Worksheets-Coloring for Zoo Theme

These dot to dot worksheets can be used to reinforce number recognition in the Math Center.  The coloring sheets can be used to develop fine motor skills.

Connect the Dots Lion

Connect the Dots Monkey

In the link below the students can create a monkey by connecting the number dots.

Connect the Dots Monkey

Coloring Sheets for the Zoo Theme

In the links below you will find coloring sheets related to the Zoo theme.

Zoo Coloring Sheet 1

Zoo Coloring Sheet 2

Lion Coloring Sheet


More zoo related activities can be found in the link below:

Zoo Theme Activities

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  1. can your program be sold in hardcopy or is it only available in e format?i think this is fantastic and definitely something i will be looking into fro my three year old.

  2. It is only available in the download version. If we were to offer it in hardcopy we would have to charge over $300.00. The shipping charges alone could be the price of the membership. The download version allows us to keep the price down and update frequently.


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