Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas Projects

Preschool and Kindergarten Printables
The video in the link below demonstrates how emergent readers can be used to meet a number Pre-K curriculum outcomes.


Emergent Readers for Meeting Pre-K Curriculum
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New Readers Integrating Five Senses Theme

Reader 1- What Did Brown Bear See?
The reader What Did Brown Bear See? is a Christmas version of the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?.  This reader introduces the sense of sight and the initial sound of "Bb" within its story context.

Interactive Component
The students must find, cut and paste the correct picture that matches the text.  Each picture begins with the initial sound of "Bb".

Color Sample Version of Reader
What Did Brown Bear See?

Black and White Version of Reader What Did Brown Bear See? 

Reader 2- Sounds of Christmas
The reader Sounds of Christmas is a Christmas version of the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?.  This reader introduces the sense of hearing and the initial sound of "Pp" within its story context.

Color Sample Version of Sounds of Christmas

Black and White Version of Sounds of Christmas

Interactive Component
The students must find, cut and paste the correct picture that matches the text.  Each picture begins with the initial sound of "Pp".

Take Mouse to Movies Reader PagePreschool/Kindergarten Christmas Activities - Printable Reader 3
After reading the popular book If You Take A Mouse To The Movies by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond the children could discuss what senses were used in the book.  After the emergent reader Christmas Mouse would be used to model the reading process.  The story line in the reader is as follows and the suggested interactive component.
What happens when mouse goes to the mall? He smells the gingerbread cookies (ginger and cinnamon could be sprinkled on the cookie for the children to smell). He wants to taste one. He sees the tree. He wants to decorate one (children would decorate the tree as shown in the photo). He hears the bells. (little bells could be added for children to hear). He wants to shake one. He touches Santa's suit. (red felt could be glued to the suit for the children to feel). He wants to wear one. He is a Christmas

 Sample Page from the Reader

Preschool/Kindergarten Christmas Activities - Printable Reader 4

After reading "The Polar Express" the children can read together as a predictable chart or big book a follow-up to the story.  The reader tells what the boy sees when he goes for the ride.

The text reads as follows:

What did the boy see when he went on the Polar Express? Page 2 - The boy rode the Polar Express. Page 3 - He saw lights. Page 4 - He saw wolves. Page 5 - Polar Express PageHe saw mountains Page 6 - He saw the North Pole. Page 7  - He saw Santa and his elves. Page 8 - He saw the sleigh. Page 9 - He saw the silver bell. Page 10 - He saw the magic of Christmas.

Sample Page from the Emergent Reader

Preschool/Kindergarten Christmas - Five Senses

Christmas is a wonderful time to introduce the five senses.  There is so much to see, taste, smell, hear and feel. 

The poem below could also be used for this purpose.

My Christmas Senses Poem

Printable Emergent Reader Five
This reader  "Our Christmas Traditions" was specifically designed to introduce the concept of "traditions".  The character within the reader outlines her family's Christmas tradtions.  


Printable Emergent Six - Introduces Letter "Xx" and Rhyming The emergent reader introduces the letter "Xx" and rhyme within its story context.

Interactive Component
Fox plays rhymes on his xylopne.  In the reader the students must cut and paste the rhyming picture that corresponds to the one shown in the reader.

Readers Related to Children's Interactive Alphabet Song

Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas Crafts

Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas - Follow-up Craft Suggestions

Follow-up Christmas Craft Suggestions

Christmas Mouse

In the link below is a template to make the Christmas mouse shown in the photograph.  The mouse was painted, cut and assembled.  The other features shown were added.


Christmas Elf Craft - A Room Full of Elves        

This makes a wonderful bulletin board display or Christmas ornament (could be laminated and a string or pipe cleaner could be attached to hang it from the Christmas tree).

1.  Take a picture of each child's face. This will require cropping to approximately a 4 X6 head size (150 zoom).   
2.  Copy the elf template onto white card stock.  
3.  Have children color the elf .
4.  The hat, body and face is cut .
5.  Arrange the elf as shown in the picture and glue it together


Elf Writing Border
The students or a scribe would complete the  the related writing border... Elf, Elf what do your see?  I see_____under____tree.

Another Elf Craft and Writing Activity
The students would cut, assemble the elf template as displayed in the photograph using the templates provided.  This would be attached to the assoicated writing activity where the students are required to print what they would like to see under their Christmas tree.

Convincing Santa Wirting Activity
It is the the students job to convince Santa that they have practiced postive behavior all year so he will visit them.  The craft is completed as displayed in the photograph, where Santa is reading the convincing letter.

Christmas Sleigh Craft

This makes a delightful little treat holder for the little ones!

1.  Cut the top of a 150 ml milk carton.  2.  Trace the templates onto red construction paper 3.  Cut and glue the strip around the milk carton and then add the sides of the sleigh

4.  Color and cut out Santa and add him to the front of the sleigh.

5.  Add craft sticks to the base of the sleigh.

6.  Add colorful shreddings inside the container and fill it with delightful treats!

Stain Glass Craft

This craft looks gorgeous mounted on a window or a bulletin board.  Have the children choose a template. Copy the template on an overhead transparency.  Have the children color the template using permanent markers.  Glue gold or silver (tinfoil) behind the picture and you have a beautiful stained glass creation.

Christmas Craft Wreath

1.Copy the wreath template on p.12 of the Christmas theme book onto card stock.  Enough copies for each child in your classroom.  2.  Cut green tissue paper into small squares using the paper cutter (approximately 1 cm squares).  3.  Children paint the template green.  4.  Once the template is dry, it is cut out.  5.  Glue a red bow on top (optional).  6.  Children scrunch the tissue paper squares or shape them over the eraser part of a pencil. 7.  Dip the square into white glue 8.  Add the tissue paper onto the wreath.

Christmas Craft Dough Ornaments - Oatmeal Clay

Oatmeal clay was used to make the wreath ornament because this adds a little texture

Note:  If you wish to add food coloring to the clay, it works best to add it to the water.

1.  Mix all the ingredients together.  2.  Knead the dough on a floured surface until it is smooth and not sticky.  3.  Give each child a ball of dough.  4.  Have them roll it out and cut it out according to what shape you wish.  5.  It takes 1 - 2 days to dry.  Note:  make a hole at the top to insert something to hang the ornament with. 6.  Add the decorations (paint if you didn't use food coloring)

Christmas Stocking Shape Card 

This a good craft to do after reading the emergent reader Quietly, Quietly  found in the Christmas theme book on pages 16-19.

1.  Copy the template in the link below.  2.  Fold it in half and color or sponge paint the stocking red or use it as a tracer on red construction paper ( ensure it is letter-sized construction paper).  3.  Cut along the bold lines of the stocking part leaving the folded part uncut.  4.  Children can cut the outside and inside verses along the dotted lines in the links below. The pictures on the verses can be colored (optional) and glued to the outside and inside of the card.  5.  Glue on other decorations like tinsel, sequins and glitter glue.

Template for Stocking Shape Card

Stocking verses for the Card

Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas - Literacy Activities

Games Found in the Condensed Version of the Theme

What Toy Is Under the Tree?
Alphabet and Printing Game

The students must draw a picture card of a toy that they might find under the tree and determine the initial sound heard and what letter is associated with this sound and print it.  The game is over once each player has printed all the letters.

Racing Around the Christmas Tree Rhyming Game
The students race around the Christmas tree game board finding rhyming picture pairs.  The game is over once all the rhyming picture pairs have been matched.

Racing Around the Christmas Tree - Sight Word Game
Students roll a die and move around the Christmas tree game board, saying their focus sight words.

Vowel In the Middle Game
Students draw a CVC picture card and determine what vowel  letter they hear in the middle and mark this off on their  letter game board.

Preschool Kindergarten Writing - Santa Letter Shape Book

The children would color the upper part of the shape template, cut and write what has been assigned on the beard. In this example the teacher scribed what the child dictated to her (letter to Santa).

Alphabet and Math Printable and Smart Board Games


The video demonstrates several games available used to review alphabet lettters and sounds, as well, introduce the math concept of "more or less".  These are available in printable versions and for the Smart Board.

Alphabet and Math Review Games on YouTube

Math Books

Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas Activities - Math

Common Core Outcomes

The students will be identifying and printing numbers to 20.  They will also be identifying if they are more, less or equals to.

Preschool-Kindergarten Math Program

If you are a member, you can follow the Math Focus program that has been specifically developed for meeting the curriculum instead of the above math activities.


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