Kindergarten Printables

As a member of the Kinderplans webiste you will gain access to over 100 printable readers.  These printables are used to teach the alphabet, sight words and words families.  Many of the readers have an interactive component related to it.  This provides and engaging reading experience for the children and enhances reading comprehension.

In the links below you will find free printables that can be used to teach beginning reading skills.

Seasonal Printables

The printable readers found in the link below can be used to introduce the seasons fall, winter and spring.

Fall Printable


Winter Printable


Spring Printable

Spring Printable

Printables for Promoting Phonemic Awareness

The readers below can be used teach rhyming.  In the member's website you will find many rhyming cards that can be used for sorting or playing rhyming bingo.

Rhyme Book 1

Rhyme Book 2

The book in the link below is an alphabet reader that makes use of alliteration.  It introduces the letter "r" and its corresponding sound.  You can use the interactive reader where the children are required to copy and paste the "r" related picture according to the text or use the version where the children are not required to interact with the text.
Printable Alphabet Reader - Interactive Version

Printable Alphabet Reader - No Interaction

In the reader below the children are required to cut and place "Trix the Cat" in the correct positional terms within the text.
Printable Positional Reader 1 - Color

Printable Positional Reader 2 - Black and White


What Begins With Sounds Reader

In the reader below you would cut and paste the correct pictures that correspond to the alphabet letter sounds

What Begins With?

Printables for Special Days


 The Thankful Book an Emergent Reader Printable Book      Color Copy

The Thankful Book an Emergent Reader Printable Book        BW Copy




St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day


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