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Weekly Lesson Plan for November 26th to 29th

This plan outlines how the emergent reader “Iguana Ice Skates” can be used to introduce concepts and initiate discussion amongst the students.  They all like to talk about their experiences with snow (where I live we get plenty of that).  If you live in place that does not get snow, the children can just imagine what it is like.


8:28-9:00  Circle Time

Phonemic Awareness Warmup Activity – Mystery Word(s)

I have small little whiteboards that I print the letters that represent the phoneme. A child is assigned to each phoneme and holds the letter(s) that represents this sound.  We say each phoneme sound (usually review letters) several times as a review of the sound/letter and how it corresponds.  We talk about what makes the beginning, middle and end sound.  After, I place the students closer together and we blend the sounds together.  The students have to guess what the mystery word is.  I do this activity throughout the day as a review of letter sounds.

Example:  c – a – t


Morning Message

This morning we are going to talk about an animal called an iguana.  We are will be watching a video about the iguana.  Iguanas do not live here because it is too cold.  What do you think an iguana looks like?



Read the message to the students. Introduce what the letter “i” looks like.  Have students circle the letter “i” within the message and discuss the sound(s) heard.  Have the students predict what they think an iguana will looks like.


Iguana Video 

In the link below you will find the video I will be showing the students about the iguana.

Iguana Video


Shared Reading

Display the emergent reader on the Smart Board “Iguana Likes Ice Skating” .  If you do not have access to a Smart Board cut out the pictures and place the sentences beside them on a pocket chart.


Prior to Reading

Display the title page and read the title of the story.  Discuss who the author is (me) and who the illustrator is.  Discuss if the main character could be a real iguana or not.  Explain that the iguana passes by different winter scenes as he/she (the students can decide) is skating.  Have them predict what winter scenes could be.


Read the Story Together Modelling the Reading Process 

Possible Discussions and Concepts

1.  What season is it?

2.  How the children might be feeling that are building a snow igloo, fort, snowman and snow angel? Have the students refer to their own experiences doing these activities.

3.  Introduce the sound of “i” heard in the word “iguana” and “ice”.

4.  Discuss use of capitals and periods within the story.

5.  Introduce what a compound word is “snowman”

6.  Possible sight words:  likes, by and a


9:00 – 9:40 Play Centers
4-5 Students assigned to “Craft Center”.  My assistant works with them.

Students will make a snowman like the one referred to in the story “Iguana Ice Skates”.


Guided Reading With Emergent Reader “Iguana Ice Skates”
4-5 students will be reading the black and white emergent reader  “Iguana Ice Skates” with me.  The focus will be on tracking words, cutting and pasting the pictures that corresponds to the text. This integrates a comprehension component into reading.


Rest of Class at Play Center with Parent Volunteer

Each month we change the Play Centers.  I have outlined the changes below.  The rest of the students will be at the play centers while my assistant and I work with a small group.


1.  Sand remains dirt - Plastic animals have been placed in this center.  The students can dig winter homes for the animals.


2.  The “Housekeeping Center” has now become the “Big Dollhouse Center”.  We have a large dollhouse with furniture, boys and girls dress up dolls to go into the dollhouse.


3.  The “Big Blocks” has now become a “Winter Home Building”.  The students make winter homes for the stuffed animals located at this Center.


4.  Computers – I have downloaded the  Smart Board activities outlined in the Literacy Centers on individuals computers and the students can work on this.


5.  Paint Easel has stayed the same.


6. Playdough and Lego


7.  Creative Craft Center - Paper, cards, tape, scissors, glue, all types of decorations and odds and ends are placed here


8.  Water Table - Plastic animals have also been placed here with a styrofoam blocks used as icebergs


9.  Science Center - The students can feel the furs and other objects related to how animals protect themselves from the cold.


________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9:40 – 10:15 Get Ready and Go to Gym


10:15 – 10:35   Bathroom Break and Snack 


10:35 – 11:20 Literacy Centers

Circle Time

Review the letter “Ii” sound.

Rolling Dice Game

Rolling Dice Game
This is a review of the letters “Gg, Dd and Ii”.  The students roll the die and move their players accordingly.  They must determine what letter corresponds to the picture they land on and mark this off on the game board chart.  The game board must be completed.  I play this game on the Smart Board first and the students play the game using the printable version at the center.

Letter Formation

Introduce the correct letter formation of “i”.  Students practice in the air, on each other’s backs and in the palm of their hand.


Literacy Center Time – Rotation System

Center 1 – Alphabet and Print Awareness Center – Parent Volunteer Monitoring

Many of my students do not know all the names of the alphabet letters so this Center will be devoted this.  I am going to start with seven letters to begin with (Aa – Gg).  This is a partner game.  The students must place the letter cards in the correct order using a model.  They must say the letters (sing the song if needed).  After, they try to place the letters in the correct order without using the model.


Center 2 – Phonemic Awareness Center – With Teacher

Rolling Dice Game

The students will be playing the rolling dice game as outlined above.


Center 3 –  Printing Center

Students will be practicing forming the letter “Ii”.  The students will be practicing printing the letter “Ii” on white boards.  They can also print the words cat, cut , quit, get, egg, dog and dig.  The next day, they will be completing their printing book.  The version I use is found in the link below:


11:20 – 11:55    Writing Workshop

Focus on writing about their pets.  Together we will generate possible spelling words “dog”, cat, etc. that the students will use as a reference point.  If they don’t have a pet, they can write about an experience that they have had with an animal.

Note:  Many of the students just draw pictures and scribble but they still share their stories.  I will be encouraging them to print the words we generated.


11:55 – 12:00  Bathroom Break 
12:00 – 12:25 Eat Lunch
12:25 – 1:00  Lunch Recess
1:00 – 1:10 Bathroom Break

1:00 – 1:20 Circle Time 

-Calendar, count days on calendar, count how many days they have been in school, add this many straws to the 10′s cup.

 -Share their writing

-Read the book “I Wanna Iguana” by Karen Kaufman to the students


Rhyming Activity

I place a picture of a dog on the Smart Board.  The students take turns coloring (scribbling out) the rhyming part of the picture I am talking about:

1.  I rhyme with toes, I am the dog’s (nose)

2.  I rhyme with beg, I am the dog’s (leg)

3.  I rhyme with hears, I am the dog’s (ears)

4.  I rhyme with pail,  I am the dog’s (tail)

5.  I rhyme with saw, I am the dog’s (paw)

6.  I rhyme with fly, I am the dog’s (eye)

6.  I rhyme with south, I am the dog’s (mouth)


Rhyming Smart Board Activity

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1:20 -2:00  Play Center Time – Switch groups for craft and guided reading from this morning


2:00 – 2:35 Math Mini-Lesson and Practice

I have downloaded different patterning activities from the Smart Exchange.  We will do these together first.


Concept – Patterning

Students will continue to create patterns using two different attributes.  We have different math tubs that are used for this.


Note:  Math tubs used were mentioned in previous blog post.


2:45-3:10 Bathroom Break, Recess and Dismissal


3:10  Bus Students Leave


3:15  Walking Students Leave

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