Winter Coloring Sheets

Looking for winter coloring sheets?  Coloring sheets can be a nice addition to your Center activities.  Coloring continues to be a great activity to help children develop their fine-motor skills.  With the age of the computer children are not as involved in these type of activities as they once were, so this opportunity should always be available as a choice activity.  The coloring sheets can be found in the links below:

Four Seasons Identification and Coloring Sheet

Winter Coloring Sheet 1

Winter Coloring Sheet 2

Winter Coloring Sheet 3

Penguin Coloring Sheet

In the link below you will find more Winter theme related activities:



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  1. I have completed a book study with my student for the past three years. We’ve compared Jan Brett’s books “The Hat” and “The Mitten”. Your lessons helped me to expand what I been doing. The students really enjoyed your ideas and templates.

  2. Thanks for providing your positive feedback. I am thrilled to hear that the resources helped expand your lesson. Elaine

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