First Day Pre-K and Kindergarten Lesson Plans

Friendship Theme

These theme lesson plans are perfect to use at the beginning of the school year.  Your eager young learners will be thrilled when they begin reading the simple and predictable readers found within this theme.  The activities within this theme focus on easing into the classroom environment, getting to know names and exposure to the alphabet letters and their related sounds.

Includes (Duration Two Weeks)

- 87 page theme pack, focusing on easing into the classroom, names and alphabet activities
- 4 emergent readers and a bonus shape reader
- 8 craft templates
- 8 games and literacy center ideas and templates
- 4 math outcomes addressed
- Smart Board activities


Total of Four Emergent Readers That Address Key Learning Concepts 

  • Understanding the difference between words and letters, tracking, understanding progression from left to right and top to bottom in reading.
  • Focus in these readers is to help the students ease into the classroom while becoming familiar with the reading process, learning about friends and the alphabet letters
  • Focus on identifying letters of the alphabet 
  • The readers are predictable, which allows young learners to become confident in their ability to learn the reading process


Featured Emergent Readers

Emergent Reader - A Retelling of the Kissing
Teaches overcoming nervousness

This reader initiates a discussion on overcoming nervousness

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Left to right progression in reading
2.  What a word is

>Video Explains About First Day and Week of Lesson Plans


Emergent Reader - How to Get Rid of the Jiggle Worms
Teaches overcoming nervousness

This reader reader  is also used to help overcome nervousness but does it in an action format.  While reading the text the students would do the actions implied to overcome nervousness (overcoming the jiggle worms).

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  What a word is
2.  Understanding that text has meaning (implied by the actions)

Emergent Reader - Family of Friends
A great way for students to meet each other and learn their names

This is an interactive reader where the students must go around the classroom finding a new person to print their name within the reader to complete it.

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  Printing names
2.  Getting to know each other

Emergent Reader - Chica, Chica, Boom, Boom
Learning the letter names

This is meant to project on your interactive whiteboard and practice saying the names of the letters in a rhythmic and action format.

Suggested Focus Concepts

1.  What a word is
2.  Learning the letter names

Preschool and Kindergarten Literacy Centers Overview

The Friendship  theme pack includes a number of literacy games. The following is a quick list of all the games, materials and center activities included within the pack.

-  Name matching

-  Making names

-  Identifying first letters of names

-  Name sorting

-  Matching Letters

-  Matching lower and upper-case letters

-  Matching words to letters and pictures

-  Phonemic awareness game

Phonemic Awareness Game
Matching Words to Picture and Letters


Preschool and Kindergarten Math Outcomes Addressed

- I know a number represents an amount of objects.    KCC.B.4

- I know the last number I say is the number of objects, even if I arrange them differently.   KCC.B.4b

- I know when I count the number gets bigger.   KCC.B.4c

- I can count 20 things.  KCC.B5


Examples of Craft Templates and Materials Included


Kissing Hand Craft
Friendship Writing
Friendship Garden
Joining Friends


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