Why Was This Curriculum Developed?
There were overwhelming requests for a Pre-K program to be developed that specifically targeted core outcomes at this level. It has been designed to provide a yearly set of lesson plans.  These lesson plans only cover instruction on how to meet core outcomes.  They do not include play center ideas.  Play should still be an integral part of your programming.

Why Is This Curriculum Unique?
This curriculum was specifically designed to meet the curriculum outcomes but also to address the needs of ESL learners.  We are continuously faced with the reality that not all our learners have a good foundation in the English language or experience a language lag.  This curriculum addresses that reality.  It inlcudes:

-Teacher's Guide - 66 pages

- Teacher's Printable Resources -  84 pages

-  Student Workbook - 77 pages

- Student Printable Resources - 52 pages

What Guidelines Were Used?
In the link below you will find the guidelines that were used to create the curriculum.

Curriculum Standards

What Are The Units Of Study?
Below the units of study are outlined.

Fun With Names
All About Me and My Five Senses

All About Me and My Body
All About Me and My Feelings

All About Me and My Family

Colors and Clothes

Food and Shapes

Zoo and Shapes

What Activities Are Included In Each Unit?
Outlined below are the activities included in each unit:

Refund Policy

You can preview the material (no printing) for a two-week period after purchasing. We have the right to deny the refund if we notice the account has been accessed numerous times.  If you do not feel that the resources will be helpful to your learners, send us an e-mail and we will issue a refund.  

Accessing the Materials
All the resources are accessed online from any computer with internet access.  When making the purchase, you will be required to setup you own personal account.  You will be asked to generate a username and an encrypted password.  These will be your login details for accessing the resources.  If for some reason; you do not receive this information via e-mail it may have been blocked by your e-mail provider and transferred to your "Junk" folder.




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