Easter Fine-Motor Coloring Activities

In this blog post you will find ten Easter egg template designs where the students trace the dotted lines, color and cut their chosen egg design.  These type of activities help foster greater fine-motor development. Many students are now arriving in our classrooms with less exposure to coloring and cutting, which were essential in them developing fine-motor skills.  It is now up to the school to provide intervention activities that help foster this development.


Note:  These activities do not necessarily have to be done in conjunction with Easter.  These could be done in relation to doing a theme on “Eggs”.


Suggestion One – Using Pastels or Crayons

Students trace the dotted lines with a marker and experiment with using pastels or crayons to make a colorful egg.  After the egg can be cut and glued to construction paper and displayed on the bulletin board.

Egg Using Pastels

Egg Using Pastels

Suggestion Two – Using Felt Markers

The students can trace over the dotted lines using markers to make a colorful egg design.

Egg 2


Sample of Blank Blank Easter Template

The photograph below gives you an idea of what a blank egg design template looks like.

Sample Template

Sample Template

Connection to Reading

If you have followed me in the past you will be aware that I connect all activities to reading. The emergent reader “Funny Enormous Eggs” could be used in conjunction with completing these activities.  The reader would be used for shared, guided and independent reading activities.  It is found in the “Colors” theme unit.

Emergent Reader

Emergent Reader

Tracing, Coloring and Cutting Egg Templates
You will find the tracing, coloring and cutting egg templates in the link below:


Tracing, Coloring, Cutting Egg Templates 


More Easter Activities

In the link below you will find more Easter related activities:


More Easter Activities


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