This lesson plan demonstrates how a new alphabet letter and its corresponding sound can be introduced within a meaningful context.  It also demonstrates how integration plays a key role in meeting the curriculum outcomes. It would be very difficult to meet all the Preschool-Kindergarten outcomes if lesson plans were not integrated to include a variety of skills.


8:28-9:00  Circle Time

-Calendar, count days on calendar, count how many days they have been in school, add this many straws to the 10′s cup.

-Sing “Days of the Week” display video on Smart Board.


-Sing and view animated alphabet video and have students pay special attention the the letter “Aa”.


Animated Alphabet Song Video


Introducing “Ape’s Apples” 

Emergent Reader for Shared Reading – Letter “Aa” 

-Have a student find the “Ape’s Apples” alphabet card on the bulletin board. Display the title page “Ape’s Apples” on the Smart Board (if you do not have a Smart Board print the sentences on sentence strips or chart paper and place the pictures beside each sentence).  You could also display the story using an overhead projector (which I have done for many years).

-Explain that they are now going to read a book together called “Ape’s Apples”. Discuss what experiences they have had with apes.  Explain that they will be taking this book home to read to their parents.

-Read the book together, pointing to the words as you read.  On each page, have a student come forward and add the correct amount of apples to the tree.

Ape’s Apples Sample Page – Color Version

Ape’s Apples Sample Page – Black and White Version 


Introducing the Letter Sound

1.  Look at the words ape and apple.

2.  Introduce the sounds  “Aa” makes.  Hand out small mirrors (purchased at the dollar store) and have the students observe the following:  where their tongue is placed, what their lips do when making the two sounds of letter “Aa”, feel their throat and vocal chords, do they feel air coming out from their mouth?  How do their lips change?  Review the sounds of c and u.

3.  Sort picture cards according to if they hear short or long “a” sound or do the Smart Board activity outlined below.  Picture sorting cards are found on the members web page of the Apples Theme.  

Letter “Aa” Smart Board Phonics Activities
This video outlines activities I have created for the Smart Board to help childen hear the sounds of short and long vowel “Aa” sounds.




9:00 – 9:50 Play Centers
Craft - You Are the Apple of Our Eyes – Picture Frame

6 Students assigned to “Craft Center”.  These students will have an opportunity to play at the other centers in the afternoon.  I enlarged the apple template (page 64) and traced it on red construction paper.  I also copied the leaves (page 66) in the Apples Theme.  The students will color the leaves and cut the apple template. My assistant will cut the leaves while the students are cutting the apple template.  They are still developing correct usage of scissors.  The students will glue on their leaves and print their name on the back.  After, a photograph will be placed on the apple.  The apple picture frame will be displayed on the bulletin board with the heading “You Are the Apples Of Our Eyes”.


Guided Reading and Phonemic Awareness Activities With Teacher
Students will be reading the book “Ape’s Apples” with me.  The focus will be on tracking words and coloring in the correct amount of apples.


Rest of Class at Play Center with Parent Volunteer

Sand, small manipulatives, creative crafts, housekeeping, large blocks, water and paint easel, lego, playdough and computers.  At computers, they can sort the letter “Aa” pictures using Notebook software that was downloaded to our computers.


9:40 – 10:15 Get Ready and Go to Gym


10:15 – 10:30   Bathroom Break and Snack 


10:30 – 10:45 Literacy Centers

Review the letter “Aa” sound and introduce “Literacy Centers”.  Demonstrate activities that they will be completing at the Literacy Centers.


Center 1 – Picture Mnemonic Activity and Mystery Bag

My parent volunteer will be working with the students to complete the picture mnemonic craft activity displayed in the photograph (template found in Apples theme).  I die cut the letter “a” outline on green construction paper.  The students will color and cut the apple and add it to the middle.  After, each student will take a turn picking an object out of the mystery bag.  They will determine if it begins with the sound of “a” or not.


Center 2 – 6 Students With Assistant

Three students will be sorting picture cards according to if they hear a “short or long a sound”.  I have added phonics phones to the Center to add more appeal.  The other three students will be sorting the pictures on the Smart Board.  After the two groups can switch.


Center 3 – 6 Students With Teacher

 Vowel Game

There will be three students in each group.  Each student takes a turn picking up a letter card from a plastic cup.  They will draw a “a or u” vowel card and determine on which picture it best fits.  This will require a significant amount of intervention from me.  I will assist them by stretching out the sounds.



11:30 – 11:45   Circle Time 
-Read book “Ten Apples On Top” by Dr. Seuss.
-Sing “The Apple Tree” song found in the “Alpha Tunes CD”.
11:45 – 12:00  Bathroom Break and Get Ready for Recess
12:00 – 12:25 Lunch Recess
12:25 – 1:00 Wash Hands and Eat Lunch
1:00 – 1:40 Play Center Time
Groups switch from this morning.
1:40 – 1:55 Bathroom Break and Get Ready for Recess

1:55 – 2:45 Math Concepts and Math Tubs 

Concept – Sorting
Note:  Math tubs used were mentioned in previous blog post.
Distribute math tubs.  Select a tub to demonstrate a rule of sorting.  Students produce a sorting rule using the tubs.  Once they have a rule they must put up their hand and explain it to you.
2:45-3:10 Bathroom and Get Ready for Dismissal

3:10  Bus Students Leave

3:15  Walking Students Leave

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  1. I LOVE YOUR IDEAS. however I am in a full day kindergarten, inquiry based programme here in Ontario and alot of your activities are teacher driven and not created by the children. For example, cut out leaves for apples, We allow the children to be an artist to create their own creations and our program is very much the emergent curriculum. Love to share what we do in Ontario. Great ideas with the mystery bag sounds…. Thanks.

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback. I do have a “Creative Craft Center” where the children are allowed to make their own creations. A student(s) can choose to go there during free Center Time. I also have a directed craft activity where a specific skill is the focus. The current focus is on cutting as some of my students have had very little experience using scissors. My assistant works with small groups of students, demonstrating how to correctly hold scissors and provides encouragement as they develop their fine-motor skills. I am very fortunate to have a very competent assistant. She has had significant training through our regional occupational and speech therapists. Our students still spend a great deal of time on exploration through Center activities. I believe that is very important!

  3. I like this thank you :)

  4. I have been a member of your lesson plan themes and activity for the past two and a half years. I am a Jamaican early childhood teacher and these lessons and activities works wonders for me and my students. I am pleased to let you know it has helped me with my teaching practise and I have been introducing other teachers to your website. Having activites that are different each time helps in enhancing children’s development. I am a very enthusisatic teacher and I would love to visit and see what your classrooms are like because I believe that having a print rich environment helps children to develop holistically. Thanks again for your lessons and activities I appreciate it very much.

    1. Hi Marcia,
      I want to thank you for your positive feedback, I am thrilled to hear that you have found the lesson plan themes helpful. I have always agreed in using a holistic and integrated approach to teaching. I have found the interactive printed readers to be a great asset to my students. They thoroughly enjoy reading them because they are engaged with print. They are allowed to color, circle words and just generally interact with the readers without the worry of damaging them. This is what they really enjoy.


  5. Wow! This kind of activity is really awesome and cool. I am sure that kids will really enjoy this.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I hope your students will enjoy the activities.


  7. I love your page….I have just discovered it but is AMAZING…..really useful…..thanks for take time to do this helpful blog.

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