Thank you for signing-up for the Kinderplans Friendship theme, teaching tips and free resources newsletter. I hope you will find the theme useful to you. It is a great resource to use for the beginning of the school year. It is similar to other themes found in the program.

Access Your Friendship Theme

Download your free sample Friendship unit in the link below.  Each theme unit includes a number of both color and black and white emergent readers. Click on the readers below to access them.  The Friendship theme is a  zip. file because it is quite large.

Emergent Readers Included

In each theme unit you will find a number of emergent readers.  Many of them have been professionally illustrated.  They are often offered in both color and black and white.  The color versions are meant to be projected on your interactive whiteboards and used for reading instructional purposes.  The black and white versions are meant for guided and independent reading. Click on each reader to access it.

Folding Printable Readers
These cute folding printable booklets require some experimenting with on the the photocopier, but are well worth the effort  once you know how to manipulate this, these are quick to reproduce and are well received by students and parents.

Other Curriculum Programs

When creating the curriculum programs, considerable effort was put forth to ensure they met the majority of the curriculum outcomes for Kindergarten and Pre-K.    The common core curriculum was the base point.  The video on the left outlines the Guided Reading, Alphabet, Sight Words Literacy Curriculum Programs.

Kindergarten Math Program

The Kindergarten common core outcomes were used to compile this program.

Pre-K Program

This program was created to address essential teaching concepts that help assist students in their school years ahead.  It was designed for students with a more limited vocabulary background.

Theme Based Curriculum Programs

Kinderplans offers many theme choices, similar to the one you just received.  Preview many themes offered by Kinderplans in the link below.