Phonological Awareness Lesson Plan

Phonological awareness is a strong indicator in a child’s ability to be successful in learning to read.  If a child does not have the ability to hear, discriminate and manipulate sounds; the reading process will be a difficult task for him/her.  Research suggests that short mini-lessons each day at the early stages of a child’s development can contribute in supporting a child’s success in this area.  It is for this reason the next few postings in our blog will focus on activities that relate to this topic.

Alliteration is a recommended phonemic awareness activity.  Having children hear and produce their own alliterations as a class is a very productive activity and review of the alphabet letter sounds.  Alliterations are phrases that begin with the same sounds or tongue twisters.

Community Helpers Theme and Use of Alliteration

In the link below you will find alliterations about “Community Helpers”.  These could be used in relation to this theme unit.  These would be used to introduce the concept of alliteration.

Community Helpers – Alliteration Samples

Related Coloring Pages


Reading Literature Books

In the link below you will find a list of literature books that could be used to introduce alliteration.

List of Alliteration Literature Selections

Emergent Reader

In the link below you will find a downloadable emergent reader that is specifically used for introducing alliteration.

Ronnie Robot Alliteration Emergent Reader

Follow-up Activity Writing Activity

The students can now generate their own alliterations.  The teacher would write these down on chart paper as a shared writing experience.   Students love to create alliterations involving names of people they know.

Example:  My mom made a million muffins.

Final Sounds Game


Hearing and Identifying Ending Sounds

The “Community Helpers” theme was meant to be used after all the letters of the alphabet have been introduced.  The students should have a solid understanding of all the alphabet letters and their related sounds.  In the “Community Helpers” theme unit they will need to transfer this knowledge to hearing these sounds at the ending of words as displayed in the video.

Click Here to View on YouTube

There is also a downloadable version of this game available if you do not have access to a Smart Board.


Could you let us know what you would like to see developed next???  Post your comment…

The ideas we have planned are outlined below.  Post a comment as to which one would be the most beneficial to you.

1.  Mini lesson plans for phonemic awareness activities.

2.  More downloadable games.

3.  More Smart Board Activities.

4.  More themes (Nursery Rhymes).

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  1. I’d like to see more mini lessons for phomemic awareness and games.

  2. I enjoyed this articale.tnx

  3. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


  4. The Smart Board games are excellent for those who has it. They are great for teaching hands on game. I like it very much – But not all of us who see this have access to a smat board. I guess some of us teacher would like to have a template of the games then we can make it ourselves to have in our classroom. I would appreciate that very much.

  5. Just to let you know, many of the Smart Board games also have a downloadable version to make a board game if an individual does not have access to a Smart Board. The templates are provided to members of the site.


  6. I would like Phoneme segmentation, rhyming and initial sound mini-lessons and or warm up activities.
    E. Skinner

  7. That is my plan for next year. Thanks for your input.


  8. More phonemic awareness activities and exercises re the theme on transportation.
    Thank you, Elaine and more power.

  9. Elaine, I love more mini-lessons on phonemic awareness with regard the theme on transportation.
    Thank you, Elaine and more power.

  10. I’d be very interested in Mini lesson plans for phonemic awareness activities.
    I enjoyed this article. Thank you

  11. I am planning on submitting weekly mini-lessons in relation to this topic. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


  12. Hi. I’d appreciate more phonemic mini lesson activities.

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