find resources at a level that my students could understand, however, I am [...]

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Literature Based Programming

Many Pre-Kindergarten teachers align their programming based on themes or literature selections. I try to incorporate both into my planning.  In planning for next year, I am attempting to organize the literature selections I want to use.  I based these selections on the skills I want to teach both academically and socially.  I thought I [...]

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Five Components of Teaching Reading

Pre-Kindergarten Reading

I recently attended a session by Dawn Reithaug, who has assisted with reading intervention programs within different school districts.  I found this session provided reassurance as to what I am doing correctly and what areas of improvement can be made.  Even after 32 years of teaching, I still get excited about how I can improve. [...]

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Valentine’s Theme Suggestions

Valetnine-Book-Photo 2

I absolutely love this time of year because many of my students are ready to begin the writing process and implement what they have learned about letters/sounds and a few high frequency words.  This gives me a really good idea as to where each student is at.  Students in the early years develop their writing [...]

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Math Numbers Lessons


I have posted some ideas that can assist you in tackling the common core outcomes in relation to the strand “Counting and Cardinality”.  The activity sheets for these activities are found in the “Math Focus Program” which is included in the membership.   K.CC.A.1 I can count to 100 by ones and tens Math Counting [...]

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Pre-Kindergarten Reading Skills

Spinning Rhyming Game

Research has proven that phonological awareness, phonemic awareness and phonics play a crucial role in children learning to read but the terms can be confusing.   The video below is an excellent source of information in explaining the differences.   Pre-Reading Skills Video   In this blog post I wanted to address a few mini-lessons [...]

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Pre-Kindergarten-Literacy-Lesson Plan

Follow-up Emergent Reader

I absolutely love “Pete the Cat” books and I wanted to use them as a teaching base.  I have created a mini-unit lesson plan that I want to share with you. This lesson plan is based on the book “Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes” written by Eric Litwin and art by James [...]

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Pete the Cat Lesson Plan

Balanced Literacy Model

Balanced Literacy Framework I’ve witnessed many trends over my thirty some years of teaching and the balanced literacy framework was one of the most profound for me.  It encompassed the way I felt reading should be taught.  The main focus is on reading comprehension but also takes into account the use of phonics and whole [...]

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Kindergarten Common Lesson Plans RI.K

Reading Informational Text The big push in many curriclums is for students to read, extract and understand informational content   The goal through all the grades is to have students exposed to 50% fiction and 50% non-fiction.  I believe this is a positive direction as we become more inindated with information through the internet.  It is [...]

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