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Printable Emergent Reader Book 'How Fires Start"

The printable emergent reader book How Fires Start  (sample page in link below) was specifically designed for young learners. The book is found in the How Fires Start Reader Pagemembers' area and in the "Five Senses and Safety" theme book.  It introduces the children to the concept of how fires begin which leads to follow-up discussions on how they can do their part in preventing fires.  The reader is designed to be used as a shared or guided reading experience to not only model the reading process but also to encourage further discussions.

Sample Page Color Version

Sample page Black and White Version

The text reads:  How do fires start?  Matches can start fires.  Campfires can start fires.  Fireplaces can start fires.  Cigarettes can start fires.  Lightning can start fires.  Candles can start fires.  Stoves can start fires.  Firemen can stop fires.  Rain can stop fires. 


Matches - are not to be played with.

Campfire - don't get too close to the burning fire and ensure it is out before leaving it unattended.

Fireplace - don't get too close to the burning fire and keep the screen closed.

Firefighter Dressup CraftCigarettes - should not be left burning unattended.

Lightning - go to a safe spot away from water.

Candles - should not be left burning unattended.

Stoves - flammable materials should not be left on the stove.

Kindergarten and Preschool Fire Safety Crafts and Lesson Plans

Follow-up Fire Safety Craft  

This is a wonderful follow-up craft to introducing the emergent reader and the related safety practices. The children become a room full of firefighters.  A photograph is displayed on the left.  

Instructions for Fire Safety Craft

This makes a wonderful fire safety bulletin board display. The children pretend they are now firefighters.

Firefighter Hat CraftFire Safety Craft - A More Simple Version

This offers a simpler version to the above craft.

Instructions for Fire the Safety Craft

1.  Color, paint and cut the firefighter's hat
2.  Glue this on the circle provided
3.  Complete the project by having each child draw their own face  

Fire Truck Craft #1

Children can pretend they are driving a fire truck.Fire Truck Craft

Instructions for Fire Safety Craft

Children color or paint the fire truck.  Color or paint the fire hat.  Cut out the hat and glue it on the half circle. Complete the project by having each child draw their own face

Fire Truck Craft #2 - Assemble a Fire Truck

In the members' area and theme book you will find simple shape templates to assemble the fire truck.  Children color, paint or trace the fire truck shapes onto construction paper.  Cut the shapes and assemble them to make a similar fire truck as displayed in the photo.  Add finishing details

Fire Hydrant Freddy Craft

This craft is meant to instill what they learned through reading the emergent reader and discussions on how they can help prevent fires.

Children paint or color the fire hydrant accordingly.  Draw facial features to look like Fire Hydrant Freddy. Cut the fire hydrant.  Complete the project by having children dictate a safety rule to an adult for printing on the bottom of the fire hydrant. Example:  Fire Fighter Freddy says:   Never play with matches

Stop, Drop and Roll Activity

This is an important concept for young children to learn.  Most children think that if their clothes started on fire that they would run to a parent, it is important for children to understand that this is a dangerous solution.  The experiment below is a good introduction to why this is not a good solution.

Experiment - What will happen if you cover a candle with a jar?

Explain that a fire needs air in order to keep burning, demonstrate this by having them observe a burning candle.  Once they have observed the candle burning cover the flame with a clear jar.  The candle will discontinue burning because it does not have air.  Explain this is why we do not run when our Fire Hydrant Craftclothes start on fire. The first thing is to stop the fire from burning and this can be done by rolling.

Acting Out Stop, Drop and Roll

Have children color or paint and cut out the flame in the link below. Attach the flame by taping it to each child's back.  Have them stop, drop and roll until the flame falls off.

Flame Picture

Stop, Drop and Roll Song

Sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice

Dialling 911 Telephone CraftStop, drop, and roll!                         Remember these words can save your life!

Stop, drop and roll!                          Just stay calm and always remember this!

Don't ever run.                                  Stop, drop, and roll!

Don't ever run.                                  Stop, drop and roll!

Connection to Literature

The book Stop, Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by Arthur Howard is a wonderful book to read to the children in conjunction with the Fire Safety Theme.  It not only teaches the concept of safety but also does it in a way that children will find it entertaining.

Safety At Home

Dialing 911 - Connection to Literature

After reading the book It's Time to Call  911:   What to Do in an Emergency by Inc. Penton Overseas, the craft shown in the photograph above would be a great follow-up safety activity. It is important for children to learn what they must do if they encounter a dangerous situation and an adult is not present.  It is just as important that they realize that is number is not dialed (pressed) unless it is an emergency.  Have children make their own phones as shown in the photograph.  Discuss instances when this number should be used and when it should not.  Have children do this using their own phones and pretend to press the number.

Template of the phone and numbers for the phone can be found in the members' area or theme book.   Children can paint, color or trace it onto black construction paper.  After, the numbers can be cut and glued on.

Safety Sorting GameSafety at Home

Read the book Safety at Home by Lucia Raatma.  In the members' area or theme book you will find enlarged color pictures of potentially dangerous objects, these would be a great follow-up safety activity to reading the book.  These are to be used for discussion purposes (iron, bleach, poison, matches, knife, steaming pot, electrical outlet, pills, barbecue, lighter and roasting wieners). After, the pictures could be posted on a bulletin board and used for the reading center or Read Around the Room Activity.  The children would point and read the word representing the picture.  They could discuss with a friend why this object or product could be dangerous.

Also in the members' area there are both color and black and white pictures of objects that could be potentially dangerous and others that would not be (a smaller version). The children can sort the pictures accordingly, are they potentially dangerous or safe? This makes for a great learning center activity.

Sample of Discussion Picture

Bicycle Safety Activities - Connection to Literature

After, reading the book I Can Ride a Bike by Edna Eckart the following craft activity would provide a great follow-up.  You could also use the emergent reader The Bike Book  found in the members' area or theme book.Bike Helmet Craft

Instructions for the Safety Craft

 Bicycle Safety Activity - Printable Book for Kindergarten and Preschool

In the members' area or theme book you will find a printable bicycle safety book called The Bike Book.  The printable book points out parts of a bike but also stresses the importance of wearing a helmet.  The text is repetitive and predictable making it perfect to teach beginning reading skills or teach Kindergarten guided reading.

The text reads:  Handlebars on my bike, Brakes on my bike, A bell on my bike. A chain on my bike, Pedals on my bike, Wheels on my bike, A basket on my bike, Most important, a helmet on my head.

Interactive Component part of the book - The children are to draw their facial features and design their own helmet like the safety craft activity.

Sample Page from printable book The Bike Book

Literacy Center - Phonemic Awareness Activity

The above pictures have words printed on them.  In the members' area or theme book you will find matching word cards.  Have the children match the word to the picture. This is an excellent activity for developing visual discrimination skills.
Fire Safety Dog Number Math

Kindergarten and Preschool Shapes Activity

Math Center #1 - Fire Truck Shape Craft

 Fire truck #2 displayed above would be a good math activity.  Discuss what shapes were used to make the fire truck. Explore more shapes found in their environment.

Math Center #2  - Fire Safety Dog - One-to-One Number Correspondence for Kindergarten and Preschool

Each child draws spots on their fire safety dog (could be Sparky).  They count the spots as they draw them. After, they switch cards with a friend and see if they can count the correct amount.  These cards could be laminated  reused using erasable felts (the dog templates are found in the members' area or related theme book ).

All Templates and Emergent Readers for the Above Activities are Found in the Members' Area and "Five Senses and Safety" theme book. 

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