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Transportation Preschool and Kindergarten Theme

Preschool and Kindergarten Printables

Printable Reader 1 - Yippety Yaks Introduces "Yy"

The Yippety Yaks are funny people shaped like the letter "Y" with yak faces. They travel using different modes of transportation. The emergent reader can be made into a big book using the enlarged pictures, predictable chart, projected on an overhead or smartboard to use a shared reading experience.

 Sample Page of Reader

Big Book Color Sample Page

 Printable Reader Two - Simple Story Retelling of the Book "The Little Engine That Could"

After reading the book "The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper and written by Richard Walz, the simple story retelling of the book can be used as a shared reading experience.  The emergent reader "Story Retelling of the Little Engine That Could" can be made into a big book using the enlarged pictures, predictable chart, projected on an overhead or smartboard to use a shared reading experience.

Sample Page from the Reader

Big Book Sample Page - Color Version

Little Engine That Could ReaderPrintable Reader Three 

Read the story How Will You Get There, Maisy? by Lucy Cousins.  This is a funny lift and flap book about modes of transportation.  It has a simple story line.  The children will enjoy guessing as to what is behind each flap.

You will find a retelling of the story in the theme book or member's area that could be made into a predictable chart.  There are both black and white/color versions of the retelling. 

Accompanying Emergent Reader Sample Page - Black and White Version

Preschool and Kindergarten Centers


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Alphabet Board Game - Review of the Alphabet Sounds


Preschool and Kindergarten Activities for Learning the Alphabet

This craft involves children being actively involved in associating the picture to the letter sound. The purpose is to have them associate the letter "y" to the initial sound heard in "yak".  Research has shown children retain the letter/sound association and recognition more effectively when introduced in this manner.  The letter "y" would be colored yellow to associate the sound and the picture of a "yak" as shown in the photograph.

Letter y

Revised Pre-Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Literacy Center One - Matching and Name Upper and Lower-Case Letters
The students will match the correct driver to the car using their knowledge about upper and lower-case letters.  

Litteracy Center Two - Consonant Race
Each partner player would take turn rolling a die.  They must determine what letter is associate with the initial sound represented on the picture landed on.  They must print the letter that represents that sound on the dotted sheet provided.

Literacy Center Three -  Vowel in the Middle Game
Students take turns drawing a picture card.  The must determine which vowel sound they hear in the middle and print this letter on the vowel printing chart provided.

Litearcy Center Four - CVC Game
The 40 CVC picture cards that are provided  allow you to create your own games.  I have the students draw the word card, read it  and place it on the matching picture.  I have stronger students print the word associated with the picture.

Spin a Rhyming Word Game
The students would take turns spinning a top using the game board provided.  The would match the picture the top landed on to a rhyming picture found on the game board chart.

Word Family Spinners - "an", "ay" "ar" and "ain"

The bus template would copied on card stock.  The spinners would be attached.  The children would spin the wheels to make a new word related to that word family. The focus word families are "an", "ay", "ar" and "ain".

Templates found on page 54-55 in the "Suggested Center Ideas" link.

       Smart Board Activities

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Download Smart Board Activity

Preschool and Kindergarten Crafts

All Templates to Complete the Crafts are Found in the "Suggested Center Ideas" link

Shape Train

The square face could be copied on blue cardstock or paper and cut. The other shapes could be colored, cut and added to the face to make the train as displayed in the photograph to the above on the left (Little Engine Who Could).

 Shape Bus 

The bus could be copied on colored paper as shown in the photograph.  The shapes could be copied on another color of paper or colored.  The children would cut the shapes and glue them to the dotted lines displayed on the bus.

Airport Silouette Craft

The airplane and airport templates would be cut and pasted as displayed in the photograph.  After, stars would be added to complete the project.

Sailboat Craft

The bottom of the light blue construction paper would be sponge-painted using dark blue paint (for water).  After, the sailboat templates would be traced on to colored construction paper, cut and assembled as displayed in the photograph.

Math Lesson Plans for Common Core Curriculum

Connect the Alphabet Dots Balloon

Connect the Dot Alphabet Balloon

Common Core Outcomes Met in this Theme

The focus in this theme is on the outcomes outlined below related to the Common Core Standards Outcomes.
 Counting and Cardinality
-I can write numbers 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers.
-I can count 20 things. K.CC.B.5
-I know a number represents an amount of objects for these numbers.  K.CC.A.3
-When I count, I know each number I say represents one object.  K.CC.B.4aa
-I know the last number I say is the number of objects, even if I arrange them differently.  KCC.B.4b
-I can tell if a group has greater than, less than or an equal amout.  K.CC.B.6

Measurement, Data and Geometry
-I can tell what the height, width and weight of an object is. K.MD.A.1
-I can compare the length, width and weight of two objects and explain the difference. K.MD.A.2
-I can sort objects into categories. K.MD.B.3
-I can tell you the position of an object using words like above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to. K.G.A.1
-I can name shapes no matter which way they are turned. K.G.A.2
-I know some shapes are 2-D and 3-D. K.G.A.3
-I can describe 2-D and 3-D shapes (corners, number of sides, etc.).  K.G.B.4
-I know some shapes are 2-D and 3-D.    K.G.A.3

Preschool Kindergarten Music Integration

The song "The Yippety Yaks" on the Alpha Tunes CD would be used in this theme.


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