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Five Emergent Readers

Printable Reader 1- By the Big Red Barn

This reader is a simple retelling of the book "Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown.  After reading the book and emergent reader, a discussion would take place about the animals mentioned in the book.  Literacy, counting and sorting activities would follow.

Reader Sample - Color

Reader Sample - Black and White

Printable Reader 2 - The Giving Farm

This reader develops the concept of how farming contributes to our well being.  Example:  We get wheat from the the farm fields that are used to make bread.

Sample Page from the Reader - Color Version

Sample Page from the Reader - Black and White Version

New Printable Reader 3 - Retelling of Rosie's Walk

This reader is a simple retelling of the well known book "Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins to be used as a follow-up shared reading experience after the book has been read.

Sample Page of "Retelling of Rosie's Walk"

Printable Reader 4 - Everyone Helps Out

This reader was also used in the Fairy Tale theme.  This is a retelling of the story "The Little Red Hen" only all the farm animals help out.  This book is meant to demonstrate the character virtue of being helpful and kind.

New Printable Reader 5 - Mrs. Wishy Washy's Surprise

This is a fun little reader where Mrs. Wishy Washy finds funny creatures in her tub. The text is patterned and predictable with high focus on sight words.    As a follow-up the students would make their own version of the story from the template provided in the member site.  It is a pattern story similar to the emergent reader.

More Mrs. Wishy-Washy Ideas


Preschool and Kindergarten Games for Literacy

Identify and Print

Place a plastic page protector over the printing sheet so it can be reused using an erasible marker.  This is a partner game.  Each player is given a printing sheet.  The players are also given a set of alphabet picture cards (2 pictures per letter).  Each player takes a turn drawing a picture card.  They must print the letter that represents the initial letter sound.  If they draw a picture of a letter that has already been printed on their printing board, this is placed in the discarded pile to be used after all the cards have been drawn. The game is over once when one player has completed printing all the letters.

Rhyming Matching Game

Each player partner would be given their own playing board.  Partner players would take turns drawing a picture card, if they draw a card that matches with a picture on their game board, they cover that picture, if it does not match it goes in the discarded pile to play later.

Math Words to Farm Animals
Students can match word to the farm animal pictures.

Match Words to Farm Animals
Students can match word to the farm animal picture file found in the "Condensed Version" of the theme book.

Vowel Review Fun Game 

Since the "Farm" theme is a supplementary unit which is meant to be used after the "Alphabet Program" has been completed, the children would be familiar to the vowel sounds.  This game expands upon their knowledge of this concept.  Each player has a game card (partner game).  They each take a turn picking up a vowel letter from the container and decide where to place it.  The first person to have their vowel letters properly placed on the game board would be the winner.  If they pick up a joker, it is placed back in the container and it is the other player's turn. For example:  If they pick up the letter "i" this would be placed on the picture of the pig.

Letter Focus Sounds of "sh or ch"

The enlarged pictures beginning in "sh or ch" sounds would be used for phonemic awareness activities outlined in the lesson plans or for sorting.  After, the "Focus Sound Game" would be played.  If a child lands on a picture beginning with the focus sound ("sh" in Week 1 and "ch" in Week 2) they collect a bingo chip.  The game continues until all the bingo chips have been collected.  The person with the most bingo chips is the winner.

Farm Sight Word Game

Playing partners would take turns rolling a die and moving their game player accordingly.  They would say the name of the sight word that they landed on.  If they landed on a donkey they would lose a turn.

Preschool and Kindergarten Crafts and  Writing

Preschool and Kindergarten Writing -  How the Farmer Helps Us

After reading the emergent reader the "Giving Farm" the students could complete the farmer craft and writing activity displayed in the photograph.  They would write how the farming industry helps us.

Preschool and Kindergarten Writing - Mrs. Wishy Washy's Surprise
The students would complete the craft project displayed after reading the emergent reader "Mrs. Wishy Washy's Surprise".  After, they would write their own version on the story by telling what unusual character Mrs. Wishy Washy found in her tub.

Preschool and Kindergarten Writing  -  City/Town or Country?

The children will be comparing living in the city/town to the country. Each day the children will take turns telling where they would prefer to live and why (city/town or country).  The teacher would be writing what they say and printing this on chart paper.   After, the children will be printing this on the writing template provided on page 34 in Suggested Centers and Week 1 Craft Templates.  This can be posted next to the craft project "City/Town or Country Mouse."


Farm Smart Board ActivitySmart Board Activities

The students will match the word to the picture using their knowledge of their alphabet sounds.  The students will also drag the correct vowel letter to complete the word that matches the picture.  This allows them to practice their knowledge of CVC sounds.

View on YouTube Farm Smart Board Activities

Preschool and Kindergarten Math Common Core Objectives

This theme addresses the common core outcomes outlined below:

-I can tell if a group has great than, less than or an equal amount   K.CC.B.6,
-I can compare two printed numerals between 1-10.  K.CC.B.7
-I can write numbers 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers  K.CC.A.3
-I can count 20 things.  K.CC.B.5
-I can add and subtract in different ways.  K.0A.A.1
-I can solve addition and subtraction problems up to 10.  K.0A.A.2
-I can show sums in different ways.  K.0A.A.1
-I can add and subtract up to 10 (using drawings, fingers or manipulatives).  K.OA.A.4
-I can name shapes no matter which way they are turned.  K.G.A.2
-I know some shapes are 2D and 3D.   K.G.A

Barnyard Silhouette Craft Preschool and Kindergarten Farm Crafts

Preschool and Kindergarten Crafts for Week 1

Connection to Literature - Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown

Barnyard Silhouette Craft

After reading the book "Big Red Barn" to the children, the barnyard silhouette craft would be completed. The children would choose which animal from theRosie's Walk Craft story they would like to use to complete the project (they have 12 to choose from). After, painter's masking tape would be placed around the picture on cardboard to prevent it from curling.     The ground would be painted black, the sky yellow with hints of red on top and the barn would be painted red to complete the project.

Connection to Literature - Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins 

Rosie's Walk Craft

Painter's masking tape would be secured around the paper on cardboard to prevent it from curling.  The sky would be painted blue and the base green for the grass.  Tracers would be made in advance (on card stock).  The children would trace the hen's body parts on construction paper, cut and assemble as displayed in the photograph.  Prior to gluing, the legs would be painted and then the body glued to the paper.

Corn Field Silhouette CraftConnection to Literature - Farming by Gail GibbonsWhat Farms Give Us Craft

Corn Field Silhouette

Painter's masking tape would be secured around the paper on cardboard to prevent it from curling. The base would be painted black for the soil and the sky painted yellow with hints of red on top.  Corn would be painted beside the scarecrow.

Connection to Literature - Flip Flap Farm by Usborne books

Silhouette of What Do Farms Give Us?

The book "Flip Flap Farms" by Usborne books is  great to use for introducing children to the concept of how farms are important to us because of the products they provide.  This craft project can be introduced after using the emergent reader "The Giving Farm".  The rectangular template Horse Craftwould be sponge-painted.  After, the silhouette pictures would be cut and glued on.  The children would share what each of the pictures Farmer Craftrepresent.

Example:  Silhouette picture of bread and grain (bread comes from the wheat on a farm).

Note:  All the templates are found within the "Farm" theme.

Farmer Craft

Connection to Literature - "The Farmer" by Mark Ludy

The book "The Farmer" by Mark Ludy is a wonderful book to introduce the concept of the hardships that farmers can face and also about perseverance and compassion.  After, the farmer craft could be completed.  The children would color the body and hat.  A head shot would be added (would require cropping).  In the other version they would draw the face instead.  The farmer would be assembled  and cut as displayed in the photographs.

Lamb CraftHorse Craft - Displayed Above

The horse template provided would be used as a tracer.  The children would trace the outline on brown or black construction paper.  After a tail and mane would be added as displayed in the photograph.

Lamb Craft

The lamb would be cut and cotton balls would be added for the wool.

Preschool and Kindergarten Farm Crafts for Week 2 - Barnyard Tales Duck Puppet

Preschool and Kindergarten Craft 1 

Hen PuppetLittle Red Hen Stick Puppets

The head templates of the characters found in the story "Little Red Hen" would be painted, colored and facial features added.  After, the templates would be glued to a craft stick.  The children would use these to reenact the story.

All templates to complete the crafts are found within the theme unit.

Little Red Hen MasksCat Puppet

The enlarged templates would be painted, colored and facial features added to make masks.  The children would use the masks to reenact the story.

City/Town or Country Mouse Craft

Connection to Literature - "Town Mouse, Country Mouse" by Jan Brett

Country Mouse CraftThis would be completed after reading a version of the literature selection "Town Mouse, Country Mouse" by Jan Brett (could be another version).

Country Scene

The barn template would taped around using painter's masking tape.  This prevents the picture from curling.  The sky behind the City Mouse Craftbarn would be painted shades of yellow and orange to the ground.  The ground would be painted black.  The templates of the mice would be added.

City Scene

Half the paper is painted blue representing the sky and the base green representing the grass.  After, building and window outlines would be painted black.  The mice would be added.

TGolden Goose Crafthe Golden Goose Craft

This project would be completed after reading a version of "The Golden Goose" to the children. The paper would be secured with painter's masking tape.  The top part of the picture would be painted blue.  The bottom representing water would be sponge-painted different shades of blue and green.  Waves would be colored in.  Using the goose template, the children would trace this on gold wrapping paper.  After, this would be cut out  and glued to the water scene.Ugly Duckling Silhouette Craft

The Ugly Duckling Craft Silhouette

This craft project would be completed after reading a version of "The Ugly Duckling". The paper would be secured with painter's masking tape.  The top part of the paper would be painted stripes of orange and red.  The swan template would be traced onto black construction paper and cut.  This would be added to the scene.  Black construction paper would be added to the base of the pictures (representing water).


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