The Day It Rained Hearts Literacy Lesson Plan

The “Alphabet and Sight Word” curriculum is being revised.  It has had a few revisions over the years, this new revision will allow users a more step-by-step

The Day It Rained Valentine Hearts Literacyprocess that can be easily implemented.  It follows a balanced literacy approach for introducing the alphabet letters and their related sounds and all the pre-primer sight words.  This is a brief preview of what is included in the new revised program.


Modeled Reading

All alphabet letters/sounds and sight words begin with using a popular literacy selection used for modeled reading.  In this set of lesson plans, the selection “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia is used.


Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “It Rained Valentine Hearts” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and to introduce the following:


Alphabet Letters:  Uu and Vv


Sight Words:  it, down, yellow, the

Rained Hearts ReaderRained Valentine Hearts Reader Color









Alphabet and Rhyming Literacy Center Games and Activities

Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound represented in the picture they landed on.


Draw and Print

Students draw a picture card and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound represented in the picture.


Picture Mnemonic Printing Activity

Students will be involved with focus letter picture mnemonic printing activities as displayed in the photograph.


Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness and Rhyming Activities

Rhyming, phonemic and phonological awareness activities are always addressed within the units.  This unit includes suggestions and activities in relation to developing these skills.

Alphabet Games Valentine Hearts

Sight Word Literacy Center Games and Activities

Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the sight word.


Roll and Print

In this game focus sight words are printed on a blank die.  Students roll the die and print the focus sight word on the templates provided.


Roll, Move and Say

Playing partners take turns rolling a die and moving their game players accordingly and must say the word landed on.


Draw and Say

Playing partners take turns drawing a word and saying the word displayed.  They get to keep the card if it is read correctly.

Sight Word Games Valentine Games


Writing Activity

All lesson plan units include a follow-up writing activity.

Rained Hearts Writng Activity

Simple Follow-up Crafts

In this craft activity the students would cut the frame and color the hearts according the words displayed on them.

Day It Rained Hearts Craft

Where Can I Access These Resources?

You can access the resources from the link below


The The It Rained Hearts Literacy Lesson Plans Unit


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