Pre-Kindergarten Litearcy Centers

The video outlines literacy center ideas that are contained in each unit within the Guided Reading, Alphabet and Sight Words program.  Each unit focuses on specific alphabet letters-related sounds and Pre-Primer Dolch sight words.  If the program were to be followed, the majority of the Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum outcomes would be met in literacy.

Focus Emergent Readers

All focus letters-related sounds and sight words are introduced within meaningful context using the emergent readers.  This adds an important comprehension component to learning core curriculum skills. The focus in this specific literacy unit:

Letters:  Bb and Ll
Sight Words:  a, is, in

Literacy Centre 1 - Letter Matching

Since this specific unit is meant to be used at the beginning of the school year, this center focuses on matching and recognition activities.  The letter cards would be cut and the students would match the letters to those on the alphabet board.  If they know the letter names, they would identify these.

Literacy Center 2 - Sound Sorting Initial Sound

The focus in this specific literacy unit is on learning the letters and related sounds of “Ll and Bb”.  The students would sort if the picture card drawn represents the initial sound “Ll or Bb” heard.

Literacy Center 3 - Spin, Identify and Print

Students spin (I bought commercial spinners), identify the initial letter sound heard and print the letter represented.

Literacy Centre 4 - Picture Mnemonic Craft Activities

Each literacy unit includes follow-up picture mnemonic craft ideas.  In these examples, the bear is cut and placed in the “b” representing the sound heard in the word bear. The letter “l” strips surround the lion’s face for its mane to represent the sound heard in the word lion. This is a strong visual that helps retain the letter name and sound.

Phonemic and Phonological Awareness Activities

Each literacy lesson plans unit focuses on specific phonemic and phonological awareness activities.  This specific unit focuses on the “ap” word family.  The students would sort according to the focus word family and identify beginning letter sounds. 

Focus Sight Words Activities

In this specific set of curriculum literacy lesson plans, the focus are on the pre-primer sight words a, is, in.  The games above are found within each curriculum literacy unit but focus on specific Pre-Primer sight words.  The video explains these games in greater detail.

Core Curriculum Program Lesson Plans

The Guided Reading, Alphabet, Sight Words curriculum lesson plans program contains similar literacy center ideas as outlined above.  Each unit focuses on specific alphabet letters and Pre-primer sight words.  The program was designed to specifically meet the majority of the common core curriculum outcomes in literacy.

These picture cards are essential in creating your Literacy Centers.  Included in this package are alphabet, rhyming and CVC picture cards.