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Preschool and Kindergarten Printables

The video below demonstrates how the emergent readers within the theme unit can be used for a shared reading experience.  It also demonstrates the interactive component in the reader "The Mitten - A Story Retelling".

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Printable Reader 1 - "Winter Fun" - This reading is a simple retelling of the book "Mouse's First Snow".  It outlines the activities that can occur during the winter season.  The reader is used to teach beginning reading skills.

 Printable Reader 2 - 'The Mitten - A Story Retelling".  On the last two  pages of the reader there are black and white picture cards that can be used in the pocket chart or color photographs are also provided.  These would be placed beside the printed text on the pocket chart.  The book could also be displayed on the smartboard. This would be used for a shared reading experience.

New Another Version of The Mitten Retelling
Recently added is another version of the reader.  This version also has an interactive version where the students cut and paste the correct animal that matches the text.

Color Sample of the The Mitten Retelling

Black and White Sample of The Mitten Retelling


New  Printaable Reader 3- "Iguana Ice Skating"
This reader introduces both the short and long vowel sound of "Ii" and it also relates to the animated alphabet song video.  

Interactive Component
The students must cut and paste the correct pictures to complete each page that matches to the text.  This adds a comprehension component to reading the selection.

Color Sample Page from Reader Iguana Ice Skating

Black and White Sample Page from Reader Iguana Ice Skating

Related Animated Song Video
In the link below, you can view the related animated alphabet song video.

Alphabet Song for Children Animated Video on YouTube

Research Follow-up - Connection to Science

As a follow-up activity the children could research information about the animals mentioned in the story.   Using the photographs provided the children can observe the pictures and identify the individual characteristics of each of the animals.

Kindergarten-Preschool Winter Litearcy Centers

Follow the Alphabet Snowflake Maze
Players would take turns rolling a die and moving along the snowflake maze path according to the amount that was rolled.  They must print the initial letter sound that is related to the picture that they landed on.

Follow the Penguin Sight Word Path
Players take turns rolling a die and moving along the penguin sight word path.  They must say the sight word that they landed on.

Vowel in the Middle Game

The players draw a picture card and determine what vowel they hear in the middle.  They print this letter on their vowel chart.


Preschool and Kindergarten Writing

The children print or the teacher scribes what they like best about Winter on the mitten templates. After, the mitten would be cut and decorated.

Printing Ideas

Ideas for the children to practice printing letters can be found in the link below:

Printing Ideas

 Preschool and Kindergarten Math

 Week 1 - Estimating and Measuring

In Week 1 the children will be using the snowmen templates of various sizes and estimating how many snap cubes or playdough snakes long they are.

Snowman Number MathWeek 2 - Focus on Ordinal Numbers, Measuring , Number Recognition and One-to-One Number Correspondence for Numbers to 20.Math Books

In Week 2 the focus will be on verbally saying ordinal number placement, measuring v using nonstandard measurement units, estimating, reviewing number recognition and one-to-one correspondence and printing numbers to 20.

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.

Kindergarten-Preschool Winter Crafts

Winter Mouse CraftCraft Tips

When painting, use painter's masking tape to hold down the paper on cardboard.  This prevents the paper from curling.

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 1 - Winter Mouse Craft

The book Mouse's First Snow by Lauren Thompson would be read to the children.  This book provides a good introduction to activitiesSnow Tree Craft the children can participate in during the Winter season.  As a follow-up, the children would complete the mouse craft displayed in the photograph.  The paper would be held down using painter's masking tape.  The mouse template would be painted over with a thin color of blue paint.  After, it would be sponge-painted white.  Eyes, nose, mouth would be added as shown in the photograph.

The mouse template is found in the theme unit.

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 2 - Snow Tree

The book It's Winter by Linda Glaser is another good book to read for the purpose of introducing the children to the changes that occur in Bear Hibernating Craftthe winter. The snow tree craft would be a follow-up to reading the book. The tree template would be painted brown, the sky blue and the base would remain white.  Cotton balls would be added to complete this craft project.

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 3 - Bear Hibernating Craft Crayon Resist

The book It's Winter also touches upon the concept of hibernation.  The children could complete the "hibernating bear" craft as a follow-up.  The bear and tree would be colored with black wax crayons and painted over with a thin layer of blue paint.  The wax crayon will resist the paint.  After, the children can add birds flying to warmer climates.

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 4 - Snowman

After reading the book The Biggest, Best, Snowman by Margery Cuyler the children would complete the snowman craft project.  Painter's tape would hold Snowman Craftdown the paper.  The sky would be painted blue with white sponge-painting on top to represent  snow.  The ground would remain white.  The snowman would be colored, cut and assembled.  Eyes, nose, buttons, arms (pretzels) and hat would be added to complete the project.

The snowman, hibernating bear and tree templates are found in the theme unit.

Snow Globe CraftPreschool and Kindergarten Craft 5 - The Mitten

After reading the book "The Mitten" by Jan Brett and the retelling of it in the emergent reader, the children would color, cut and decorate their own mitten.

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 6 - Snow Globe

After reading the book The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming to the children, the snow globe would be used as a follow-up activity.  The snow globe template would be painted blue with white drops of white for the snow.  After it dries, the snowman's hat and scarf would be colored and cut.  The snowman would be cut, assembled and glued on the snow globe.  Glitter glue could be added as a final touch.

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 7 - Dressing for the Winter

Winter Dressup CraftThe book The Jacket I Wear by Shirley Neitzel is a great book to use for a base in discussing proper clothing worn in the winter.  The craft project outlined below is a great follow-up to reading this book.

Version 1

The children color or paint the clothes on the body.  The body is cut (this would likely require adult intervention).  The child's head shot would be cut and added (this would require cropping to fit the body).  The children would color and cut the hat, scarf and assemble it to the body.

Version 2

The children would color the clothes on the body.  They would also add facial features (eyes, nose and mouth) to the head.  After, the body would be cut.  The children color the hat, scarf and cut it out.  This would be added to the body

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 8 - Polar Bear Silhouette CraftPolar Bear Silhouette Craft

The book The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett introduces arctic animals.  As a follow-up the children would complete the polar bear silhouette.  Strips of yellow, orange and green would be added for the background.  Black construction paper would be added for the base.  The bear template would be cut and glued on to complete the project.

Penguin CraftPreschool and Kindergarten Craft 9- Penguin Craft

The book  Emperor Penguin's New Clothes by Janet Periman is a humorous story that the children will enjoy.  After, the children will complete the penguin craft as a follow-up.  The paper would be taped down using painter's masking tape.  The background sky would be painted blue and sponge-painted white for snow.  The ground would remain white.  The penguin template would be traced and cut on black construction paper and glued to the paper.  The beak, feet, eyes and stomach would be colored, cut and added to the penguin template.

Science Connection

The photographs and information about the animals that made the mitten their home would be the focus here.  The children will be discussing and researching these animals  Further research about arctic animals and how they adapt could also be a great teaching and learning opportunity in relation to this theme.

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