Kindergarten and Preschool Bugs Lessons and Activities

Preschool-Kindergarten Printables

Preschool and Kindergarten Reading Activity One

Using a predictable chart for shared reading is a good introduction to the Bugs theme unit.  The repetitive text could introduce insect names.  The text could read:  A bee is an insect.  A butterfly is an insect, An ant is an insect, A dragonfly is an insect, A ladybug is an insect, A grasshopper is an insect.  A mosquito is an insect.  The accompanying pictures and reader is found in the Bugs theme or in the member's area.

 Sample Page of the Emergent Reader

Preschool and Kindergarten Reading Activity Two - "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Emergent Reader Retelling

The 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle is an all time favorite book to be used in conjunction with the Bug theme.  Not only does it introduce the days of the week, numbers but also the life cycle of a butterfly.  Children love this book!  In the members' area you will find an emergent reader retelling of the story.  This can be made into a big book, placed on chart paper or in a pocket chart and used for a shared reading experience.

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

The video below demonstrates how the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" was made into a simpler emergent reader for the children to read on their own after it has been introduced as a shared reading experience.  The book can be assembled and sent home with the children to read to their parents.  The video also demonstrates how to play the math game displayed on this page.


  Click on the Video or Bugs Theme Actiivities Video

    Bonus Emergent Readers


New How Are Insects Alike Reader?

This book is informational in its content and outlines how insects are alike.  The text is repetitive but also informative, which makes it perfect for young readers to successfully read on their own.  All readers have focus on high frequency words.

How Are Insect Alike Sample Page

Butterfly Cycle Emergent Reader Shape Book

In the members' area you will find a butterfly shape book called The Butterfly Story.  It can be used as a book for the children to read on their own after they have been introduced to the life cycle of the  butterfly.  It introduces the children to the stages of the butterfly, as well as, to the use of ordinal numbers.  The children are required to cut and paste the correct picture with each line of the story.  First, I am an egg. Second, I am a caterpillar.  Third, I am a pupa.  At last, I am a butterfly.

More Preschool and Kindergarten Reading Activities - Printable Emergent Readers Sample Pages

Ants Rhyme Printable Emergent Reader

A Sample Page from the Ants Rhyme Printable Book

Bugs on the Move Emergent Reader Sample Page

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Bugs, Bugs Printable Emergent Reader Sample Page

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Bug Senses Emergent Reader Sample Page

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Sorting GamePreschool and Kindergarten Activities Using the Color Photographs

There are both small and larger photographs of the insects discussed in the predictable chart.  These are great to use for discussion purposes, center activities and word dictionaries.

The Characteristics of Insects

In the first week of the lesson plans the focus is on the characteristics of insects.  A follow-up activity would be picture sorting the animals that belong to that category and those that do not.  This is an activity that could be continued in the Science Center.  Pictures can be found in the theme unit or in the member's area.

Smart Board Bug Sorting Activities

Bug Activities for Smart tBoard Video on YouTube

The students will be sorting the pictures according to if they belong to the insect or non-insect category through using the Smart Board.  This can also be done on the computer if notebook software has been installed.  This activity is downloaded from the member site.

Living-Non-Living Sorting Activities
In the link below you will also living and non-living sorting activities.

Living-Non-Living Sorting Activities

Preschool and Kindergarten CentersIdentifying Insects Game

Insect Board Game - Identifying Insects Game

The children shake a die and move their player accordingly.  Place a number of bingo chips or another object next to the game.  Each time a player lands on an insect they collect a bingo chip.  This will require them to identify insects. The game continues until all the bingo chips are collected.  It might be necessary to play the game several times.  The winner is the first person with the the most bingo chips or another object.  This game requires the children to identify pictures that represent insects.  Example, if the Lady Bug Writing Templateplayer lands on a picture of a snake; they cannot collect a bingo chip because it is not an insect.

 Preschool Bugs and Kindergarten Writing

Writing Bugs Shape Books

In the theme book or member's area you will find a ladybug template or butterfly template that can be used for a making a shape book.  Younger children can cut and paste the insect pictures along with the matching word (visual discrimination).  Older children can print their own sentence about an insect using what was written during shared writing time as a model.  The children could also be provided with a template to complete their own sentence where they would be required to fill in a word (could be a sight word).  Example:  Insects have three body parts.  The children would only be required to print the sight word have.Bug Word Family Game

Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Activities

"UG" and "UT" Word Family Wheels

The word family wheel would be cut and placed on card stock with a fastener used to turn the wheel.  After the wheel is assembled the word family "ug" is Bee Craftplaced by the letter "b". The wheel is turned to make a new word.  The children would be required to say the new word.  Both the "ug" and "ut" word family wheels can be found in the theme book or member's area.  

Kindergarten-Preschool Bugs Crafts

Bee CraftLady Bug Craft

Paint or color the body template found in the theme book or member's area.  Cut strips of black construction paper and add them to the body for the legs and antennae.  Trace the wings template on wax paper or bubble wrap and glue them to the body. Add facial features.

Ladybug Craft
Paint a paper plate black. Paint or color the wings red (members' area or theme book).  Red construction paper can also be used. Use fasteners to attach the wings.  The children can now move them back and forth.  Add black spots to the wings and wiggly eyes to the body to complete the craft.

Butterfly Craft

Butterfly Craft Photocopy butterfly wings on card stock paper (found in the theme book or member's area).  Children color or paint the wings.  Paint and glue on egg carton cups.  Complete by adding facial features.

Another Butterfly Craft - Feet for WingsDragonfly Craft

 Trace the feet of the children for wings.  Cut out the feet and sponge-paint them with bright colors.  Trace the body (in the theme book or member's area) on black construction paper or paint it and cut it out.  Assemble the body as shown in the photograph.  Add the antennae and eyes.

Dragonfly Craft

Trace the dragonfly body on card stock.  Color or paint the body and cut it out (could add glitter glue). Trace the wings on wax paper or bubble wrap.   Cut out the wings and glue them to the dragonfly body. Add eyes and facial features.

Grasshopper CraftFirefly Craft

Paint a large popsicle stick with glow in the dark paint.  After it dries, add facial features. Trace the wings on wax paper or bubble wrap (use dragonfly wing template) and glue them to the firefly body. Turn off the lights and watch these insects glow!

Grasshopper CraftDragonfly Craft

 Sponge-paint the grasshopper two different shades of green. After it dries, cut it out and add facial features, legs and antennae (strips of black construction paper).

Ant Craft

Paint or trace the body template on construction paper.  Add strips of black construction paper for legs and antennae.

Preschool and Kindergarten Math

Caterpillar Math ActivityCaterpillar Craft and Math Activity

  Copy the circles (found in the theme book or member's area) on colored paper (about 12 per child).  They could also traced on construction paper.  Hole-punch the circles in the middle.  Have the children push the circles along a pipe cleaner in a color pattern.  Secure the ends so they do not fall off

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Activity - Caterpillar MathMath Number Identification Game

Use the craft above to introduce patterning, how much a dozen is and for measuring objects.

Math Games

Place a top in the middle of the number board.  The number where the top lands is colored on the accompanying chart. The child that has the chart colored first, is the winner.  Older children would be required to say the number.

Other Games

This game could be used for sight word or alphabet recognition.

In the members' area you will find ladybug cards.  These can be used for math activities at the centers: 1. Match the ladybugs with the same amount of spots.

Math Books2. Select a number and children draw that many spots on the ladybug.  3.  Teacher draws the spots on the ladybug and the children print or select the number that represents it.

Bug Math Addition-Counting4.  Print an addition sentence representing the ladybug shown.  Example:  2 + 3 = 5

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Connect the Alphabet Dots Bug Picture

Connect the Alphabet Dots Bug

Visual Discrimination Activity Integrated With Connect the Dots

The children cut and paste the words in the link  below to match the sentences on the connect the dots pictures.

Sort the Words to Match the Sentence

Connect the Dots Numbers Bug Picture

Connect the Number Dots Butterfly


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