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Printables Kindergarten

Printable Reader 1 -  "Families"

The Family Book by Todd Parr is a wonderful book to read to the children.  It points out the differences within family structures.  After reading the book to the children, the emergent reader "Families" could be used as a follow-up activity .  The emergent reader could be made into a big book or predictable chart and used to model the reading process.

The story line reads as follows:
What do families do together?  They work together.  They play together.  They learn together.  They celebrate together. 
They travel together.  They have fun together.  Families just like being together. What does your family like to do together?

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Preschool -Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans on Pets Theme

Printable Reader 2 -  "The Perfect Pet"
The literature selection "I Wanna Iguana" by Karen Kaufman Orloff  would be read prior to modeling the reading process of the related emergent reader "The Perfect Pet".  A sample page form the reader can be found in the link below.  The book is a humorous book about how a young boy tries to convince his mom that he should have an iguana for a pet.  The letter "Ii" would be introduced within context of introducing the reader.

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader


Printable Reader 3 -  "Taking Care of A Dog"

In the link below you will find the a sample page from  the reader "Taking Care of A Dog".  There are also enlarged pictures to make a big book with.  The book outlines steps in caring for a dog.

Taking Care of a Dog Reader Sample Page


New   Printable Reader 4 - Dog Dances - Introduces Concept of Rhyme

Interactive Alphabet Reader
This reader is related to the animated alphabet song and introduceds the letter "Dd" within its story context.  The main character "dog" dances each time he hears a rhyming word.  In the interactive version; the students are required to cut and paste the rhyming pictures according to the text.

Color Version of Dog Dances  Sample Page

Literature Connection - Introduction to Writer's Workshop
I read the book "Dog Loves Drawing" by Louise Yates to the students.  This is a great book to use to introduce "Writer's Workshop".  The dog receives a book from his aunt with no pictures.  He learns that drawings can tell a story and develops an interest in drawing.

Alphabet Song for Children Animated Video on YouTube

New  Printable Reader 5 - "Iguana Ice Skating"
This reader introduces both the short and long vowel sound of "Ii" and it also relates to the animated alphabet song video.  

Interactive Component
The students must cut and paste the correct pictures to complete each page that matches to the text.  This adds a comprehension component to reading the selection.

Color Sample Page from Reader Iguana Ice Skating

Black and White Sample Page from Reader Iguana Ice Skating

New Printable Reader 6 - Pete the Cat and His Magic Glasses

This reader is a simple retelling of the literature selection "Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses".  It introduces the letter "Cc and Gg" within its story context.

Interactive Component
The students are required to cut and paste the correct picture that matches the text.  This adds a comprehension component to reading the selection.

New Printable Reader 7 - Pete the Cat's Shoes
This reader is a simple retelling of the literature selection "Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes".  It also is used to introduce the letter "Cc and Kk" within in its story context.

Interactive Component
Students color the picture according to the color words displayed in the text.

Related Animated Song Video
In the link below, you can view the related animated alphabet song video.


Alphabet Song for Children Animated Video on YouTube

New  Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses Mini Literacy Unit

This is a mini-theme that has been added to the "Family and Pets" theme unit because I absolutely love the book "Pete the Cat and His Magic Glasses".
You can view what is included in this mini-theme by previewing the plans outlined below:

Pete the Cat Mini-Theme Lesson Plans

New  Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes Mini Litearcy Unit

This is another Pete the Cat Mini-theme but it is based on the book "Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes.

Preschool and Kindergarten Activities for Learning the Alphabet

Letter d CraftResearch has shown that children have a better recollection of letter formation and sounds if this is associated with visual stimulusFor this Letter i Craftreason, picture mnemonic craft activities are included within the alphabet theme units.  The letters "i and d" picture mnemonic activities are displayed in the photographs.

Children can predict and count the letter "i's" found on the iguana.  They can circle them with a pencil.  Paint (sponge) the iguana. Cut out the iguana.  After, have children make jagged cuts for the spikes.  For the letter "d" the children cut out the letter template, paint and add the picture of the dog to make the association


Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Alphabet Letter Recognition Associated with Letter
Players (partners roll a die).  They must identify the initial sound and letter associated with that sound.  They print the letter associated with that sound (focus sounds introduced through the alphabet, sight word readers).

Sound Sorting Game
Players take a turn drawing a picture card.  They must place the picture under the correct letter that is associate with that sound.

Pet Name Identification
There are two game boards available for this game (game board with words on it and one without the names).  Players (partners) draw a pet name card, they must place the name on the correct picture by using a word clue (visual discrimination) or according to their knowledge of initial letter sounds.


In this theme the students will also be working on rhyming activities.  The game supplied would having players match rhyming pairs as displayed in the photograph on the right.

Word Family Activity

Use two blank dice (these can be purchased at a teacher's story).  On one die print word families that you have previously worked on and on the other die print initial consonants.  Children shake the dice to make new words.  A discussion can take place as to if the new word is a real or a nonsense word.Word Family Game

Sight Word GameSight Word Game

The sight words would be printed on the spinner board and chart.  Each player would have their own chart.  The children would would spin the top. They must say the name of the sight word that it lands on and mark this off on the chart. The first person to have their chart marked off is the winner.

Note:  In the photograph the spinner was placed in a aluminum pie plate to control the path of it.  It takes a little practice for the children to learn how to use the spinning top but once they learn how, this will keep them quite occupied.  

Printing Center

In the link below you will find ideas for the "Printing Center"

Printing Center Ideas

Smart Board Activities

This Smart Board activity is used as an introduction of the "Dd" sound an review of the letters "Qq and Gg".  The students sort the pictures according to the inital letter sound they hear.

Available to members only


Kindergarten-Preschool Family Crafts

Family Craft ActivityEach day the children will be sharing their family photographs.  The house template would be painted and cut and used as their family photograph frame as displayed in the picture.

Families Come In All Colors, Shapes and Sizes

The focus of this theme is to appreciate similarities and differences within families.  Reading the books "Families Are Special" by Norma Simon and "The Family Book" by Todd Parr or "Families are Forever" by Craig Shemin and Deb Capone allow for discussions in this area.  The craft activity displayed on the left would be a wonderful follow-up.  The shapes found in the theme unit would be used as a review, as well as, to complete this craft activity.  The shapes would be colored (could be copied on colored paper) and cut.  The children glue these to the house picture frame and add body parts to represent how Families Come in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes.

Family Tree CraftFamily Tree

After reading the book "Me and My Family Tree" the children could complete their own family tree as displayed in the photograph to the right.

Pet Writing-Craft Activity 2Preschool and Kindergarten Writing

Dog Paper Bag Puppet or Writing Project

This craft project also combines writing.  The children would be printing or dictating on what they learned about dogs from reading the emergent reader Dogs, Dogs and books.  They would paint the dog templates and cut them out.  These would be added to a paper bag or the paw printed writing template as displayed in the photograph.

Modeled WritingPet Craft-Writing Activity 2

What the children write would vary depending on their needs. Younger children may need to dictate what they learned about dogs or cats and an adult assistant scribes it for them.  Older children may be able to print this on their own using the chart that was made during "Modeled Writing Time."

Cat Paper Bag Puppet or Writing Project

This activity would be completed similar the the one above.  You may even have the children choose which template they would prefer.

Fish Bowl Craft
Preschool and Kindergarten Crafts for Pets

Fish Bowl Craft

Brown would be painted on the base of the fish bowl.  After it is dry, the rest of the bowl would be sponge-painted blue. The fish would be colored, cut and glued on the fish bowl.Pet Canary Craft

Pet Canary Craft

Pet Frog CraftThe canary template would be colored or painted and then cut.  Feathers and wiggly eyes would be glued on the bird to complete this project.

Pet Frog Craft

The frog templates would be colored, painted, cut and assembled as displayed.  After the children would cut and glue on the white spots.

Pet Rabbit Craft

The children would cut the rabbit template and add cotton balls to complete the project.

3-D Puppet CraftPet Rabbit Craft

The children can color and cut the dog parts as shown in the photo. These can be glued to a toilet paper roll to make a 3-D dog craft.

3D Puppet CraftPet Outlines

The children can sponge or splatter paint the pet outlines.

Preschool and Kindergarten Math
Number Review

This theme reviews students identifying and printing numbers 1-10, graphing and patterning.

Ten Frame Number Identification Game
Players (partners) taking turns drawing a ten frame card.  They must determine what number is represented on the card and print that number.

Dog Dot Card Game
Students must count the number of dots found on the dogs and associate it with the correct number.

Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Connect the Alphabet Dots Puppy Picture

Math Books

Connect the Alphabet Puppy Dots

Visual Discrimination Integrated With Connect the Dots

The children cut and paste the words in the link below to match the sentences on the connect the dot picture.

Sort the Words to Make the Sentences in the Connect the Dots Picture

Alpha Tunes CD
Preschool-Kindergarten Songs

Songs "The Doggie Dance" and "I Wanna Iguana" from the Alpha Tunes CD could be used.

Music Integration

In the links below you will find songs that are sung in conjunction with the emergent readers.  The songs Dog, Dogs is sung to the tune of 'This Little Light of Mine.' The Families Song is sung to the tune of 'Did You Ever See a Lassie'.

Dogs, Dogs


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