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Focus on Informational Content

In the recent years there has been more concentration on the importance of students being able to read and understand informational content.   This has certainly become evident in recent curriculum changes.  The “Zoo” theme offers an ideal opportunity to address meeting your “R.I.K” outcomes.


Read Aloud

Reaad Aloud

Zoo Informational Content Theme Read Aloud

The focus theme for these last two weeks is  “Zoo” and I thought I would share some of the activities that have proven to be valuable to my learners.

Shared Reading

Shared Reading

The literature selection  “Good Night Gorilla” by Peggy Rathmann is used as a read aloud to introduce the focus zoo animals.


Shared Reading

I project the emergent reader (a simple retelling of the literature selection) on my Smart Board and  model the reading process.


Word Work

This  is one of the final themes used to introduce the letters of the alphabet and their related sounds.  The letters “Gg for gorilla and Zz for zoo and zebra” are introduced within the context of reading the story.  Word work activities focus on these letters, as well as, all the letters previously introduced.  If you have followed my previous blog posts you will know that I run four rotating “Literacy Centers”.  These change every week.


Literacy Center One

Students practice printing the letters “Cc and Gg” and then complete their printing books found in the link below:


 Printing Booklet

Alphabet Letter Review Game

Alphabet Letter Review Game


Literacy Center Two – Review of All Letters

In this game, student partners take a turn rolling a die and moving their game players accordingly.  They must print the letter on the dotted sheet provided, representing the picture they landed on.


Literacy Center Three – Spin and Rhyme

Spin and Rhyme Game

Spin and Rhyme Game

The playing partners take a turn twisting a spinner.  They place a marker on the matching rhyming picture.


Literacy Center Four – CVC Activities

CVC Game

CVC Game

I work with this group of students, assisting them in hearing sounds within CVC words.  I draw a picture card and students are to print the CVC word represented on their individual dry erase boards.  Some of my students can print the entire word and others only the initial sound.

If you are a member, login to your account, go to reading on the main menu and scroll down to “Literacy Centers” to access the CVC picture cards.


Guided Reading – Interactive Version

The black and white version of the reader “Zoo Escape” would be used for guided reading.  I like using the interactive versions of the readers.  In this reader the students are required to cut and paste the correct picture of the zoo animal identified in the text.

Interactive Guided Reading

Interactive Guided Reading


Craft and Writing

Craft and Writing

Writer’s Workshop and Follow-up Craft Activity

Each day I read a book to my students and/or we watch a video (YouTube search) gathering information about the focus zoo animals.  The students would then write a sentence about what they learned in relation to a specific focus zoo animal.  They would complete the project as displayed in the photograph to the left.


This Month’s Fabulous Freebies

Zoo Animal Puppet Templates

Zoo Animal Puppet Templates

The students will really enjoy making these cute zoo animal stick puppets.  The masks can be integrated into your drama program where the children can move and make sounds like the animals.  These specific templates would be used to make stick puppets.  If you are a member of the site the prepared sized templates will be provided.


Zoo Animal Templates


More Zoo Related Activities


More Zoo Theme Activities


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