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 Preschool and Kindergarten Printables

The video to the left demonstrates how to use the interactive readers for preschool and kindergarten reading. These provide an engaging reading experience for young learners.  Many similar readers found on the member site make use of this interactive component within the different theme units. The video also demonstrates how games can be created for alphabet recognition.  These are great to use as an alternative to worksheets. 

         View on YouTube or Dinosaur Games and Activities Video


Printable Emergent Reader 1

The emergent reader "Different Dinosaurs" can be made into a big book with the enlarged pictures found in the Dinosaur Theme unit or made into a predictable chart. The teacher would model the reading process using the emergent reader.  Sample page found in the link below:

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Interactive component

The children would draw or cut and paste a dinosaur on the repetitive lines that say "Different dinosaurs, what do we know?"

New - Shorter, More Predictable and No Interactive Component Version

Sample of More Predictable Version

Focus Sight Words:  some, were and on

Printable Emergent Reader 2 - Rap Song

The emergent reader "The Dinosaur Quiz" would be displayed for all the children to view the print.  The teacher would model the reading process in a shared reading experience.  After, this could be made into a rap song where one group of children sing the questions and the other group answers them.

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

New - Shorter, More Predictable and No Interactive Component Version

Sample Version of More Predictable Version

Focus Sight Words:  here, is, a, like and about

Review All Alphabet Letter Games - Literacy Centers

Review, review and review.  Once all the alphabet letters and their corresponding sounds have been introduced, I find it necessary to continuously review these throughout the year.  The games below are a fun way for students to review alphabet letters and their corresponding sounds.

New Hunting for A Dinosaur Alphabet Review Printable Game

This is a partner game.  Each player is given a picture game board as displayed in the photograph (black and white version also available).  Each game board has different pictures representing different initial sounds.  The players are also given different colored bingo chips.  Each player takes a turn rolling a die and moves that many spaces on the game track.  If they land on a letter representing a picture on their game board, then they can mark this picture off.  If they do not have the picture, they miss their turn.  The game is over once one player has their game board covered in bingo chips.

  New Dig for the Dinosaur Bones

Print the letters of the alphabet (could be sight words) on dog bones.  These would be hidden in the sand or rice tub.  The students must dig for the bones and carefully wipe the sand off them.  After, they must match it to the correct picture (in pocket chart) as displayed in the photograph.  Picture cards found in the theme unit and under heading "Reading - Literacy Centers" on the member site.


Smart Board Version of Game

The "Alphabet Review Game" is also available to use on the Smart Board.  View the video to preview how the game is played.  The download of the game is available to members.

Alphabet Activities for the Smart Board view on YouTube

New Don't Crack the Dinossaur Egg Alphabet Sound Recognition Game - Great Fine-Motor Activity!
Place plastic Easter eggs in an egg carton.  In each egg place a gem with the alphabet letters printed on them.  I found these nifty large clothespins at the Dollar store.  Students take a turn lifting an egg out of the carton using the clothespin.  If they are able to lift the egg without cracking it open, they can keep the gem that is inside and place it on the correct picture representing the initial sound of the letter (picture board displayed on the right which is available on the member site).  The egg can be discarded once the gem has been released.  The object of the game is to match the correct letter gem to its corresponding picture and improve fine-motor.

Dont' Crack the Egg Sight Word Game 
 Print your focus sight words on the plastic Easter eggs and place these in an egg carton.  Students take turns picking up the egg without cracking the egg open (not that easy).  If they are able to say the sight word and not crack it during lifting and returning it back into the carton, they score a point  and mark this off on their sight word chart (found on the member site).  

New Stegosaurus Sight Word Game
Trace the stegosaurus template on to cardstock, print focus sight words and laminate. Students take turns grabbing clothespins from a container, if they select the chosen sight word it is placed on stegosaurus.  The game continues until stegosaurus has all his plates (clothespins).

Kindergarten-Preschool Dinosaurs Crafts

New 3-D Dinosaur With  Marshmallow Teeth

Trace the head template on to colored construction paper and cut.  Copy the oval shaped mouth on to paper or cardstock.  Have the students cut and squeeze the small marshmallows to make them sharp for teeth and glue them to the circles found in the mouth.  Fold the paper in half to form a mouth.  Glue the mouth to the dinosaur head. 
Stuffed Stegosaurus Craft

2.  Make 2 photocopies of the stegosaurus template found in the theme unit.  2.  Children paint the dinosaur.  Ensure both sides match if you are painting both sides.  3.  Glue the dinosaur together leaving a hole on the bottom to stuff tissue.  4.  Stuff tissue in the bottom Dinosaurs Crafthole.  5.  Glue the bottom hole together 

Dimetrodon Craft 

Paint the template   2.  Cut the dinosaur  3.  Glue on a coffee filter on the back of the dimetrodon for the sail.

3D Triceratops Craft - Using Marshmallows for the Horns

1.  Paint body and head templates of the triceratops template.  2.  After drying, the children cut the head and body.  They assemble triceratops using a coffee filter as the frill (shown in the photograph on the right) and small marshmallows for form the horns.  Craft template found under the heading Craft Templates on the Members' Site.  After, they can write about triceratops using the shape template.

Guided Drawing

In this theme I also do a guided drawing and measurement activity.  After the students have completed drawing and painting their dinosaur, they do a  follow-up literacy and math activity.  They guess how many snap cubes tall or long their dinosaur is and write this on the template provided within the theme unit.  This is displayed on the bulletin board beside their guided drawing activity.

 Ankylosaurus CraftAnkylosaurus Craft
1.  Have the children paint the ankylosaurus template.
2.  After drying, cut the dinosaur and glue on sunflower seeds to represent the plates.

Diplodocus Textured Coloring

1.  Lay the diplodocus template on top of sandpaper.  Have the children use the side of a wax crayon to color this dinosaur (crayon paper removed). 

2.  Cut out the textured dinosaur.  This would be added to the dinosaur bulletin board display.

Tyrannosaurus CraftPreschool and Kindergarten Activities  - Tyrannosaurus Rex Sponge-Painting

1.  Children sponge-paint tyrannosaurus two different colors (light colors work the best).

2.  After drying, cut out the dinosaur and add it to the bulletin board display.


Making Dinosaur Tracers

Using plastic or foam sheets make great dinosaur tracers. Draw an outline of the dinosaurs on the sheets.  The templates found in the theme unit were Dinosaur Silhouette Craftintentionally made to be simple for cutting but also for using as tracers.  The outline would be cut from the middle of the sheet.  Using plastic or foam sheets allows the tracers to be cleaned and used year after year.

Dinosaur Silhouette

Using the tracers outlined above, the children paint over the top of the tracer making a silhouette of the dinosaur as shown in the photograph.

Treat Bag Dinosaur CraftDinosaur Treat Bag for Collecting Dinosaur Eggs

Have children make a dinosaur egg collecting bag.  Hide jellybeans (wrapped in plastic wrap) around the classroom.  The children go on a hunt to find them.  They must count them before eating their find.

Preschool and Kindergarten Center Activities for MathDinosaur Shape Craft

Math Center - Stegosaurus Shape Dinosaur

1.  The children would color or paint the stegosaurus template.
2.  Reproduce the shapes on a different color of paper.  The shapes could be cut in advance (depending on your age group) or the children could cut them.
3.  The children add the shapes where indicated on the dinosaur.

Crack the Dinosaur Egg Game - Decomposing Numbers
I painted lima beans on one side and left the other side white.  Different amounts of beans were placed in plastic Easter eggs.  The students spill the eggs (beans) and can print the amount, make an addition sentence or subtraction sentence similar to what is displayed in the photograph.  The templates to play this game is found in the Math Program.

Measuring Length and Height Math Station
Students can use real dinosaur figurines to measure the height or length of a dinosaur.  They would estimate how many snap cubes long to tall the dinosaur is.  After, they would measure the dinosaur to see how close their estimation was.  In the Dinosaur theme unit you will find pictures that can be used to instead, as displayed in the photograph.

Numeral Ten Frame Identification and Printing
This is one of the math stations used within this theme.  The students need continual review of correct numeral identification and formation.  The templates displayed in the photograph are included within the theme unit.  Numeral printing sheets include ten frames 1-10 and 1-20 (this will vary depending on your math outcomes).  According to the "Common Core Standards" the students are required to identify and print numerals 1-20.  The students draw a ten frame card and print the numeral on the dotted printing sheet provided (can be place in plastic cover so they can be reused).  The students will continue to draw the cards until they have printed all the numerals.

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math


Smart Board Activities

View Smart Board Ten Frame Demonstration on 
You Tube

In the theme unit or as a member of the site you can download activities that I will be implementing when introducing the Dinosaur theme unit.  The video is a quick overview.

Dinosaurs Preschool and Kindergarten Writing

In the theme unit you will find a shape writing book as displayed in the photograph.  There is a title page and a lined page.  The complexity of the book would vary according to the age group you teach.  The simple version, the children cut the dinosaur picture with the word on it and paste it on the shape book.  After, they would cut the name that matches on the picture and glue it along side the picture. .  In this unit I focus on specific sight words and the use of description (big, large, fast, meat eating, fierce, spiky, etc.).  These words are generated from reading informational books about dinosaurs.

Word Family ActivityDinosaur Word Family Activity

Print the focus word family on half the dinosaur.  Print different initial consonants on the other half of the dinosaur (like a puzzle).  Discuss what word is made when you change the puzzle.

Connect the Alphabet Dots Dinosaur Picture

Connect the Alphabet Dots Alphabet  


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