Free Math Worksheets and Workbooks for Kindergarten and Pre-K

In the Shapes Math Workbook the students would be matching and tracing shapes, coloring a shapes path to help the characters find their way home.  This is a great activity for Pre-K students in learning shapes. This is a zip file.

The Number Sets to Ten Math Workbook requires the students to correctly identify and color the amount represented in each set for numbers to 10. This is a zip file.

Teddy Bear Emergent Reader and Follow-up Math Patterning Activities

This cute emergent reader follows a repetitive or patterned text about teddy bears.  These lesson plan suggestions could be integrated into a teddy bear theme.  A discussion would take place about how the reader follows a pattern. 

The students would use the teddy bear templates provided to make their own teddy bear patterns.  This are great follow-up lesson plans suggestions

Numeral Printing Book

In this Numeral Printing Book the students print the numeral on the dotted lines provided and draw simple pictures representing the amount.They could also cut and paste the correct amount of teddy bear templates displayed above.  This is a zip file.

Access Complete Math Curriculum Program

The Math Curriculum Program was specifically designed to meet the Kindergarten common core outcomes in all the different strands.