Kindergarten and Preschool Bugs Lessons and Activities


Two Weeks of Lesson Plans

This Bug/Insects unit is based on a variety pre-kindergarten curriculum outcomes including Common Core standards.  Your little ones will have a blast learning about insects using this theme unit as a guide.

What Is Included?

-Two emergent readers that address key learning concepts  which are "The Hungry Caterpillar Retelling" and "How Bugs Are Alike."

-  Follow-up story sequencing and sorting activities related to the readers

-  Literacy Center games and activities 

-Math games and activities

-Templates to be used for your informational content writing activities

-Insect craft activities and much more!

Take a Peek at Bug/Insect Lesson Plans

Small Photo Sample of Activities

Insect Emergent Readers and Follow-up Activities


Insect/Bugs Literacy Centers




Insect/Bugs Math Centers




Insect/Bugs Crafts



Insect/Bugs Free Resources On My Blog


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Connect the Alphabet Dots Bug

Visual Discrimination Activity Integrated With Connect the Dots

The children cut and paste the words in the link  below to match the sentences on the connect the dots pictures.

Sort the Words to Match the Sentence

Connect the Dots Numbers Bug Picture

Connect the Number Dots Butterfly


+Elaine Engerdahl

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