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In the link below you will find weekly Literacy Center plans.

Weekly Literacy Center Lesson Plans

Intial Letter and Sound Recognition Activities

Alphabet Picture Cards
As a member of the Kinderplans website you will have access to over 156 alphabet picture cards.  There are approximately 6 pictures per letter sheet.  I have outlined  a number of ways these cards can be used in your Literacy Centers.  The pictures cards have been carefully selected so they can be copied in either color or black and white.

Picture Sorting Mat
Students choose a picture card and place it on the sorting mat according to the correct letter.

Sensory Experience Sound Sorting
The picture cards could be placed in a tub of rice and the students are required to find one and place it on the mat according to the beginning sound.

Pocket Chart Sort
Students could sort the pictures on a pocket chart according to their initial letter sounds.

Identify and Print
Place a plastic page protector over the printing sheet so it can be reused using an erasable marker.  This is a partner game.  Each player is given a printing sheet.  The players are also given a set of alphabet picture cards (2 pictures per letter).  Each player takes a turn drawing a picture card.  They must print the letter that represents the initial letter sound.  If they draw a picture of a letter that has already been printed on their printing board, this is placed in the discarded pile to be used after all the cards have been drawn. The game is over once when one player has completed printing all the letters.

Printing board and alphabet picture cards found on the member site.

Cartoon Picture Cards Initial Sound Recognition and Phonemic Awareness Activities

These pictures are related to the Alphabet Sight Word Readers and Animated Alphabet Video.

Animated Alphabet Video

Card Pickup Partner Game
Partners take a turn picking up a cartoon picture card and say the name of the letter and the sound.  They can use the picture as a clue of the sound made by that letter.  They can collect a bingo chip if they can say the letter name and another bingo chip if they can say the sound that represents that name.  The object of the game is to see who can collect the most bingo chips.  Templates found on the member site.

Phonemic Awareness Board Game

Rolling Dice Phonics Game
I have included a link to a game I use to assist students in developing the skill of hearing initial letter sounds.  I also send this link to my parents in my monthly newsletters so they can play the game at home as well.  

How to Play the Game
This is a partner game that would need to be monitored by an adult (this is why it is a good game to play at home).   Each student takes a turn rolling a die and move their game player accordingly.  They must say the name of the picture they land on and verbally tell what sound they hear first.

Rolling Dice Phonics Game

Rolling Dice Sound Letter Recognition Game

The board game above would be used.  The students would be given one of the game cards below.  They roll a die and mark off the letter that represents that sound on their game card found in the links below:

Card Sets

Customized Spinning Top Board Game
My students really enjoy this activity.  Cut and paste the picture cards provided on the board, that you wish to focus initial letter sounds. This is a partner game.   Each partner takes a turn spinning the top.  They must identify the letter that corresponds to this picture where the top lands and mark this off (using a bingo chip) on their game board chart.  The game is over once the game board chart is full.  Template found on the member site.

Classroom Alphabet Book

 This has become our classroom "Alphabet Book".  Each letter within the book is related to the animated video and all the alphabet readers found within the program.  This is placed in one of the literacy centers for the students to look at and read.

Follow-up Activities
The students would match the alphabet letter to the correct picture.  They could use the "Alphabet Book" as a guide.  These are related to the animateld alphabet video.

Review All Alphabet Letter Games

Review, review and review.  Once all the alphabet letters and their corresponding sounds have been introduced, I find it necessary to continuously review these throughout the year.  The games below are a fun way for students to reveiw alphabet letters and their corresponding sounds.

Hunting for A Dinosaur Alphabet Review Game
This is a partner game.  Each player is given a picture game board as displayed in the photograph (black and white version also available).  Each game board has different pictures representing different initial sounds.  The players are also given different colored bingo chips.  Each player takes a turn rolling a die and moves that many spaces on the game track.  If they land on a letter representing a picture on their game board, then they can mark this picture off.  If they do not have the picture, they miss their turn.  The game is over once one player has their game board covered in bingo chips.

Click Here to View Video on Smart Board Version of the Game

New Dig for the Dinosaur Bones

Print the letters of the alphabet (could be sight words) on dog bones.  These would be hidden in the sand or rice tub.  The students must dig for the bones and carefully wipe the sand off them.  After, they must match it to the correct picture (in pocket chart) as displayed in the photograph.  Picture cards found in the theme unit and under heading "Alphabet Program - Alphabet Pictures" on the member site.

New Search for the Valuable Gems
Print the alphabet letters on decorative gems (found at dollar stores) and place these in a container.  The students must take kitchen tong and try to pick up a gem without looking (great for fine motor development).  After, they take the gem and match it to the correct picture found on the board (available on the member site).

Variaition of the Game

Don't Crack the Egg Alphabet Sound Recognition Game - Great Fine-Motor Activity!
Place plastic Easter eggs in an egg carton.  In each egg place a gem with the alphabet letters printed on them.  I found these nifty large clothespins at the Dollar store.  Students take a turn lifting an egg out of the carton using the clothespin.  If they are able to lift the egg without cracking it open, they can keep the gem that is inside and place it on the correct picture representing the initial sound of the letter (picture board displayed above which is available on the member site).  The egg can be discarded once the gem has been released.  The object of the game is to match the correct letter gem to its corresponding picture and improve fine-motor.

Alphabet Knowledge Activities

Matching Acitivities

Alphabet Bears for Younger Children

Alphabet Bear Matching

The bear cards are cut and shuffled.  The children are to match the bears with the same alphabet letters.

Matching Alphabet

Alphabet Bears for Older Children

The bears are cut and shuffled.  The children are to match the upper-case letters to the correct lower case letters. The bears could also be placed in the correct alphabet order.

Match Upper-Case and Lower-Case

lphabet Ordering Activities

 Alphabet Letters
The letters below can be used for the students to place in the correct order in the pocket chart.  They can also be use for identification flash cards.

Alphabet Ordering Letters 

Alphabet Picture Ordering
The students could place the alphabet picture cards in the correct alphabet order.  The pictures are the characters introduced in the animated alphabet video.

Another Alphabet Ordering Game - Great to Play at the Beginning of the Year!
Decorative rocks would have the alphabet letters printed on them, they would be placed in a rice tub to dig out or using a bubble gum machine (look at sight word game outlined below).  The students would order the rocks in the correct alphabet order as shown on the mat template.

Rhyming Activities

Rhyming Books
There are a number of printable rhyming books found within the members' site.  Posted below is a sample one.

Rhyming PicturesIn my newsletters I often discuss the importance of phonemic awareness and how it is related to reading success.  Understanding rhyme is an important component of developing this phonemic awareness.  In the links below you will find printable books that can be used for a shared reading experience to introduce or develop the concept of rhyme.

Rhyme Time Printable Reader

Another Rhyme Time Emergent Reader Printable Book


As a member of the site you will have access to more preschool and kindergarten rhyming activities, including 36 rhyming picture pairs as shown in the photograph.

Rhyming Clip Matching Game
Use the rhyming picture cards to create the game displayed on the right.  Glue a rhyming picture card to a cothespin.  The students must clip the correct picture to the rhyming partner.

Rhyming Card Game

There is a total of 36 rhyming picture pairs as displayed in the  photograph above.  These would be used to introduce the concept of rhyme.  After, the children have gained an understanding of this concept, the cards could be placed in the Literacy Center for the children to play matching games on their own.

       Smart Board Version of the Game

        Click Here to View on YouTube


Students will roll the die and the Smart Board and move their players to the corresponding rhyming picture.  There are two games available.  This could be a more competitive game where the person who has has the most rhyming matches is the winner or a cooperation game where they work together to find the rhyming matches.  The video demonstrates how the game is played.  Site members are able to download the Smart Board game under the heading Reading and then Literacy Centers.

Spin-A-Rhyme Game
Playing partners take turns spinning a top and matching the rhyming picture they landed, to that found found on the game board chart.   The game is over when all the rhyming matches have been marked off.


CVC Writing and Reading Activities

45 CVC Picture Cards for Individual Game Creation
The 45 CVC picture cards that are provided  allow you to create your own games.  I have the students draw the word card, read it  and place it on the matching picture.  I have stronger students print the word associated with the picture.

Sight Word Activities

Alphabet Sight Word Readers
The alphabet sight word readers were designed to not only introduce and review iniitial letters and their corresponding sounds but also to introduce pre-primer and primer sight words.  I believe very strongly that sight words should always be introduced within a meaningful context prior to completing the activities outlined below.

Sight Word Game

The sight words would be printed on the spinner board and chart.  Each player would have their own chart.  The children would would spin the top. They must say the name of the sight word that it lands on and mark this off on the chart. The first person to have their chart marked off is the winner.  They could also print the word each time they land on it.

Note:  In the photograph the top was placed in a aluminum pie plate to control the path of it.  It takes a little practice for the children to learn how to use the spinning top but once they learn how, this will keep them quite occupied. 

Roll A Number Sight Word
Students roll a number die. I use a 10-sided number die but you can use a blank die instead.  This will vary depending how many numbers you expect the students to know.  They must say the sight word that represents that number using the “Sight Word Chart” as displayed.  I place the chart in a page protector.  If the student is able to say the sight word that represents that number, they can mark this off using an erasable marker.  A blank game board can be found in the link below:

Sight Word Number Game Board

 Bubble Gum Fun Star Sight Word Game 

Decorative rocks would be used in place of gum balls or bubble gum and placed inside the gum ball or bubble game machine.  Children would take turns inserting a coin and twisting the dial to make the rock(s) roll out.  If the rock(s) have a star on it, then it would be placed on the printable version of their machine game board (shown in the photgraph).  They must also say the name of the sight word.  The object of the game is to see who can fill their gum ball machine game board first with rocks.  Rocks that do not have stars on them would be discarded.

Alphabet Game Version
The game would be played similar to the above but instead the alphabet letters would be printed on the decorative rocks.  The students would place the correct letter on the alphabet picture board displayed above.

Another Sight Word Board Game

Students take a turn rolling a die.  They must say the name of the sight word they landed on and print it (the amount you specify).  Once they have printed each word the number of times specified, the game is completed.  Game board found on the member site.

Stacking Sight Word or Alphabet Ordering Tower
Print sight words on plastic cups.  As students stack the cups, they must say the sight word.  How high of sight word tower can they build?   Students could also align the tower according to abc ordering

Digging for Valuable Gems
Write sight words on larger clear accent gems (found at the dollar store).   Place these in salt or rice tub or another sensory experience.  Students dig for the gems.  Each time they find a gem, they must read the word on it and place it on their game board.  The game is over once a player has their board filled with gems.  See who found the most gems.

Scooping for Popcorn Words Challenge
Print your focus sight or popcorn words on the chart provided (in member site or literacy book).  Also, print the words on the popcorn templates provided.  It is best to copy the popcorn words on to cardstock and laminate.  Multiple copies of the words should be made and cut.  Place these in a popcorn container (seen these at the dollar store).  The object of the game is to scoop as many popcorn words as possible from the popcorn container with a big spoon.  Each time they set a popcorn word on the chart, they must say that word.  The game is over once  the chart has been filled with all the popcorn words.  How many scoops did it take to fill the chart with popcorn words?  At the end, the students must say each popcorn word while placing it back into the popcorn container.

Dont' Crack the Egg Sight Word Game - Great for Developing Fine-Motor!
I found this really nifty set of large clothespins at the Dollar store that are perfect for this game.  You can also use large tweezers. Print your focus sight words on the plastic Easter eggs and place these in an egg carton.  Students take turns picking up the egg without cracking the egg open (not that easy).  If they are able to say the sight word and not crack it during lifting and returning it back into the carton, they score a point  and mark this off on their sight word chart (found on the member site).

 Stegosaurus Sight Word Game
Trace the stegosaurus template on to cardstock, print focus sight words and laminate. Students take turns grabbing clothespins from a container, if they select the chosen sight word it is placed on stegosaurus.  The game continues until stegosaurus has all his plates (clothespins). 

View on YouTube Sight Word Games and Activities

Sight Word Partner Board Game Three
The game board would have the focus sight word or words printed on it.  Each player takes a turn rolling a die. Each time a player lands on the focus sight word(s) they would say the word and mark this off on their game chart.  The first person to have their game chart completed would be the winner.

Sight Word DiceRoll the Sight Word(s) Partner Game
The cube in the link below would be copied on card stock, assembled and focus sight word(s) printed on it..  Each player would take a turn rolling the die; if they land on the focus sight word they would say it and mark it off on their game chart.

Sight Word Die

Draw the Sight Word(s)
Place multiple copies of the focus sight word cards in a deck upside down.  Each time they draw the sight word(s) from the pile they say the word and mark this off on their game chart.

Sight Word Cards - Pre-Primer

Sight Word Card - Primer

Make the Word
The students can make the word using alphabet stamps, magnetic letters or tiles.

Sight Word Activities on Pinterest
In the link below you will find more sight word activities that I have pinned on my pinterest board.  These are ideas from other sites.

Sight Word Ideas on Pinterest

Farm Smart Board ActivityVowel Fun Activities Smart Board

The students will match the word to the picture using their knowledge of their alphabet sounds.  The students will also drag the correct vowel letter to complete the word that matches the picture.  This allows them to practice their knowledge of CVC sounds.

View on YouTube Farm Smart Board Activities

Printable Vowel Fun Activity
Vowel sounds are the most difficult for the children to hear.  If you have access to a Smart Board the students can practice the actvity as outlined in the video above.

This game expands upon their knowledge of this concept.  Each player has a game card (partner game).  They each take a turn picking up a vowel letter from the container and decide where to place it.  The first person to have their vowel letters properly placed on the game board would be the winner.  If they pick up a joker, it is placed back in the container and it is the other player's turn. For example:  If they pick up the letter "i" this would be placed on the picture of the pig.

Another option is to place the sheets in a plastic protector and have the students print the correct vowel using an erasible marker.  This activity can contiually be reused.

More CVC Games and Activities

CVC Activities and Game - 45 CVC Picture Cards

As a member of the site you will have access to 45 CVC picture cards.  These picture cards can be used to match on a pocket chart, write and read the word.  There are many uses for these picture cards.  The word cards supplied could be drawn from a pile and placed on the correct CVC picture.

Poker Chip CVC Letter Game
A picture card along with the letters printed on poker chips would be placed in a plastic bag.  The students would be given a Making Words mat.  They would be required to place the letters in the correct order that represent the picture.  After, they would read the word.  This is an independent activity the students can do at the Literacy Centers while you work with a small group of students.  Since there are 24 CVC picture cards, there could be that many bags available for the students to use.  If you cover the mat with a plastic protector, the students could print the word using an erasible marker.

Making Words Mat

Print Awareness Litearcy
Making CVC Words

The CVC picture cards can be used to make words or print words as displayed in the picture above .  There are CVC picture cards with and without the words.

Print Awareness and Independent Reading

Making Sentences
Take pages from the alphabet sight words readers and have students arrange the words according to the sentence displayed within the reader.

Independent Reading Emergent Readers
Each time an emergent reader is read during shared and guided readed, a copy of the reader is placed in the Literacy Center for the students to read independently.  Since there has been a great deal activities and readings related to the selection, many of the students can now read these on their own.  I  copy each reader on cardstock using the color version, laminate and bind it. The reader is added to the classroom library.

Alphabet Sight Word Emergent Readers

Word Family Activities

Word Family Game - "et" Word Family

The wheel is place on card stock paper with a fastener The children would spin the wheel clockwise starting with the letter "p".  After the wheel has Word-Famlily-at-Literacy-Centersbeen positioned the word family "et" would be glued beside the letter "p".  The children say the new words.

Word Family Game Template is found on page 47 in "Center Ideas and Learning Games" in Family and Pets Theme unit.

Word Family "at and ack"
These activities are found in the Zoo theme and assembled as displayed in the photographs.Word-Family-ack-Literacy-Centers


Word Family Whale Wheel - Word Families "all", "op" "ock" and "ick"

The whale would be copied on card stock and cut.  The square window would be cut and the word family printed on the line.  The focus word family would be attached with a fastener.  The children spin the wheel to make a new word using the same word family.  This template is found in the Ocean theme unit.

Word Family - "at"

The children have now been introduced to the letter "a" and "t".  They are now ready to be introduced to the "at" word family.  The apple template is cut in half as displayed in the photograph.  Discuss the new word that is formed each time you add a different letter half.  This can be added to the literacy center for further experimenting.

"UG" and "UT" Word Family Wheels

The word family wheel would be cut and placed on card stock with a fastener used to turn the wheel.  After the wheel is assembled the word family "ug" is placed by the letter "b". The wheel is turned to make a new word.  The children would be required to say the new word.  Both the "ug" and "ut" word family wheels can be found in the theme book or member's area.  Wheel found on Week 1 Plans on page 27 in the Bug Theme.Word-Familly-Literacy

"Unk and Ank" Word Family Spinners

The focus word family in this theme is "unk" and "ank". The children spin the earth wheel to make new words.   The spinners would be made using Word-Family-Literacy-Transportationthe templates found in the theme unit. Templates found on pages 74 and 75 in the "Suggested Center Ideas" link in Space and Robots theme.

Word Family Spinners - "an", "ay" "ar" and "ain"

The bus template would copied on card stock.  The spinners would be attached.  The children would spin the wheels to make a new word related to that word family. The focus word families are "an", "ay", "ar" and "ain".

Templates found on page 54-55 in the "Suggested Center Ideas" link in the Transportation theme.

Word Family Activity

Print the focus word family on half the dinosaur.  Print different initial consonants on the other half of the dinosaur (like a puzzle).  Discuss what word is made when you change the puzzle.  Template found in the Dinosaur theme unit.


Printing Book

Zaner Bloser Printing Book

Zaner Bloser Printer Book - Another Format

D'Nealian Printing Book

D'Nealian Printing Book - Another Format

Upper-Case Letters - Zaner Bloser

Upper-Case Letters - D'Nealian

Alphabet Practice Sheet -  in the following link you will find a printing practice sheet.  This sheet could also be placed in the center.  It is best to laminate it first.  The children can then go over the letters with an erasable felt.  This way the sheet could be reused. 




+Elaine Engerdahl

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