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Lesson Plans Based on the Common Core Standards

In each theme unit, emergent readers are used to teach key learning concepts to meet your curriculum outcomes (based on the common core standards).   In this theme unit there are five emergent readers plus a bonus one, that are offered in both color and black/white.   Outlined below are the key learning concepts.

Printable Emergent Reader One - At School
This reader is meant to use at the beginning of the school year to identify a few learning activities that the students will be involved in.  In this reader the text is short and predictable,  allowing students to experience success in reading from the beginning of the school year.

Focus Concepts: 1) 
Identifying words, tracking, understanding progression from left to right and top to bottom in reading.  2) Letter "Ll" introduced in a meaningful context.  3)  Focus Sight Words:  I, am

At School Reader Sample Page

New - Library Lion Mini Literarcy Unit

Just recently added was the mini literacy unit  "The Library Lion".  It is meant to use at the beginning of the school year to introduce the letters "Ll and Bb" within its story context, as well, to introduce library and school rules.  It is meant to be used in conjunction to the literature selection "Library Lion" by Michelle Knudson.  It can be used instead of the above reader.  Sample pages from this mini-unit are found in the link below:

Pre-K Lesson Plan Sample for Literacy Unit

Printable Emergent Reader Two - My Helping Hands
This reader stresses the importance of helping others and also key learning outcomes. 

Focus Concepts:  1) Importance of helping others.  2)  Letter "Hh" introduced in a meaningful context.  3)  Focus sight words:  my, this the

Sample Page from the Reader

Sample Page from the Big Book Color Version


Animated Children Alphabet Video Related to Readers


Printable Reader Three - Focus on Character Virtue of Sharing

 This reader is a simple retelling of the story Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

Focus Concepts:  1)  Sharing.  2)  Letter "Rr" and "Ff" introduced in a meaningful context.  3)  Focus Sight Words:  to, a and color words

Rainbow Fish Retelling Emergent Reader Sample Page

Rainbow Fish Retelling Black and White - Sample Page


Printable Reader Four - Noses Emergent Reader

The Nose Book by Al Perkins would be a good book to read to the children, it relates to physical differences.  The alphabet emergent reader Noses is used as a follow-up to reading the book. 

Focus Concepts:  1)  Appreciate physical differences  2)Letter "Nn" introduced within a meaningful context.  3)Focus Sight Words:  here, is, a

Sample Page from the Reader

Printable Reader One - Retelling of "The Queen's Feet"

The book "The Queen's Feet" by Sarah Ellis has a humorous story line that children can easily relate to.  Queen Daisy's feet cannot behave royally.  They behave in a manner that is not acceptable for a queen.  At the end of the story she learns the importance of using self-control, balance and compromise. A simple retelling of the book has been made into a reader to use for a shared reading experience. 

Focus Concepts:  1) Importance of using self-control.  2)  Letter "Qq" introduced wi thin a meaningful context.  3)  Focus Sight Words:  see, the

Sample Page from the Reader

Sample Big Book Color Version

Special Me Bonus Emergent Reader Six

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader 

Letter q CraftPreschool and Kindergarten All About Me Activities for Learning the AlphabetLetter f Craft

Research has shown that children have a better recollection of letter formation and sounds if this is associated with visual stimulus.  For this reason, picture mnemonic craft activities are included within the alphabet theme units.  The letters "q, f, n and h" picture mnemonic activities are displayed in the photographs.

The children turn letter "f" into a fish as shown in the photograph. The letter "f" was stamped with bingo markers.  Letter "r" can be colored Letter n Craftlike a rainbow.

The children would paint the letter "n" and give it human characteristics including a nose. Letter h craft

Children can paint the letter "Hh" and add arms and hands.  The templates for this project is found in the member's area or theme unit. 

Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Literacy Station One - Sorting Alphabet Picture Cards

The picture cards would be sorted according to if they begin with the letter sounds:  Ll, Hh, Rr, Ff and Qq

Literacy Station Two -  Roll the Die Alphabet Sound Game or Spinning Board Game

Partners would take turns rolling the die and moving their game player.  They must print the letter sound related to the initial sound of the picture.

Spinning Board Game
Player partners take a turn spinning the top.  They must determine if the picture landed on represents the focus sound and print the letter accordingly.

Literacy Station Three -  Roll the Die Sight Word Game

Students would roll the die, say the sight word they land on and mark this on the chart provided.

Literacy Station Four -  Printing

The students would practice printing the focus letter and then printing it in their printing book.

Additional Literacy Centers

Sight Word GameSight Word Game

The sight words would be printed on the spinner board and chart.  Each player would have their own chart.  The children would would spin the top. They must say the name of the sight word that it lands on and mark this off on the chart. The first person to have their chart marked off is the winner. Note:  In the photograph the spinner was placed in an aluminum pie plate to control the path of it.  It takes a little practice for the children to learn how turn the spinning top but once they learn how, this will keep them quite occupied.Word Family Game

Word Family Game - "et" Word Family

The wheel is place on card stock paper with a fastener The children would spin the wheel clockwise starting with the letter "p".  After the wheel has been positioned the word family "et" would be glued beside the letter "p".  

Smart Board Activities

The students touch the spinner board and print the letter that represents the sound it landed on.  The other game requires the students to sort the beginning sounds.

View Smart Board Activity on YouTube


Rhyming Activity

I placed a picture of a queen on the Smart Board.  The students take turns coloring (scribbling out) the rhyming part of the picture I am talking about:

1.  I rhyme with frown I am a (crown)
2.  I rhyme with sand I am a (hand)
3.  I rhyme with square I am (hair)
4.  I rhyme with globe  I am a (robe)

Continue the process.  This activity is found in the "All About Me" theme under Smart Board activities.

Preschool and Kindergarten Writing and Craft Lesson Plans

School Bus Writing and Craft Activity

Students complete the craft component as displayed in the photograph.  Either the student or teacher scribes the writing component.  Templates provided in the theme unit.  

About Me Writing/Craft Activity

This craft activity is a great follow-up to completing the emergent readers "My Helping Hands" and "Noses".  The reader and craft opens a discussion on body parts, differences and how they are used.  It also incorporates a writing component where the students must identify what is special about them.  It also requires them to print their name.  Tracing templates to complete this craft are found within the theme unit.

Craft and Writing Project - What Special Gifts I Have

After reading the book "I Like Myself" by Karen Beaumont, there would be a discussion on special gifts they all possess.  Again, the children would dictate what their special gifts are. This would be written on chart paper as the children are talking; the writing process would be modeled.  The writing/craft displayed to the right (gift) would be completed after.  What they dictate would be written by an adult assistant 

Birthday Cupcake Craft

After reading the book "On the Day You Were Born" by Debra Frasier and graphing birthdays, a discussion about their birthdays would take place.  The children could paint or color and decorate the cupcake template as displayed in the Who Lives Here House Craftphotograph.  The date of their birthday would be added.

Craft Activity About Physical Difference - Who Lives Here?

After reading the "Eye Book" by Dr. Seuss there would be a discussion on physical differences such as eye and hair color.  As a follow-up, the children would complete the craft activity "Who Lives Here" as displayed in the photograph.  The house would be painted or colored.  The children would color in their eye and hair color.  A photograph or drawing of the child would be glued on.  The doors to the house would be assembled.  The children would guess who is behind the doors using the hair and eye color as a clue.

My Hands - My Portrait

After the children have read My Hands emergent reader printable book as a shared reading experience, the craft displayed below would be a good follow-up activity .The children would use a paper plate to make their own portrait.  After, hand paintings would be attached.

Instructions for the CraftMy Hands Craft

Children glue on the paper shred (their hair) onto the paper plate.  There are different colors of paper shred. Add facial features to the paper plate making their portrait. Glue on arms using construction paper (these must be wide enough to add Taking Care of My Teeth Writing-Craft Activitythe hands). Children paint a hand and make two prints on white paper When their hand print is dry, they cut and glue them onto their arms.  They now have a portrait showing their helping hands.  Ways in which they can help would have been discussed during and after reading the story in the theme unit.

Taking Care of My Teeth

In the "My Hands" emergent reader it talks about looking after their teeth.  It would be great if a dental hygienist could visit the classroom and demonstrate proper teeth brushing. The writing and craft activity displayed on the left would be a good follow-up.  The children would print what they learned about looking after their teeth.


Another Special Me Craft

The template would be colored and cut.  The clothes would be added.  The clothing templates could also be traced on fabric, cut and pasted on.

Dressup Person 1 

Preschool and Kindergarten Math

Math BooksMath Focus

In the theme unit you will find pictures to graph hair, eye color and birthdays. These would be used to make a picture graph.

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum Alpha Tunes CDinstead of the above math activities.

Preschool-Kindergarten All About Me Songs

The song "The Queen's Feet" from the Alpha Tunes CD would be used the reinforce the letter sound of "Qq".  The children will enjoy participating in the actions within the song and hearing the "Qq" sounding words.  The children will also enjoy singing and acting out the songs "Rainbow Red is the Best" and "Funny Friendly Fish" which are used in conjunctions with learning the alphabet letters "r" and "f".  The songs are also found on the Alpha Tunes CD.  "The Nose Song" which is used in conjunction with learning the letter "Nn" for nose would also be introduced to the children.

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