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Final Days of Kindergarten

I have seven more teaching days left!  It’s been a great year and I am thrilled at how far my students have come since the beginning.  Most of them are ready for the big step into grade one.

I have outlined some ideas I will be incorporating on my last few days.  Most of the days will be filled with assessments and field trips.


Father's Day Card

Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day Ideas

A few ideas for Father’s Day can be found in the link below:


Father’s Day Ideas


Graduation Ceremony

All my students brought in baby pictures.  We had lots of fun guessing who they were.  I will use these in my graduation presentation to the parents; comparing these to how they look at the end of Kindergarten.  My students wrote about how they have changed this year (what they have learned).  They will be saying this on the presentation.  I am going to record what they say using Photo Story.  Photo Story offers an easy delivering for presentations, especially if you are planning to record voice.  The students will also be singing “One Small Voice” by Jack Hartmann.


Plans for the Summer – Updating Themes

I will be tackling the time consuming process of updating the themes.   I am contiuously adding ideas but my plan is to make them more organized so that members can readily find the information and align them with the common core standards.   This is a huge undertaking but I have always been committed to providing quality materials.



This is the first time Kinderplans has ever offered a membership for such a low price.  It is a special that will be offered for a limited time and not one that will be offered again!  I will be offering discounts throughout the summer but not at this significant of a discount.  Look at the link below for more information.  This offer will runs from June 1st – June 12th.


Summer Special – 40% Discount on Membership


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Pre-K Year End Math Ideas

In this blog post I will reflect on my year end math plans and my student’s story writing project.



Students are required to count by subitizing or instantly recognizing a number according to its grouping.  Since my students play many dice games, some of them have been doing this since the beginning of the year.  Many of them can instantly recognize the numbers on the die without counting the dots (this is subitizing).  I observe students when they are playing games to assess their ability in this area.


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 9.40.32 PMSubitizing Using Ten Frames (Numbers to 20)

In the video displayed on the left,  I demonstrate how I use my Smart Board to have the students practice this skill.  If you do not have access to a Smart Board, this activity can also be done by displaying larger ten frame cards very quickly and then turning the card over so the students are not able to see the dots.  A discussion would take place on what they saw prior to turning the card over (similar to the video presentation).


The document found in the link below outlines more information on subitizing.


More Information on Subitizing


The Smart Board activity can be downloaded from the member site under the heading “Smart Board Activities and Instant Number Recognition”.


Numeral Identification - PrintingFollow-up Math Center Activities

The students need continual review of correct numeral identification and formation. Numeral printing sheets include ten frames 1-10 and 1-20 (this will vary depending on your math outcomes). According to the “Common Core Standards” the students are required to identify and print numerals 1-20. The students draw a ten frame card and print the numeral on the dotted printing sheet provided (can be placed in plastic cover so they can be reused by using an erasable marker). The students will continue to draw the cards until they have printed all the numerals. I assess my students ability to subitize as they draw their card and how they print the numeral.


Adding and Subtracting

Adding and Subtracting

Adding and Subtracting

There are many ways to introduce adding and subtracting.  In the video, I have outlined how literacy can be incorporated into developing this concept and relate this to follow-up activities that can be used at the Math Centers.


Story Writing Title Page

Story Writing Title Page

Members can assess these activities under the heading “Math Program”.

Story Writing Sharing Time

In my last blog post I talked about how my students would be writing a patterned story related to the book Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm and the corresponding emergent reader What Did Mrs. Wishy Washy See In Her Tub?  This project was meant to allow the students to be creative, funny, use what they have learned about letter sounds and sight words.  The students were to draw and describe funny things that Mrs. Wishy Washy found in her tub.  At the end, they are to help Mrs. Wishy Washy solve the problem of what she will do about all these strange things she finds her tub.  I can’t wait to see what solutions they come up with.


Sample One

This student decided to have Mrs. Wishy Washy discover a funny cat diving in the water in her tub.


Sample Two


This student decided to have Mrs. Wishy Washy discover a funny rabbit with a pink tummy in her tub.


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Year End Ideas

Mrs. Wishy WashyMy students will be learning about farm animals and how the farming industry contributes to our well-being.   The boys are really excited because we also have farm equipment (combines, tractors and other farm machinery).  I am not sure where these toys came from but they look like the real thing only in miniature size.  I am fortunate to have a relatively well supplied classroom but it wasn’t always that way.



Integrated Reading/Writing

Mrs. Wishy-Washy

In the my home reading program we have all the “Mrs. Wishy-Washy” books.  I absolutely love these books so I really wanted to use them as a base to begin my Farm unit.  I have already read the book “Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm” by Joy Cowley to the students.  I have also intergrated this into a follow-up story writing activity.  View the video to see how this has all been integrated.


View on YouTube


View on School Tube


Mrs. Wishy-Washy Videos

In the link below you will find videos of Joy Cowley reading her books.


Joy Cowley videos


Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Tub

In the link below you will find a slide presentation of the emergent reader “Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Tub”.


Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Tub




Follow-up Craft

A follow-up craft activity has also been integrated.  The students will learn about creating a background scene in this project.  They will paint the background scene and then add the details (as displayed in the photograph).  In my school, we have the die cut farm designs which has been used for the details.


How Farms Contribute to Our Well-Being

The Giving Farm

The Giving Farm

I really wanted my students to understand how the farming industry contributes to their well-being (this is becoming less recognized).  I seached for books that could be used to introduce this concept but I was unsuccessful.  This is why I created the reader “The Giving Farm”.  I grew up on a farm so this was a more personal goal.  I will spend a week using the reader as a base to introduce this concept and expanding on the student’s reading skills.


More Farm Theme Ideas




I am in the process of preparing for my little learners graduation ceremony. We have an informal presentation of certificates and then the students do a short performance for their parents.  I was thinking of having them sing a song (not sure which one yet).  I was also thinking of doing a slide presentation where each student will write and draw a picture of what they learned this year and a special memory.  I would appreciate suggestions as to what you have done that proved to be successful.


Post suggestions below (sorry for having to use the captcha code but this helps prevent spam comments).  One or two suggestions will be selected to gain free access to a theme unit of your choice. Send an e-mail to the address below, notifiying me that you have posted a comment and the e-mail address that you would like to use to be informed if you were selected.