Remembrance Day Crafts

Hands of Peace Craft

Hands of Peace CraftEstelle (a member) provided the bulletin board display on the left.  This would be great to use in conjunction with Remembrance Day.  Help the children understand how they can contribute in keeping peace.  Peace begins with their interactions with others.  The Earth template can be found in the link below.  Children would trace their hand imprint, cut and at it to the earth template as displayed in the photograph.  This resembles hands of peace.

 Earth Template Color

Earth Template Black and White

Remembrance Day Wreath Craft   Remembrance Day Wreath

The templates in the links below can be colored, painted or traced onto construction paper to make a Remembrance Day wreath as displayed in the picture to the right.

Wreath Template

Small Poppies for the Wreath

Large Poppies

Remembrance Day Cross Craft and Poem

Remembrance Day Craft and PoemThe cross, poppy and poem templates can be found in the links below to make the craft displayed to the left.

The poem reads:

Here is the cross

To remind us of our loss

Of the soldiers who diedDoor Hanger Craft and Poem

to save me and you!

Cross Craft Template

Remembrance Day Door Hanger Craft and Poem

In the link below you will find the template and poem to make the Remembrance Day door hanger craft displayed below:


Hands Poppy WreathEven though we are young                                         

We have something that needs to be hung           

This is a symbol to say

We must work for PEACE each day!

Door Hanger Craft

Hands Poppy Wreath   

Children can trace and cut out their hands on green construction paper (4 times).  The hands are joined and glued together.  Add the large poppy found in the template above.

+Elaine Engerdahl

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