Preschool - Kindergarten Lessons

Three Little Pigs Activities

Emergent Reader 1 - "The Wolf Shows Self-Control

Emergent printable reader "The Wolf Shows Self-Control" is a simple retelling of the the "The Three Pigs" only in this reader the wolf demonstrates self-control and does not blow the houses down.


Gingerbread Man Activities

Printable Reader 2 - "The Gingerbread Man Perseveres"

This is another simple retelling of the "Gingerbread Man".  This reader is called "Gingerbread Man Perseveres".  In this reader the Gingerbread Man keeps running from everyone (perseveres) and he makes it safely back to Gingerbread Land.

Little Red Hen Activities

Printable Reader 3 - "Everyone Helps Out"

This is another simple retelling of "The Little Red Hen", which is also used in Week 2 of the "Farm" theme.  In this emergent reader all the characters help make the bread.  This reader is called "Everyone Helps Out".

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Alphabet Ordering and Naming

Students string the alphabet beads in alphabetic order and say the names of the letters.  An alphabet template can be used to assist the students.

Alphabet Review 
Game players take turns rolling a die and taking adventure around the "Gingerbread Land" game board.  They must print the initial letter sound that represents the picture they landed on (can use dotted printing sheet provided).

45 CVC Picture Cards for Individual Game Creation
The 40 CVC picture cards that are provided  allow you to create your own games.  I have the students draw the word card, read it  and place it on the matching picture.  I have stronger students print the word associated with the picture.

Rhyming Around Fantasy Land

Student partners take turns rolling a die and moving that many spaces around the "Fantasy Land Game Board" . They must find the rhyming partner to the picture they landed on and match this on their rhyming picture chart.  They mark this off.  The game is completed once all the rhyming matches have been marked off.

Spin-A-Rhyme Game
Playing partners take turns spinning a top and matching the rhyming picture they landed, to that found found on the game board chart.   The game is over when all the rhyming matches have been marked off.


Preschool and Kindergarten Writing

Writing Related to "The Gingerbread Man" and Emergent Reader "Gingerbread Man Perseveres"

View Lesson Plan Related to Common Core on YouTube


View Lesson Plan of SchoolTube

The students would be writing their own story version of "Gingerbread Man Perseveres".  They would create a problem, setting, series of events, draw a picture of these events and and ending for the story as outlined in the video above.

Another "Gingerbread Man Perseveres" Writing Activity 
The gingerbread man template would be traced;  the students would cut it out and decorate it.  After, they would create and write their own idea of what chased the gingerbread man and draw a picture of it as displayed in the photograph.

Writing Related to "The Three Little Pigs" and Emergent Reader "The Wolf Shows Self-Control"
I copied the body, head and arms on pink paper.  The students cut the pieces.  After, the ears and nose were traced on pink construction paper and the students cut these out and assembled the pig.  After, they will write about a time they showed self-control.  This is a follow-up of reading the emergent reader "The Wolf Shows Self-Control".  

Writing Related to "The Little Red Hen" and Emergent Reader "Everyone Helps Out"
The Little Red Hen face template was copied on red construction paper.  After, the hat and eyes were cut.  Yellow construction paper was folded and the beak was traced and cut.  The students cut and assembled little red hen.  They are going to write about a time when they were helpful.  This is a follow-up to reading the emergent reader "Everyone Helps Out".  The writing template is provided.

Crafts Related to Focus Stories

Gingerbread Man Crafts

Wolf Craft
The wolf template was traced on brown and grey construction paper, cut and assembled as displayed in the photograph.  The mouth template was traced on to folded paper so it could open and close.  After, shredded paper was glued on to the face to give it more of a textured finish.  This is another writing follow-up to reading the reader "The Wolf Shows Self -Control."  The students will write about a time they showed self-control using the writing template provided.

Pig Craft
 The children would paint, cut and assemble the pig as displayed in the photograph to the left.

Little Red Hen Crafts

Little Red Hen Stick Puppets

Little Red Hen Craft OneAfter reading several versions of "The Little Red Hen" and the emergent reader "Everyone Helps Out", the crafts below would be completed.

The head templates of the characters found in the story would be painted, colored and facial features added.  After, the templates would be glued to a craft stick.  The children would use these to reenact the story.

Little Red Hen Masks

The enlarged templates would be painted, colored and facial features added.  The children would use the masks to reenact the story. 

Kindergarten Common Core Math Activities

This theme addresses the common core outcomes outlined below:

-I can tell if a group has great than, less than or an equal amount   K.CC.B.6,
-I can compare two printed numerals between 1-10.  K.CC.B.7
-I can write numbers 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers  K.CC.A.3
-I can count 20 things.  K.CC.B.5
-I can add and subtract in different ways.  K.0A.A.1
-I can solve addition and subtraction problems up to 10.  K.0A.A.2
-I can show sums in different ways.  K.0A.A.1
-I can add and subtract up to 10 (using drawings, fingers or manipulatives).  K.OA.A.4
-I can name shapes no matter which way they are turned.  K.G.A.2
-I know some shapes are 2D and 3D.   K.G.A.3

CVC Game - Harder Version      Smart Board Activities

CVC Smart Board Game view on YouTube

The students will be clicking on the picture and listening for the individual sounds to create the word related to the picture.  They will be dragging the letters that represent the word of the picture.  This will require them to have a sounds knowledge of all their alphabet sounds.  If the "Alphabet Program" were followed some children will be ready to complete this task.

This version is easier than version one.  The children must drag the correct word to the picture displayed.  They can use their knowledge of initial letter sounds to complete this task.

View Video of Easier CVC Smart Board Game on YouTube


More Fairy Tale Crafts and Literature Connections

Three Bears CraftLiterature Connection - "The Three Bears"

After reading the book "The Three Bears" the children would complete the craft project where they assemble the bears and order them according to size or make masks to act out the story.Three Bear Math Craft

Three Bears Craft and Sizing Project

Groups of three children can decide what bear they would like to assemble (papa, mama and baby). They would paint, cut and assemble the bears and organize them according to size.

Three Bear's Masks or Stick Puppets

In the theme unit there are head shots of the Three Bears and Goldilocks.  These can be painted and cut; used as masks or stick puppets and used to act out the story.

Dressup Medieval CraftLiterature Connection- "The Kiss That Missed"Dressup Medieval Craft Knight

The book "The Kiss That Missed" by David Melling is a humorous tale about how a King who blows a bedtime kiss to his son but he misses.  The King's knight goes on an adventure to locate the kiss. The craft projects displayed could be completed after reading the selection or another fairy tale.

Medieval Fairy Tale Characters

 These crafts would be completed after reading the fairy tale mentioned above or other ones found in your library.

The king, queen or knight templates would be colored or painted.  A head shot of each child would be taken.  If using a photograph, it would be 5X7 size or cropped to fit on the body.  After all the accessories would be added.

 Castle Craft

The castle shapes would be made into tracers using card stock. The children would use the tracers and outline the castle parts on different colors of construction paper, similar to the photograph.  The shapes would be cut and assembled.

The craft suggestions below would be completed in conjunction with the literature selections suggested

Literature Connection - The Hare and Tortoise Craft

 This craft would be completed after reading a version of "The Hare and the Tortoise" to the children. A small paper plate would be painted green.  The head, legs and tail templates would be used to for tracing on green construction paper.  After, these would be cut and glued to the paper plate.  After, the mouth and eyes would be added.

The rabbit ears found in the theme unit would be cut and attached to a small paper plate.  After, eyes, nose and whiskers would be added to complete the project.

Literature Connection - The Lion and the Mouse

Lion Mouse CraftLion and Mouse Craft

 This craft project would be completed after reading a version of the book "The Lion and the Mouse". The template of the lion would be painted, cut and assembled.  After, gift wrap paper shred could be added for the mane.

The mouse would be painted.  After and tail and eyes would be added.

Balloon Tree CraftBalloon Tree Craft

This craft would be completed after reading the literature selection "The Balloon Tree" by Phoebe Gliman.  The tree template would be secured with masking tape.  The ground and tree would be sponge-painted green.  The trunk would be colored brown.  The sky surrounding the tree would be painted blue.  Different colors of bingo markers would be used to make the balloons.

Lesson Plans and Crafts Focus on Farmyard Tales.

Literature Connection - City/Town or Country Mouse by Jan Brett

This can be incorporated with the writing activity outlined above.

This would be completed after reading the literature selection "Town Mouse, Country Mouse" by Jan Brett.  Another version could be used.

Town Mouse Country Mouse Craft OneCountry Scene

The barn template would be taped around using painter's masking tape.  This prevents the picture from curling.  The sky behind the barn would be painted shades of yellow and orange to the ground.  The ground would be painted black.Town Mouse Country Mouse Craft Two

The barn and mice templates are found in the theme unit.

City Scene

Half the paper is painted blue representing the sky and the base green representing the grass.  After, building and window outlines would be painted black.  The mice would be added.

Golden Goose CraftLiterature Connection - The Golden Goose

This project would be completed after reading a version of "The Golden Goose" to the children.  The paper would be secured with painter's masking tape.  The top part of the picture would be painted blue.  The bottom representing water would be sponge-painted different shades of blue and green.  Waves would be colored in.  Using the goose template, the children would trace this on gold wrapping paper.  After, this would be cut out and glued to the water scene.

Literature Connection - The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling SilhouetteUgly Duckling Craft

After reading a version of "The Ugly Duckling" to the children this craft project would be completed.  The paper would be secured with painter's masking tape.  The top part of the paper would be painted stripes of orange and red.  The swan template would be traced onto black construction paper and cut.  This would be added to the scene.  Black construction paper would be added to the base representing water.


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