Science Activities for Five Senses

Your students will have fun experimenting with their visual senses by participating in the activities outlined in this post. They will be asking do further experimentation.  They will learn about the magic of illusion and how their eyes or sense of sight can be tricked into believing that something is occurring when in fact it is not reality.  The students will view the images found in the links below.  Each image will appear to be moving but in reality they are not.

Optical Illusion 1

Optical Illusion 2

Optical Illusion 3

Optical Illusion 4

More Optical Illusion Activities
The link below provides more experiments and activities in relation to developing the concept of illusion.  Well worth taking a look at!

Great Optical Illusion Activities

More Science Related Activities

The website outlines more science related activities.  Click on the link below to preview these.

More Science Activities

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