Kindergarten Weekly Lesson Plan – October 22 – 25

I post my weekly plans on my blog.  This lesson plan focuses on introducing the letter “Ee” and its corresponding sound, as well as, changes in my literacy centers.

8:28-9:00  Circle Time

Introducing Emergent Reader – Funny Enormous Eggs

Emergent Reader for Shared Reading – Letter “Ee” 

- Read the book “Green Eggs and Ham” by Doctor Seuss.  Focus on rhyming words within the book and the sound heard for the letter “Ee”.

- Introduce the emergent reader “Funny Enormous Eggs” to the students. Read the book together as a shared reading experience.  I display the book on the Smart Board but you can print the sentences on sentence strips or chart paper and place the pictures beside each sentence.  You could also display the story using an overhead projector (which I have done for years).  I also make a copy of the color version for our classroom library.  I copy this on cardstock, laminate and bind.

-Read the sentences together, pointing to the words while you read. Discuss what makes these eggs funny and explain to the students that they will be coloring the eggs in their version of the book (during guided reading time).


Sample Page from the Reader


Color Sample Page


Introducing the Letter Sound

1.  Look at the word enormous and egg.

2.  Introduce the sound  “Ee” makes focussing on the sound heard in “egg”.  Hand out small mirrors (purchased at the dollar store) and have the students observe the following:  where their tongue is placed, what their lips do when making the two sounds of letter “Ee”, feel their throat and vocal chords, do they feel air coming out from their mouth?  How do their lips change?  Review the sounds of c, u, t and a.


9:00 – 9:40 Play Centers
Craft – Halloween Haunted House With Assistant

6 Students assigned to “Craft Center”.  My assistant works with them.  The students painted the background of the haunted house last week, now they will be cutting the shapes that have been drawn on black construction paper to complete the haunted house.  If you are a member, these shape templates have been posted in the Halloween theme unit.


Guided Reading With Emergent Reader “Funny Enormous Eggs”
Students will be reading the black and white emergent reader  “Funny Enormous Eggs” with me.  The focus will be on tracking words and coloring the eggs according to the text.  This integrates a comprehension component into reading.


Rest of Class at Play Center with Parent Volunteer

Each month we change the Centers.  I have outlined the changes below:


1.  Sand became dirt - Vehicles will be placed in the dirt (dump trucks and other construction vehicles).


2.  The “Housekeeping Center” has now become the “Farmers’ Market”.  The students use play money and play food to buy goods at the “Farmers’ Market”.  They print a list of food they would like to purchase using a guide.


3.  The “Big Blocks” has now become a “Train Station”.  The students put together the tracks and form a train station.


4.  Computers – I have downloaded the “c, e,  t” Smart Board activities on individuals computers and the students can work on this.


5.  Water and Paint Easel has stayed the same.


6.  Writing Center - The students will be completing sheets “I can draw a cat” and “I can cut.”  They will be required to draw a cat according to the drawing sheet provided or cut a triangle and add features to it.  In each case the will be printing the words “cat” and “cut” because these are letters they have learned to print.  I was surprised that this has become a popular center activity especially since I change it each week.  The students are excited about printing words.  In the link below you will find the sheets I will be introducing in the upcoming weeks.  These sheets all related to letters we have or will be learning.


Printing Sheets


7. Playdough and Lego


8.  Creative Craft Center


9:40 – 10:15 Get Ready and Go to Gym


10:15 – 10:30   Bathroom Break and Snack 


10:30 – 10:45 Literacy Centers

Review the letter “Ee” sound.  On the Smart Board together do the “e, a and t” sorting activity.   If you are a member and do not have access to a “Smart Board” use the alphabet picture cards instead.  Login to your account and under the heading “Alphabet Program” you will find a sub heading “Alphabet Pictures”.  You can access picture cards for each letter of the alphabet.


If you are a member, you will have access to the “a, t and e” sorting Smart Board activity.  This will be found in a number of places:  “Colors Theme” , “Smart Board Activities Link” and “My Plans Link”.


Center 1 – Alphabet and Print Awareness Center – Parent Volunteer Monitoring

Many of my students do not know all the names of the alphabet letters so this Center will be devoted this.  I am going to start with seven letters to begin with (Aa – Gg).  This is a partner game.  Students take turns drawing a letter card (Aa – Gg).  If they are able to say the name of the letter card; this is placed on their game board.  If they are unable to say the name; this is placed in the “Practice Pile”.  After all the cards have been drawn; they must practice the letters they did not know.  I am assigning a parent volunteer to this center.

Note:  If you are a member you can access the alphabet letter cards and game board.  These are found on the member homepage under the heading “My Plans”.


Center 2 – Phonemic Awareness Center – With Teacher

I will be assisting the students to help them determine what sounds they hear at the beginning of each word.  These will be the review sounds “c, a, t and now e”.  Objects have been placed in the mystery bag and rice tub.  There is a total of 6 students in this Center.  Two students will be at the rice tub, mystery bag and Smart Board.  They will take turns pulling out objects from mystery bag and rice tub and determine what sound the objects begin with and placing these on the sorting mats accordingly.  If you are a member, I have placed the “c, a t and e” printables to make the sorting mat in “My Plans” link.


Center 3 –  Printing Center

Students will be practicing forming the letter “Ee”.  The students will be practicing printing the letter “e” in the salt trays and then on the white boards.  They can also print the words cat, cut and egg.  The next day, they will be completing their printing book.  The version I use is found in the link below:


11:30 – 11:45   Circle Time 

-Calendar, count days on calendar, count how many days they have been in school, add this many straws to the 10′s cup.

-Sing “Days of the Week” display video on Smart Board.

-Sing and view animated alphabet video and have students pay special attention the the letter “Tt”.


Animated Alphabet Song Video


-Sing “The Apple Tree” and “Extraordinary Egg” song found in the “Alpha Tunes CD”.
11:45 – 12:00  Bathroom Break 
12:00 – 12:25 Eat Lunch
12:25 – 1:00  Lunch Recess
1:00 – 1:40 Play Center Time
Groups switch from this morning.
1:40 – 1:55 Bathroom Break and Get Ready for Recess

1:55 – 2:45 Math Concepts and Math Tubs 

Concept – Sorting Beads
I have bought different beads at the dollar store for the students to make a patterned necklace; before we do this I wanted to sort them according to different characteristics.
Note:  Math tubs used were mentioned in previous blog post.
Distribute math tubs.  Select a tub to demonstrate a rule of sorting.  Students produce a sorting rule using the tubs.  Once they have a rule they must put up their hand and explain it to you.
2:45-3:10 Bathroom and Get Ready for Dismissal

3:10  Bus Students Leave

3:15  Walking Students Leave

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