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The Math Focus for Kindergarten-Preschool Program was designed to help Kindergarten teachers meet the curriculum outcomes.  Even though the focus is on Kindergarten; Preschool teachers could easily adapt the program to meet the  needs of their students.  The program has been divided into four different strands.  Each strand below outlines the curriculum outcomes that are meet and a brief description of the activities involved.

The Program

 Sorting and Patterning Math Activities Video

Kindergarten Math - Strand One - Sorting and Patterning Activities


1.  Students sort and classify objects and are able to verbally tell the sorting rule.
2.  Students will be able to identify patterns around them.

Connecting Kindergarten Math to Literature and Literacy

Kinderplans philosophy has always been to integrate literature and literacy in all subject areas.  The Math Focus for Kindergarten-Preschool Program was Math Sorting Bearspecifically designed to integrate this continued focus.

1.  All new concepts will be introduced through use of a literature selectionPatterning and Matching Socks Activitys.
2.  This will be followed-up by using a related emergent reader to further develop the math concept.

The emergent readers Match the SocksMy Buttons, Alphabet Patterns and Retelling of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? would be used to encourage development of the concept and early reading while working on meeting the math outcomes.  Watch the videos to see how these readers are incorporated.  The follow-up crafts displayed in the photographs integrate art into developing the concepts. The children are required to paint the bear and give it buttons with the same attributes.  The children were required to give the sock templates the same patterns.  Suggestions how to integrate other subject areas are contained within the lesson plans. More craft ideas are suggested within the lesson plans.

Kindergarten Math Strand Two - Counting and Cardinality

Workbooks Included



         Kindergarten Math Numbers Video - Literacy Integration


      Youtube Math Numbers Video

View on SchoolTube Click Here


The video on the left demonstrates how numbers are introduced through using nursery rhymes; games for number identification; how numbers are shown in two parts and printing numbers.


Kindergarten Math Numbers Games Video - Number Recognition Games

This video below demonstrates all the number recognition games that can be played in the Math Center.

       Math Numbers Games on YouTube

View on SchoolTube Click Here


Curriculum Outcomes

1,  Students will be able to count to 100 by ones and tens.
2.  Count objects to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities from 1-20
3.  Represent a number of objects with written numeral 0-20
4,  Students will compare two or more sets of objects in each group and identify which set is equal to, more than, or less than the other (up to 10).

         Kindergarten Math Video - Problem Solving

         View on YouTube Problem Solving Activities

        View on SchoolTube Click Here

The video on the left demonstrates how problem solving can be introduced and the concept of more, less and equals to.


                                                          Kindergarten Adding and Subtracting

       View on YouTube or Adding and Subtracting

       View on School Tube Click Here

This video demonstrates how adding and subtracting can be integrated into literature and meaningful interactive activities that can be incorporated to teach the concept.


Kindergarten Math Strand Three - Measurement

         View on YouTube Math Measurement

Curriculum Objectives That Will Be Met
1.  Describe measurable attributes of objects, such as length,  height and weight. 
2.  Compare two objects according to their attributes such as taller or longer, shorter, heavier, lighter and almost the same
3.  Compare the capacity of objects Example; holds more or less (space inside things).
4.  Demonstrating an understanding of time (e.g., morning, afternoon, evening, today, yesterday, tomorrow, week and year) and tools to measure time (clock and calendar).
5.  Name the days of the week
6.  Identify time to the nearest hour
A few of the activities used in the program to develop this skill are demonstrated in the video above.

Geometry Strand

Curriculum Objectives That Will Be Met
1.  Identify objects as two-dimensional or three-dimensional and describe their similarities and differences (number of sides and vertices and corners).
2.  Name shapes triangle, square, rectangle, circle, square, cube, cone and sphere.
3.  Model, draw and compose shapes using different methods (sticks, blocks and playdough).

Purchasing the Math Program

The "Math Focus Program" is a complete program that meets the majority of the Kindergarten math outcomes in the different strands.  It can also be modified for the Preschool learner.  It is included in the the Ultimate Membership but your can also purchase it as an individual package for $22.97.

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