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Five Senses Activities

 Pre-Kindergarten Printables

The videos below demonstrate the interactive components of the emergent readers and Center activities related to the "Five Senses Theme".

   View on YouTube or Sense of Sight Activities Video

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Printable Reader 1 - Sense of Sight

The retelling of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" would be used to introduce the sense of sight and a shared reading experience to to teach beginning reading skills.  The video on the left demonstrates this.


 Color Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

  Black and White Sample Page from the Emergent Reader


Sense of Touch Center

Have different objects placed in a sock (toy car, block, small ball, scissors, toothbrush, fork, comb and eraser).  All the socks would be numbered.  The children would feel the sock and after place the picture of what they think it is on the "Guessing Board Chart" on the correct corresponding number as demonstrated in the video.

    View on
YouTube  Sense of Hearing Activities Video

   View on SchoolTube Sense of Hearing Activities Video


Printable Reader 2 - Sense of Hearing

The book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" by Bill Martin Jr../Eric Carle and follow-up reader would be used to introduce the sense of hearing. A sample page of the two different versions of the reader can be found in the links below.

Harder Version - Sample of Corresponding Reader

Easier Version - Sample Page of Corresponding Reader

New - Interactive Alphabet/Sight Word Reader

This reader incorporates the introduction of the letter "Pp'" sound in a meaningful context and encourages reading comprehension through completing the interactive component.  The students are required to cut and paste the correct "Pp" word that polar bear sees at the zoo.

Color Sample Version of the Alphabet/Sight Word Intearctive Reader 

Black and White Sample Version of the Alphabet/Sight Word Intearctive Reader 


Sense of Hearing Center

Objects would be placed in different numbered soup cans.  The children would shake the can to determine what they think is making the sound.  The children would select the picture they believe to be making the sound.  The picture would placed in the correct box on the "Guessing Board Chart " as demonstrated in the video.


View on YouTube or Sense of Smell Activities Video

   View on SchoolTube Sense of Smell Activities


Printable Reader 3 - Sense of Smell

The emergent reader "My Circle Books of Scents" would be completed by the children.  They would color the pictures using scented markers.  After, jello crystals with that scent could be glued on.

Sense of  Smell Center

Place the different scents (outlined in theme book) in a film container with holes punctured on the lid.  Each container would be numbered.  The children would sniff the container and place a picture that represents that smell on the correct number found on the "Guessing Board Chart".    

Letter p Craft

Letter b CraftBonus Readers

In the member's area or in the theme unit you will find bonus readers called "Guess That Sense of Touch" and "Use Your Sense of Sound and Sight."  The children must use their senses to find, cut and paste the complete pictures on the accompanying pages.

Picture Mnemonic Craft Activity

Research has shown that children have better recollection of letter-sound associations when it is taught in conjunction with picture mnemonics.  This craft activity allows the children to be actively involved in associating the picture to the letter and sound.  The purpose is to have them associate the letter "b" to the initial sound heard in "brown bear."  The children would cut out the letter "b" with the brown bear displayed in the middle.  The children would paint or color and assemble the letter as displayed above.

Letter "Pp" for Polar Bear Recognition - Picture Mnemonics

The letter "Pp" would be cut and the polar bear would be added to the middle. Illusion Craft 2

Illusion CraftPreschool-Kindergarten Crafts and Math Activities

Five Senses Craft Activities - Sense of Sight
World of 3D and Optical


The children will be introduced to the world of 3D shapes, optical illusion and gain an appreciation for visual differences in completing these crafts.  Instructions on how to complete these are found in the theme book or the member's area.  A robot and butterfly were made using the 3D shapes displayed.  Children may view the completed projects differently and learn to appreciate these visually different perceptions.

Sense of Taste CraftFive Senses Craft Activities - Sense of


After the children have tasted salty popcorn, sour lemon, bitter apple and sweet gingerbread they can have fun giving these foods Sense of Taste Two Crafthuman characteristic features, including the five senses body parts (eyes, hands, tongue, nose and ears).  All the templates to complete this craft are found in the theme unit or member's area.

Variation of the Project
1.  Lemon - Add lemon extract or lemon scented gelatin to the paint to give it a scent.
2.  Paint the apple with a cotton ball (apple flavored Kool-Aid could be added, providing you can find it).
3.  Add popcorn pieces to the salty popcorn craft.
4.  Add cinnamon to the paint when coloring the gingerbread man.  This will give it a slightly different texture and scent

FSense of Hearing Craftive Senses Craft Activities - Sense of Touch - Texture Bear

Use the bear template and the overalls pattern to complete texture bear.  How this project is completed will vary on the creator. Different textured materials would be added to complete the bear.  Hot chocolate powder could be added to the paint to give it a different texture and Sense of Sight Craftscent.  Templates are found in the theme unit or member's area.

Five Senses Craft Activities - Sense of Sound

Make a sound shaker by adding rice or another sound effect and glue the paper plates together.

Sound Shaker Design

Five Senses Writing ActivityPreschool and Kindergarten Writing

This activity would vary depending on the ability of your students.  This activity is flexible and makes a great bulletin board display!  This project is displayed on the left.  The teacher would model the writing process by having the children complete the sentences: I like to see____, I like to hear____, I like to taste____, I like to smell____, I like to feel____.    After, they would complete the writing activity on their own using the teacher's model.

Literacy Center - Activity 1 - Using Sense of Touch

Focus letter would be made out of modeling clay (preferably one that hardens).  The children would feel Sense of Touch Activitythe letters and find the pictures that begin with the letter sounds.  After, the letters would be placed in a container.  One child is blindfolded and the other child chooses a letter to give to that child.  They must guess what letter they are feeling.  After, the roles are reversed.

Literacy Center 2 - Sight Word or Visual Discrimination Card Game

Focus sight words are printed on blank cards along with some of the pictures from the center games.  The cards are placed face-down.  The child draws a card.  If they get a sight word card they must say the word and mark it off on the "Game Board".  The first person to Literacy Activitycomplete the game board is the winner.

Younger Children - They would not have to say the word but just visually match it.

Literacy Center 3

Children would be matching the correct color word bear with its corresponding color.  Again, younger children can match the words that are the same (visual discrimination activity)

 Literacy Center 4Color Word Match Activity

The focus word family is printed on the bear.  The children shake a die with different consonants.  They must blend the word family with the consonant that is shown on the die.

Alphabet Matching

In the link below you will find bear cards with upper-case and lower-case letters.  These can be used for matching.

Alphabet Bear Matching Cards

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Math Books

In this theme unit the children will be introduced to 3D shapes, one-to-one number correspondence, concept of area and volume.  Detailed plans are outlined in the theme unit.

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Preschool and Kindergarten Science

One of our blog postings outlines a Science (optical illusion) activity related to this theme.  You can find it in the link below:

Related Science Activity

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