First Weeks of Pre-K Lesson Plans

Library-LionThis is a new mini-literacy unit that I just created and plan to use for the first week of school.  It is a great unit to use to introduce school, library and class rules.  The unit is based on the literature selection “Library Lion”.  The video below would be a follow-up to the reading the book and the activities outlined within this theme.


Library Lion Video


Follow-up Emergent ReaderScreen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.46.24 PM

My mini-literacy themes include a follow-up emergent reader that is meant to be used for shared, guided and home reading purposes.  Each reader has been specifically designed to introduce specific reading skills within the story context.  The reader “Lion Likes to Read” was specifically designed for this purpose.  It follows a patterned story line that enables your young learners to read it on their own once it has been introduced and practiced during shared and guided reading time. The cover page is shown on the right.  The purpose of this reader is to:

1.  Initiate a discussion on what the students enjoy reading about.

2.  Introduce what a word is and promote tracking from left to right.

3.  Modeling the reading process.

4.  Introduce the initial sounds and letter names of “Ll and Bb”.

5.  Possible introduction of sight words:  “the” and “to”

The reader is available in color, black and white, interactive version where the students cut and paste the picture that represents the print.


Follow-up Literacy Centers

Follow-up Literacy Center activities and templates are also included.  I always have four or five Literacy Centers that my students rotate to.  This system works for me.


Literacy Center One

Matching Letter Board Game

Matching Letter Board Game

Using the game board displayed in the photograph, the students can use the letters provided to:

1.  Draw and match them to the ones displayed on the board.

2.  Match upper-case letter partners to the lower-case letters displayed on the board.

3.  Place the alphabet cards in correct alphabet order on the blank board.Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 9.48.51 PM

This activity was intentionally designed to vary in difficulty so that it can be used throughout the year.


Literacy Center Two

Draw and Print

Players would draw picture cards and determine if the picture begins with the “Ll or Bb” sound and print these letters on the template provided.


Literacy Center ThreeSpin-Top-Game

Spin and Print

The  top would be spun and the players would print the letters “Ll or Bb” accordingly.


Litearcy Center Four

Sight-Word-SpinnerSpin and Say Sight Word Game

Sight words would be printed on the template provided and the players would spin the top and read the words where the top lands.


Writing and CraftCraft-Wrting

Templates for this follow-up writing and craft activity are found within the mini-theme.  You will also need a head shot of your students.  Steps for completing the craft are outlined below:

1.  The students color book template.

2.  Draw a picture of what they like to read about on the template provided.  This would be cut out and glued to the front of the book template.

3.  Hands template would be photocopied on manila cardstock, cut and glued to the book template.

4.  Glue the head shot behind the book template.

5.  Complete the writing on what they enjoy reading about.  Younger students can have the words scribed for them.


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