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 Preschool and Kindergarten Printables

Printable Emergent Reader 1 - Stars in the Sky Introduces the letter "Ss"

There's No Place Like Space by Tish Rabe is a great book to use for introducing the Space theme.  The activities below would be excellent follow-up activities to reading the book.     

The emergent reader Stars in the Sky introduces the letter "Ss" as well the concept of stars forming pictures. The story line is predictable offering a great opportunity to model the reading process. The emergent reader can be made into a big book, pictures displayed in a pocket chart along with the text or displayed on the smartboard to use for a shared reading experience.

Stars in the Sky Reader Sample Page

Printable Emergent Reader 2

Another Printable Emergent Reader - Also Used to Introduce the Letter "Ss"
The emergent reader 'The Sun is an Important Star' introduces the concept of how the sun is very important to us. This reader can also be used to introduce the letter "Ss." The book is simple and repetitive enough that children can eventually read much of the text on their own.  

A Sample Page from the Reader

Ronnie Robot Helps the Earth ReaderPrintable Reader 3

The book Hello Robots by Bob Staake is an excellent rhyming and entertaining book to use to introduce the robot concept.

Another Emergent Reader - "Ronnie the Robot Helps  the Earth" - Letter "Rr" Sound
This reader deals with helping the Earth.  It introduces or is a review of the letter "r".

Ronnie the Robot Helps the Earth Sample Page

Ronnie Robot Big Book Sample Page

Bonus Emergent Reader Ronnie the Robot - Another Version
This is another version of the reader "Ronnie Robot"

Sample Page from the Reader

Letter r CraftMore Bonus Readers

In the "Bonus Readers" link within the theme there are two more bonus readers "Shapes Are Everywhere" and another version of "The Sun Is An Important Star".

Kindergarten-Preschool Space Activities for Learning the AlphabetLetter s Craft

Research has shown that children have a better recollection of letter formation and sounds if this is associated with visual stimulus.  For this reason, picture mnemonic craft activities are included within the alphabet theme units.  The letter "Ss" for star and letter "Rr" for robot craft picture mnemonic activities are displayed in the photographs.

Color Photographs 

In the theme unit or member's area you will find color photographs of space. These can be used for discussion purposes or used for read around the room activities. 

Sample Space Photograph

Preschool and Kindergarten Centers

 View on YouTube  Ocean Games and Activities Video


Rhyming or Matching Game

Older Children

The teacher would print a concept skill that she/he wishes the child to verbally remember on the blank squares (could be sight words or number recognition).  Each child takes a turn rolling the die and moving the game player accordingly.  If they land on a concept square they must say the name (could be a sight word).  If they land on a picture square they must find the rhyming picture on their game board chart and mark this off. Example from the photograph - if the child landed on the picture of a "top" they would mark of the picture of "pop".  Once a game board chart has been completed the game is over.

 Younger Children

The teacher would fill in the blank squares with a concept she/he wishes the child to practice.  For example, color in the blank squares.  If a child lands on that square they must say the color name.  If the child lands on a picture square they must mark off the matching picture on the game board chart.  Once a game board chart has been completed the game is over.

Alphabet Review GameAlphabet Practice Review

If you are using the "Alphabet Program" most of the letters have been introduced.  This game is great for review practice.  All the pictures are related to the ones learned in the program.  For example letter "w" is a picture of a whale.

Older Students

This game would be played in partners.  Each partner has a different game board with different pictures. The word name cards would be placed face-down.  One child draws a card.  If they have the picture of what the word is, they would mark this off on their game board. They would be using the initial letter to use as a clue.  If they don't have the picture representing the word, the card is placed back on the bottom of the pile.  The game is finished when a child has their game board all marked off. 

Younger Students

Would play the game the same as above but they would use the word cards with the pictures on them.  The pictures on the word cards would assist them if they do not know their letter sounds yet.

New   Smart Board Version of the Game


  Smart Board Games Video to View Video

The video above is a demonstration and tutorial of how the downloadable version of the game found in the "Robots and Space Theme" has been transferred to the Smart Board. The game focuses on developing the concepts of matching, rhyming and sight words.

Word Family SpinnersSpace Word Family Activity

The focus word family in this theme is "unk" and "ank". The children spin the Earth wheel to make new words.   The spinners would be made using the templates found in the theme unit. 

Earth Writing ActivityPrinting Ideas and Printing Book 

Printing ideas for teaching printing can be found in the link below.

Printing Ideas

Preschool-Kindergarten Writing

The focus in this theme is on helping the Earth.  The children will write about what they can do to help the Earth.  How this activity is completed will depend on the age of the child.  Some children will be able to write this themselves using a model and others would need to dictate this to a teacher or adult helper.  Templates to complete this project are found in the theme unit. A photograph of the activity is displayed on the left.

Kindergarten-Preschool Space Crafts

Star Craft

This craft would be a great follow-up activity after reading the emergent readers "The Sun Is An Important Star" or "Stars in the Sky"Star Craft

The children paint the star. After the paint is dry, they can cut out the star. Give the children two small squares of black paper.  Show them how to cut small slits to make eye lashes.  After, the children can roll the paper with a pencil to make the eyelashes curl. The eyelashes, wiggle eyes,and facial features can be added to complete the craft.

Constellation ArtConstellation Craft

Templates to complete this craft are found in the theme unit.  These are transferred to card stock or soft plastic material (can be reused again) to use as tracers.  The children can trace around them using a white pencil crayon, paint or chalk. It is much easier if these were held down with sticky tac. Children fill in the outlines with gold paint or glue.  Stars are added to make constellations.    The original tracing picture templates could be used to match with the correct constellation picture.  A great matching activity!

Star Gazer or Telescope

Children can make a star gazer or telescope using a paper towel or toilet paper roll.  They can paint the roll and add decorations to complete the project.  After, they can view the constellations they created.Astronaut Craft

Astronaut Craft

Take head shots of each child. A 4X6 photo will fit but some cropping might be required.  The astronaut templates to complete this project is found in the theme unit.

Space Shuttle CraftFollow-up Space Craft - Space Shuttle

In the theme unit you will find space photographs including a space shuttle.  These could be used for discussion purposes.  The children can design their own space shuttle for traveling to the space station as viewed in the photograph to the left.

Directions for the Craft

1.  Children paint the space shuttle body (simple to cut version).

2.  The window can be copied to another color of paper or painted as well.  A photograph would be glued in the window and added to the body of the space shuttle.  The window could also remain white and the children draw a picture of themselves and a friend in the window.

3.  The parts are cut and glued together.  The Earth and space shuttle could be glued on black construction paper.  Stars and cotton balls could also be added to create more of a space look.Moon Craft

Moon Craft

Don't Litter CraftThe book "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown could be read to the children.  After, the children could learn information about the moon.  The craft displayed to the right could be completed as a follow-up. The children would color the template, add facial feature and cut it out.

The focus of this theme will be on "Helping the Earth".  The crafts outlined will be completed after reading the emergent reader "Ronnie Robot Helps the Earth".  Suggested activities are found in the theme unit.

Helping the Earth Crafts

Don't Be A Litterbug Craft

The garbage can template is painted and assembled.  The sign, arms (construction paper), hands and facial features could be added.  The template is found in the theme unit.

Recycled Robot CraftSaving Energy Door Knob HangerSave Earth Door Knob Craft

A discussion would take place about helping the Earth by saving energy.  The door knob hanger can serve as a reminder to "turn off lights" and practice other energy saving habits  in the house.  The hanger was traced on black paper and cut.  The Earth was colored and green tissue paper was scrunched and added to the land. It was cut and glued on the door hanger template. The sign was also cut and glued on.

Recycling Craft - Robot

The children would have been introduced to what materials are used for recycling.  They can apply this knowledge to making a robot out of recycled materials.  This would be a great project that the children could complete at home and bring to class to share with others.

Preschool and Kindergarten Math

The focus in this theme is for older children to identify number words and younger children to identify numbers.  Activities to assist children in learning this are suggested each day within the theme unit. 

Counting and Matching

The children pretend they are in space and are counting the number of children they see on Earth.  Younger children would match the amount using a Robot Measuringnumber and older children would use a number word.

Counting and Matching Math ActivityRobot Measuring

In the theme unit you will find different sized robots.  The children are to order these from smaller to larger or visa versa.  These could also be used for measuring. Children would estimate how many lego blocks (interconnecting blocks) or paper clips tall is the robot is.  After, they would measure to confirm their estimation.

Robot Counting

The children count the number of robots and print the correct number on the sheet.

Robot Counting

 Number PrintingNumber Printing Activity

In the theme unit you will find number templates.  These can be laminated and children can trace over them using washable markers, colored Math Booksglue could be placed on them and the children feel the letter and then try printing it. The children could also order the numbers and place the correct amount of manipulatives on them.  In the link below you can find links to number printing practice sheets.

Printing number activities are included in the theme unit.


Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Science Center - Magnetism

The children will be testing if materials are magnetic or non-magnetic. 

Bulletin Board

Space Bulletin BoardBelow you will find a link for a rocket and space shuttle templates that can be used to make the bulletin board display posted below along with the astronaut craft.


Space Shuttle

Dot to Dot Star Numbers 1-10Alpha Tunes CD

Dot to Dot Star

Dot to Dot Robot

Visual Discrimination Activity Integrated Into Connect the Dots Pictures

The children are to cut and paste the words in the link below to match the sentences on the connect the dots pictures.

Sort the Words to Add the Sentences

Preschool-Kindergarten Songs

The song "Stars" from the Kinderplans Alpha Tunes CD could be used after for reinforcing the letter-sounds learned.


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