Valentine's Day Activities for Kindergarten and Preschool


- 4 emergent readers to teach beginning reading skills
- Introduces the letters v and x sight words  good and are
- Word families og and ick 
- Includes related craft ideas, suggested literature selections, learning games, center ideas and related social and math activities. 


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Valentines Theme Lesson Plans Overview

Emergent Reader 1 - "Valentine Mice" Introduces Letter "Vv"

The book "Valentine Mice" by Bethany Roberts and illustrated by Doug Cusman is a delightful book to read to the the children.  It can be used to introduce rhyme and the letter "Vv".
The emergent reader "Valentine Mice" is a simple retelling of the book.  It would be used to model the reading process.  It has a simple and predictable story line.  The reader could be made into a predictable chart, big book or displayed on the Smartboard.  Story line reads:  Valentine mice are skipping, Valentine mice are sliding.  Valentine mice are delivering.  Valentine mice are throwing.  Valentine mice are looking.  Valentine mice are pulling.  Valentine mice are good friends. 

Sample Page from the Reader

Follow-up Activity

The children would complete the craft activity displayed below where they would make their own valentine mouse.

    New  Letters "Uu and Vv"

This reader could be read tot he students after reading the literature selection "The Day It Rained Hearts" by Fellicia Bond.  It introduces both the letters "Uu and Vv" within its story context.


Printable Emergent 2 - Introduces Letter "Xx" and Rhyming
The emergent reader introduces the letter "Xx" and rhyme within its story context.

Interactive Component
Fox plays rhymes on his xylopne.  In the reader the students must cut and paste the rhyming picture that corresponds to the one shown in the reader.

Color Sample Version of the Reader Fox Play Rhymes

Black and White Sample Version of the Reader Fox Plays Rhymes

Readers Related to Children's Interactive Alphabet Song

Printable Emergent Reader 3 - Also Introduces Letter "Vv"

Valentine Mouse CraftThis reader is called Valentine Hearts.  The main characters in this story are hearts that take on human characteristics.

Another Sample Page from the Reader

Printable Emergent Reader 4 - Introduces Letter "x"

After reading the story Franklin's Valentines by Paulette Bourgeois/Brenda Clark a predictable chart could be made outlining who his friends are. This would be used to model the reading process. 
Photographs or black and white pictures from the emergent reader could be used to accompany the charts (found in the theme book or members' area).

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Printable Emergent Reader 5 - Introduces Letter "l"

 'Looking for the Letter Ll' introduces letter "l" for love within its story context.  The main character Little Lyle looks for the letter Ll.  He finds it in books, soup, on blocks, signs and in the word LOVE.  Interactive component - the children are required  to find, cut and paste a picture in the booklet, if it begins with Ll.  Text reads:  What begins with 'Ll'? and Little Lyle looks for the letter 'Ll'

Another Sample Page from the Reader

Preschool and Kindergarten Valentine Writing

Heart Shape Book

As a valentine's writing activity my students wrote positive comments in their heart-shaped writing book about each other.  We worked on printing upper-case letters at the beginning of a sentence, the sight word "is" and inventive spelling to complete their sentence. If you are a member of the site, you have access to the heart-shaped writing templates.  These are available in dotted line format or just lined format.

Another Writing Activity

The templates below can be placed into your "Writing Center" for the students to use for writing to each other.

Valentine Writing Center Templates


Preschool and Kindergarten Activities for Learning the Alphabet

Letter x CraftLetter "Xx" for Fox - Letter/Sound Recognition Through Picture Mnemonics

Research has shown that children have better recollection of letter-sound associations when it is taught in conjunction with picture mnemonics.  This craft activity involves children being actively involved in associating the picture to the letter and making it more meaningful to them.  The children are to associate the letter "x" being the final sound in "fox".  There are more words that end with "x" being the final sound and it is for this reason that it is introduced as the final consonant sound.  The template is found in the theme unit.  The children paint and cut out the letter "x" for "fox".Letter v Craft

Letter "v" Sight and Sound Association Recognition - Picture Mnemonics

In this craft the children are actively involved in associating the picture to the letter sound. The purpose is to have them associate the letter "v" to the initial sound heard in "valentine" "or "victory".  Children would paint or color the letter outline"v" for valentine heart.  They would paint the heart red.  The picture of the heart with the arms outstretched represent "v" for "victory".  This would be cut and glued in the center of the heart as displayed in the photograph above.

Kindergarten-Preschool Valentine's Day Crafts

Valentine Craft Follow-up Activity

As a follow-up to reading the book and emergent reader Valentine Mice, the children would paint, cut and assemble the valentine mouse as shown in the photograph.  The template is found in the theme unit.

New Valentine Mouse Valentines Holder Craft
I found these colored bags at my local Party Store ($1.00 for 12 bags).  After reading the book and follow-up emergent reader Valentine Mice, I had the students complete the craft displayed on the left.  They will distribute their valentine cards and place them in the correct bag (match names).  If you are a member or purchased the theme unit, you will be able to access the templates I used to complete this craft.  I had a parent volunteer cut the colored hearts and name tag but the students cut the body, head, assembled and glued the craft together.  I photocopied the colored heart parts (we had that color of paper available).

Valentine Card for Students
In the link below you will find a card I created for my students.  Copy, fold and sign.

Valentine Card for Students

Heart Person Craft

 Franklin Valentine CraftFollow-up Valentine Craft Activity

After reading the book Franklin's Valentines and emergent reader Special Friends the craft activity to the left could be completed.  The turtle (could be Franklin) is painted and cut. The valentine he is holding is designed for a special friend.

Another Follow-up Valentine Craft Activity

After reading the emergent reader Valentine Hearts as a shared reading experience on pages 29-34 in the Valentine theme unit the children can make a valentine heart person.
Have children color the valentine face and hearts. Cut out the hearts and accordion fold strips of red construction paper for arms and legs.  Add hearts to the legs, arms and feet.  Cut out the verse and glue it on the back.
I made this valentine heart just for you,  See the hands and the feet. See the eyes and nose too and the smile looking so sweet This is my special way to say Valentine Holder 1HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! 

Valentine Card Holders Crafts

Using the templates provided in the theme book or member's area, paper bag and paper plate the children could make the valentine holders displayed.

Directions for the Valentines Holder Craft 1
Children paint the face red provided which is found the theme book or member's area. After it is dry, cut and paste it on a paper plate. Cut all the hearts. Glue the hearts on the paper bag and two of them on strips of red construction paper (arms). Staple the paper bag on the paper plate. Glue the arms to the back of the paper plate.  

Valentine Holder 2Valentine Holder 2
Make a large valentine tracer by folding a paper in half. Children trace and cut two copies on large red construction paper (or this can be pre-cut ahead of time). Hole punch the edges of both hearts and have the children weave yarn in and out of the holes  to hold the heart together (optional). The sides could also be stapled.  Pictures on pages 4-6 in the Valentine's Theme unit can be cut around and glued onto the holder.  The use of pinking shears to cut around the pictures gives this project a nice finishing touch. 

Valentine Heart-Shaped Card         
Copy the card off in the link below.
Fold the paper in half. Have children sponge paint the heart outline (ensure a paper towel or paper is close by for the children to blot the extra paint off prior to sponging). Allow the paint to dry. Cut around the bold black lines to make a heart-shaped card. Have children cut Animal Heart-Shaped Craftsand glue on the verses on the outside and inside of the card.
Heart Shaped Card

Heart-Shaped Card

nimal Heart-Shaped Crafts
The children can create animal heart-shaped crafts similar to the one displayed in the photograph above.  This allows their creative talents to be demonstrated.  Templates to complete this craft is available to members.


Paint or Color by Number

Color by Number

The students will paint or color the picture according to the number specified.  There are two versions;  They color or paint according to the colored displayed or in the second version they must use their knowledge of color word recognition to complete the activity.

Valentine Bear - Color Recognition Activity

Valentine Bear - Color Word Recognition Activity

Activity 2 - Mouse Maze
After reading the emergent reader "Valentine Mice" as a shared reading experience,  the maze worksheet below would be a great follow-up.  The children will help the mouse find the cheese.

Valentine Maze

Preschool-Kindergarten Math

Valentine Math Size CraftMath Heart Activity - Learning the Concept Biggest to Smallest

On page 10 of the Valentine's Theme unit there are different sized heart shapes for  the children to color. They are to color the largest and third largest heart red. After each heart is cut and then ordered from the largest on the bottom to the smallest on top.  These hearts are glued accordingly. 

Note:  This could be glued onto their valentine holder

Another Math Activity

The children can stamp, or add stickers to represent the numbers found in the heart booklet found on pages 23-25 found in the Valentine's thematic unit. 
Heart Math

Another Match Activity

The children could place the correct number of heart-shaped candies on the valentine number card as shown in the picture.  These cards could also be placed in the correct sequence order.  Sorting - the candy hearts could also be sorted by color or words written on them

Dot to Dot Valentine Number Heart

Dot to Dot Number Heart

 All the templates and emergent readers are found in the members' area or the theme book.


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