Bug Activities

It is the time of year when students love to explore and find insects.  This is a great time to incorporate this natural curiosity into your lesson plans.  In this blog post I have included fun worksheets that can be added to your “Insect or Bug Theme” unit.  These can be added to your center activities to help improve fine motor skills.  The students will identify color or color words to complete the worksheets and trace the butterfly outline.

Trace and Color Butterfly

Trace and Color Butterfly

Color by Number or Color Word

Butterfly Color by Number

Butterfly Color by Number Word

Bee Color by Number

Bee Color by Number Word


Trace and Color Butterfly Worksheet

Students will trace the outlined of the butterfly on the dotted lines and them complete the picture by coloring it.

Trace and Color Butterfly

Insect Coloring Sheets

In the links below you will find bug coloring sheets.

Butterfly Coloring Sheet 1

Butterfly Coloring Sheet 2

Bee Coloring Sheet

 More Kindergarten-Preschool Activities


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