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Preschool and Kindergarten Printables

Ten Red Apples Emergent Reader  Printable Emergent Reader 1 - Follow-up

The book Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins is a literature book that can be used to extend the concept of numbers related to the Apples Theme.  The book is a rhyming book and a good introduction to subtraction.  The apple tree has 10 apples to begin with but in succession different animals pick them off.
The reader Apples in the Meadow would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process, as well as locating and counting the apples napping and introducing the letter "a" within its story context.    The children will complete it by coloring and counting the number of apples napping. This book was also meant to introduce the concept of subtraction.  The children count only the apples that are napping, on each page one awakens and runs away leaving one less.   A discussion could take place predicting where each apple may be running to.
Apples in the Meadow Reader Sample Page

Big Book Color Sample Page

 Emergent Reader 2

          New  Long and Short "Aa" Reader - Ape's Apples

This reader introduces both the long and short "Aa" sound within its story context.  It also integrates the concept of numbers.  

Ineracitve Component
The students would be required to draw and color the amount of apples displayed in the story text.

Ape's Apples Sample Page - Color Version

Ape's Apples Sample Page - Black and White Version

Falling Apples Emergent ReaderPrintable Reader 3 - A Concept Number and Color Book - Used to Introduce Letters"a" or "t"

The printable emergent reader Falling Apples is another concept reader that also introduces letter "a" or "t" within its story context, as well, a continuation of counting.  It is also used to introduce the concept of colors.   Larger pictures to make this into a big book are also available in both color and black and white. Each day the children would complete the interactive component in the reader.  They would color and count the apples and the animals according to what is stated in the story line.  A discussion as to how each falling apple disappeared would also be initiated (introduction to subtraction).

Falling Apples Sample Page

Big Book Color Sample Page

Trees Mini-Theme - Week Two

Printable Reader 4 - Introduces letter "t" and Importance of Trees

Prior to introducing this mini-theme "Trees" you could read the book "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.   It would be a good introduction to how trees help us.  After, the emergent reader "Trees" would be used for a shared reading experience.  The small black and white version pictures could be placed in a predictable chart along with the sentences  There is also an enlarged color version that can be used to make this reader into a big book which is displayed in the photograph. The letter "t" could be introduced within reading the story context.

The story line reads as follows:

Trees give us air. Trees give us food. Trees give us heat. Trees give us wood. Trees give us paper. Trees are a home for the animals. We like climbing trees.

Black and White Version in the Condensed Link

Trees Reader Sample Page

Trees Reader for the Big Book Sample Page


Letter a craft
Preschool and Kindergarten Activities for Learning the AlphabetLetter t craft

Using Visual Stimulus Apple Craft Activity - Research has shown that the children learn the letters and sounds more successfully if they are associated with a picture or visual image.  Letter "a" would be introduced within the context of using the readers Apples in the Meadow or Falling Apples.  After, the activity displayed to the right would be completed.  The letter "a" outline would be painted (sponge) and the apple would be colored, cut and glued into the center of the letter outline.

Using Visual Stimulus Tree Craft Activity

After introducing the letter "t" for tree and reading the emergent reader "Trees", the picture mnemonic craft activity displayed above could be completed.  The letter "t" would be painted and cut or traced on brown construction paper.  The children would trace around the trunk to make a tree top out of green construction paper.  A red bingo marker can be used to make the apples. 

Literacy Center Ideas

Focus Letter Spinning Board Game
Students will spin a top and print the letter (focus sounds "Aa" and "Tt")

Alphabet Recognition and Ordering Game

Print lower-case letters on decorative rocks or bingo chips and hide them in a tub of rice. The students dig for the letters, say the letter name and match it to their upper-case partner using the game board displayed in the photograph

Word Family - "at"
The children have now been introduced to the letter "a" and "t".  They are now ready to be introduced to the "at" word family.  The apple template is cut in half as displayed in the photograph.  Discuss the new word that is formed each time you add a different letter half.  This can be added to the literacy center for further experimenting.

Connect the Alphabet Dots

The children can form an apple by connecting the alphabet dots found in the link below:

Connect the Alphabet Dots Apple

Sort the Words to Match the Sentence

Tree Writing ActivitySight Word Game

The sight words would be printed on the spinner board and chart.  Each player would have their own chart.  The children would would spin the top. They must say the name of the sight word that it lands on and mark this off on the chart. The first person to have their chart marked off is the winner. Note:  The  spinner would be placed in an aluminum pie plate to control the path of it.  It takes a little practice for the children to learn how turn the spinning top but once they learn how, this will keep them quite occupied.


Preschool and Kindergarten Writing Apple Writing Activity

Apples Mini-Theme

The children write or dictate what they learned about apples. The apple, hands and artist/writing hat would be painted, cut, assembled and glued on the writing template as shown in the photograph.

Trees Mini-Theme

The children write or dictate what they learned about the importance of trees on the writing template provided. The trunk would be painted or traced on construction paper and the writing portion glued on. The tree top would be painted, cut and glued to the trunk.  Scrunched green tissue paper could be added as shown in the photograph.

Smart Board Activities

Letter "Aa" Smart Board Phonics Activities
This video outlines activities I have created for the Smart Board to help childen hear the sounds of short and long vowel "Aa" sounds.


View Letter "Aa" Phonics Activities on YouTube


Kindergarten-Preschool Apples Crafts

Follow-up Craft for Book Ten Apples Up on Top

In the book Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss a lion, dog and tiger try to balance a different amount of apples on top of their heads.  The children could paint and add other features to the templates as displayed in the photographs.  A chosen amount of apples would be colored, cut and glued on the top of the selected animal's head.

Funny Apple CraftFunny Apple Craft

Torn Construction Paper AppleAs a fun activity the children might enjoy making funny face apples such as the one shown in the photograph.  The apple was painted for the face and the leaves for the hair.

Torn Construction Paper Apple

The apple template would be painted and cut.  The children would tear red and green construction paper and glue it to the apple as displayed in the photograph.

Apple Puppet

The apple template would be painted, cut and glued to the paper bag as displayed in the photograph.

Hug a Tree Craft
Tree Theme CraftsApple Paper Bag Puppet

Hug a Tree Hand Craft

In the tree mini-theme the children will be learning about the importance of trees.  This is a follow-up craft used after reading the related emergent reader "Trees".  The tree trunk would be painted.  The children would trace and cut their hands to make the tree top.  Strips of construction paper would be used to make the arms and the hands would be attached as displayed in the photograph.

Another Connection to Literature

The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall is about a girl who describes her apple tree from winter to fall.  It also explains the steps in making an apple pie.  The book could be used to discuss how trees change through the different seasons.  The craft activity outlined below could be completed after reading the book.

Follow-up Craft Activity

In the theme book or member's area you will find a trunk template as displayed in the photograph below (one for each season).  Each template could be completed as outlined below:

Season Tree CraftSummer - Trunk would be painted brown (ensure a light brown so leaves can be seen).  Children use a green bingo marker to make the leaves and a red one to make the apples.  Grass, flowers and the sun can be drawn.

Winter - Paint the tree trunk and leave it bare.  Children can draw a winter scene (snowmen).

Fall - Paint the tree trunk.  Use different colored bingo markers to make the colorful leaves.  These could also cover the ground.

Spring - Paint the trunk brown.  Use a green bingo marker to make the leaves and scrunched tissue paper to make the blossoms.  Grass and and flowers can be drawn.

 Alphabet Tree CraftConnection to Literature - "The Alphabet Tree" by Leo LionniWord Tree Craft

After reading "The Alphabet Tree" by Leo Lionni the children could make their own alphabet tree.  There are two templates available to complete this craft as shown in the photographs.  In the picture frame version, the children paint the tree trunk and then sponge-paint the leaves for the tree top. The children can stamp on alphabet letters to the tree top.  In the other version, the children paint the tree template and then they can stamp words on leaves made out of construction paper and this is glued to the tree template as shown in the photograph.  The tree template is cut and displayed.

Preschool and Kindergarten Math

Numbers Teaching in Kindergarten and Preschool

This theme focuses on number recognition, counting and printing.  Each day a number and its correct printing formation is introduced. This game helps children reinforce this concept. The focus numbers are printed on dice or a die.  If the child rolls the focus number; they mark this off on their chart (they could also print the number).  The first person to have the focus number filled-in would be the winner.

Ten Frame Math Game
Students would draw a ten frame card (parnter game).  They would print the number that is represented on the card.  The game is over once the printing card has been completed.

Match Number Dot Apple ActivitySeed Matching - The children count the seeds on the apple and find the corresponding number to match the number of seeds indicated on the other apple.  Both color and black and white pictures are available.

 Apple Shapes -The apples would be cut  in half along the line provided.  The children must find the correct half to complete the shape shown on the apple as displayed in the photograph.  This is a good review of shapes that was introduced in the previous theme.

Number Printing Practice

In the links below you will find a number practice printing sheets.  The focus of this theme is identifying and printing numbers 1-10.

Printing Numerals 1-5

Printing Numerals 6-10

Note:  All the templates to complete the projects above are found in the Plants and Apples theme book and member's area.Math Books

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Preschool-Kindergarten Music

The songs "The Apple Tree" and "Tap Around the Tree" from the Kinderplans Alpha Tunes CD could be used after for reinforcing the letter-sounds learned.


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