Bulletin Board Display

Colors Bulletin Board Display

At the beginning of school year I focus on colors, color words and do experiments involving colors.  The emergent readers found in the links below introduce the reading process and also require the students to color the pictures within the reader according to the color words.   Colors Emergent Readers   More Emergent Readers Related [...]

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Math Resources

Addition Subtraction Mini-Workbook

Learning the teen numbers is the most difficult for young learners, as they do not follow a pattern.  I wanted to display the numbers to 20 on one of my bulletin boards as a point of reference, however, I also wanted to display the ten frames as a quick visual.  I went to the educational [...]

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Pre-K Curriculum

Pre-K Curriclum

I have been asked to create a Pre-K curriculum that addresses the “National Standards” but also meets the needs of ESL learners.  I am excited about this opportunity, but I know it will be a considerable amount of work.  The resources will be reproduced in hardcopy and distributed to places that do not necessarily have [...]

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Free Theme


Valentines and Friendship Writing Project During the month of February we focused on the importance of friendship and writing about it. I generally started with a patterned sentence where the students were required to add one or two of their own words. A sample of a patterned sentence is outlined below. However, I still encouraged [...]

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Phonological Awareness Activities

Rhyming Mini Unit

Significant Correlation Between Learning to Read and Phonological Awareness I am now teaching grade one and have come to realize the importance that phonological awareness plays in relation to children being able to read.  The students who are unable to identify rhyming matching words are the ones struggling with learning to read.  As a result, [...]

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Working With Struggling Readers

Word Dictation

I just read the book “The Logic of English” written by Denise Eide.  This is a great resource for teachers in terms of assisting you with integrating phonics instruction into your program. I intend to use this resource to strengthen my phonics instruction within my grade one class. She advocates that all students should be taught [...]

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Christmas Resources

Coloring Christmas Card

  CHRISTMAS READER The Social Studies curriculum requires my students to understand and recognize symbols within groups and communities. This concept is difficult to grasp for these young learners.  I chose to introduce this concept in relation to Christmas through the reader “Symbols of Christmas” found in the link below.  Feel free to use this [...]

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Christmas Concert Idea

Christmas Concert Ideas

Christmas Concert Dilemnas Each year my school puts on a Christmas concert.  Each teacher is responsible for their own little performance (no longer than five minutes from walking on the stage and off) as all the different grades perform.  Since I am not very musically inclined this is challenging for me.  I decided to write [...]

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Pre-Kindergarten Science

Pre-Kindergarten Science Program

Color Mixing The Fall season is a great opportunity to introduce the science concept of color mixing. Here is just brief sample lesson plan related to this science concept.   Connection to Literature Read the book “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh to introduce the concept of color mixing.   Shared and Independent Reading The [...]

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Is Teaching Printing Still Important?

Handwriting Versus Typing

Is Teaching Printing and Handwriting Still Important In This Digital Age? Increasingly more students are arriving in our classrooms never having the opportunity to hold a pencil, coloring and cutting with scissors and fine-motor skills are lagging.  I have certainly noticed a significant decline since I started teaching 34 years ago. This blog post is [...]

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