Christmas Concert Idea

Christmas Concert Dilemnas

Christmas Concert Ideas

Christmas Concert Ideas

Each year my school puts on a Christmas concert.  Each teacher is responsible for their own little performance (no longer than five minutes from walking on the stage and off) as all the different grades perform.  Since I am not very musically inclined this is challenging for me.  I decided to write this blog post in the hopes of helping others that are in a similar situation.


The problem I always encounter is that most of the children’s Christmas music songs are sung by adults or are too complicated for my little ones.  I like the background music to blend in with my student’s voices and this is not possible when an adult is singing.  It is for this reason I specifically had the “Alpha Tunes CD” sung by children.  I did find a few online songs that were sung by children and are appropriate for our little learners.


Recipe For A Happy Christmas Narrative

Recipe For A Happy Christmas Narrative

Children Christmas Songs Sung By Children And Are Appropriate For Young Learners

I really like the site outlined below and specifically all the songs that are sung by W.L.A. Children’s Music Choir as the choir consists of young voices.


Appropriate Christmas Songs 


My Idea For This Year

I chose “The Ha Ha Holiday Song” found in the link above and sung by the W.L.A. Children’s Music Choir.  During the laughing part I was going to have the audience join in.  This is a simple and fun song for the children.


Additional Narrative Part – Recipe For A Happy Christmas

Prior to singing the song above a pair of students are going to come forward to the microphone and say a very short line each about what ingredients are included for making a “Happy Christmas Recipe”.  They will add these ingredients to a large mixing bowl held by students dressed as bakers.  These verses can easily be changed according to the number of students you have and what you feel is important to include.  My ideas and lines are presented in the document below:

Christmas and Five Senses

Christmas and Five Senses


Recipe For A Happy Christmas


More Christmas Ideas

More Christmas ideas that can integrate into your classroom learning in conjunction with math, literacy and Science (five senses) can be found in the link below.


More Christmas Ideas For Classroom Learning

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Pre-Kindergarten Christmas Activities


Christmas and Five Senses

Christmas and Five Senses

During the month of December (when I was teaching Kindergarten) I incorporated the “Five Senses” theme in relation to Christmas.  The spirit of the season allowed for so many opportunities to incorporate this theme.  On my website and within the Christmas theme unit you will find ideas on how to incorporate the “Five Senses Theme”.


Incorporating Five Sense Into Your Christmas Theme



Christmas SymbolsIf you have followed my newsletters and blog, you would have discovered that I use and create many reproducible readers to offer my students an engaging and balanced literacy approach to reading in the early years.  Now that I teach grade one, this has not changed. Even though I have access to a variety of reading series, I still find myself creating little books that address the needs of my students better.  There is not one Christmas story within our reading series, so I created two.  In our Social Studies curriculum we are to introduce symbols that represent our community.  I thought I would introduce this concept by looking at symbols that are representative of Christmas.  I will use the reader below as a base to introduce this concept.  The students are to read, color and complete the interactive components of the reader.  Feel free to use these!


Christmas Symbols Reader – Easy Version

Christmas Symbols Reader – Harder Version


Christmas Traditions  Reader

Christmas Traditions Reader

New Christmas Traditions Reader and Follow-up Writing Activities

Another Social Studies outcome is for my students to identify different traditions practiced within their community.  I thought discussing Christmas traditions within our classroom would be a great platform to introduce this concept.  The reader “Our Christmas Traditions” is meant to help my students understand what a tradition is and lead to a discussion on different ones practiced within our classroom.  After, they will write about this, using one of the templates found in the links below.  Feel free to use these writing templates!  The reader is only available to paid members or individuals accessing the Christmas theme unit as it has been professionally illustrated.


Christmas Traditions Writing Template 1

Christmas Traditions Writing Template 2

Christmas Traditions Writing Template 3

Craft and Writing Activity

Craft and Writing Activity



I can’t wait to do this activity.  I did a similar activity when I was teaching Kindergarten but now my students are more capable (now teaching grade one).  My students are to convince Santa that they are deserving of his visit.  Within my school we focus on different positive character virtues.  We will reflect back on those virtues and discuss how they have practiced these and they must relay this to Santa.  I wanted to make this activity different from the traditional “Dear Santa” letter, where the students list what they want.  In this activity the students must convince Santa that they are worthy of his visit.  Template to complete this activity is found in the Christmas theme unit.

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